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How to Make a Personalized Door Mat

DIY Personalized Door Mat | The Happy Housewife

The following is a post from contributing writer Lana (like banana).

I like to search clearance bins. Great treasures can be found in these bins.  After Halloween, Michael’s had welcome door mats marked down to a $1.00.  I’d say it was a super deal.

Pottery Barn sells similar ones for $69.00 and up.  With just a few supplies, I turned the clearance buy into a personalized door mat.

How To Make a Personalized Door Mat

How to paint a rug

Supplies Needed

  • Door mat (Mine was made out of fiber like rough bamboo material.)
  • Spray paint
  • Template of design or monogram


1.  Shake out rug to get excess dirt out.
2.  Spray rug with spray paint.  Two coats may be needed. I bent mine in the middle then sprayed again, so it would go down to the grain.

Spray Paint a Rug

3.  Let dry.
4.  Print monogram on paper and cut out letter using an X-Acto or craft knife.
Painted Monogram Welcome Mat

5. Paint monogram with a sponge brush.  I did mine thick because I knew it was going to be walked on.
Monogrammed Welcome Mat

Enjoy your new creation!

Door Mat Collage

Things to Note

  • Although black is very elegant – any light dirt or light dog hair shows up easily.
  • I was worried about how the mat would stand up to 7+ people walking on it constantly or how it would fare in the weather.  After a few weeks, it still looks brand new.  I can’t wait to find more of these on clearance.
  • If you do get spray paint on your hand, it comes off easily with odorless mineral spirits.

How to get spray paint off hands

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