October Holidays and Fun Days


Happy fall y’all!  Enjoy these October Holidays and Fun Days!

October Holidays and Fun Days

October 1 – World Vegetarian Day 

October 4 – Animal Day

October 9 – Fire Prevention Day

October 10 – King Tut’s Treasure Photographed, 1924

October 10 – Egg Day

Here are some egg recipes that would be great breakfast or any meal.

October 13 – Columbus Day (2nd Monday)

October 21 – Apple Day

October 25 – World Pasta Day

October 30 – National Candy Corn Day

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Curious George Goes to the Zoo: Free Kindle Download

Here’s a fun freebie for you! Today Curious George Goes to the Zoo is available for free download on Amazon!

Curious George Goes to the Zoo

My kids love the Curious George books so I’ll definitely be downloading this great children’s book.

You can get it today for free on Amazon here.

If you don’t have a Kindle, then you can still download these free eBooks to your smart phone or computer. All you need to do is download one of Amazon’s free reading apps.

Remember that Amazon prices fluctuate constantly, so verify the price before purchasing.

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Apple Activities for Preschoolers

Apple Activities for Preschoolers at The Happy Housewife

By contributing writer Colleen

September is apple month in many parts of the United States, and we always look forward to a trip to the orchard at some point during this month. I’ve been through apple crafts, experiments, and activities with my two older kids before, and I am looking forward to revisiting some things with my little ones this fall.

First up? Searching for the “star” inside the apple.

My five year old adored this simple activity. I told her that there was a secret star hidden inside every apple that made it possible for more apples to grow. I said that, just like Jesus is hidden in our hearts, keeping us safe and strong and enabling us to grow into good adults, this star is in the apple.

I cut the apple in half across the middle and showed her the “star” that holds the seeds. She was thrilled, and immediately pulled out the seeds to count.

After drawing what she observed (the seeds, star, color of the flesh and skin, etc.) in her science journal, she conducted an apple experiment. We simply cut a lemon in half and brushed one apple half with lemon juice and left the other alone.

Apple Activities for Preschoolers at The Happy Housewife

After two hours, my daughter checked out the two apple halves and reported her findings. She noticed that the apple with lemon juice on it looked the same as it had before, while the other had begun to turn brown.

She drew those observations in her science journal and then wanted to eat and paint. So we sliced up a fresh apple, called her sister in, and did some apple stamping. For such an easy activity, this kept both girls busy for a long, long time.

Put some red, green, and yellow paint on a paper plate and give your child a paint brush, cup of water and paper towel for rinsing colors, and a piece of paper. Have them paint color directly onto an apple half and use it like a stamp on the paper. They can go back to the picture and add leaves and stems for detail.

Apple Activities for Preschoolers at The Happy Housewife

There are so many great apple activities around the internet. If you’re looking for more things to do with your children after a visit to the apple orchard this fall, you may enjoy these:

Do you have other great ideas for enjoying a fall autumn theme with your little ones?

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Math and Food Fun

Math and Food Fun at The Happy Housewife

By contributing writer Tabitha.

When people ask how to use math in every day life, my favorite answer is to use it with food. I can get kids working with fractions and counting faster when dividing up food, measuring ingredients to make something delicious, or eating in some way.

This is even more true when we include sugar, like with candy or other sweets.

When we first started homeschooling, I discovered this book. It’s called The M & M’s Counting Book. I remembered doing math that involved counting candies and recording and graphing color, frequency, etc, and using M & M’s in many other ways. I loved that there was a book about it! I bought it immediately, and it is still one of my family’s favorite books.

Math and Food Fun at The Happy Housewife

Another view of working with math AND M & Ms.

Over the (many) years since then, this same author, as well as others, have published other fun candy books to use for math. We’ve enjoyed Twizzlers and percentages, Hershey’s chocolate bars and division, Hershey’s Kisses and addition, and even Cheerios.  The Cheerios Counting Book was my oldest child’s favorite book, and we were so sad that it was out of print. We had to keep checking it out from the library over and over again.

The genre has grown tremendously. Pepperidge Farm Goldfish has come up with their own board book series. I have also seen Reese’s Pieces (Count by 5′s) and Skittles. Search for any one of these books and you can usually find a lot more in the “similar” list.

We’ve found a lot of ours at the library. We read through the book, we play with our food, and then we return the books to the library and check out more!

Math and Food Fun at The Happy Housewife

Eating Fractions – Another Favorite Math Book for Younger Kids

There are many other children’s books involving fun food play with math. We’ve found apples, pizza, gardens, and more. If you aren’t interested in these, you can always find great children’s cookbooks which encourage children to use their math skills and make something great in the kitchen. My daughter has graduated from these to using my family cookbooks and is becoming a great cook.

Math and Food Fun at The Happy Housewife

Oldest daughter with a cake she made and decorated.

No matter what, if you combine food and math, you can usually get  your kids’ attention. (Even the teenagers.) It’s a great time to be together and enjoy math and food. Whatever skill you want to focus on, there is a way to do it with food!
On the other hand, if you have too much candy in the house and would rather not eat it, there’s always this fun series of books: Candy Experiments!

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