Clicking Quarter Experiment

Clicking Quarter Science Experiment from The Happy Housewife

By contributing writer Marci

One concept that can be hard your kids to grasp is that air is matter. Air takes up space and takes up different amounts of space depending on it’s temperature. In this experiment, we will demonstrate these concepts.

Clicking Quarter Experiment

Supplies Needed

  • a quarter
  • plastic bottle
  • freezer
  • water


1. Place the empty plastic bottle, with the cap removed, in the freezer for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, remove the bottle from the freezer and set it on a counter or table.

Clicking Quarter Science Experiment from The Happy Housewife

2. Wet the quarter with a little water and place the quarter over the opening of the freezing cold bottle.


Do you see anything? Do you hear anything?

You should see the quarter moving up and down and making a clicking sound. The air inside the bottle is warming, so it is taking up more space. As it expands, it pushes up the quarter on the top of the bottle. When the quarter comes back down, it makes a clicking noise.

Try this simple experiment with your kids.

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The Ultimate Homeschool Pinning Party: PE Ideas, Bible Time, Public Domain Resources

I’m excited to be teaming up with my friends Jamerill, Jenn, Tricia, and Stacie to bring you the ULTIMATE Homeschool Pinning Party.

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School is back and summer is over. But, don’t forget that the kids need time to run around even on school days. Check out my Pinterest Board for Homeschool PE below to get some great ideas to get the wiggles out of kids of all ages!

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Follow These Temporary Tent’s board Public Domain Resources for Homesecooling on Pinterest.

Now it’s time for you to link up your Pinterest boards! I can’t wait to see them all!

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What You’re Doing Right


By contributing writer Tabitha

Every homeschool parent has days when all they can see is what they are doing wrong. What are my kids missing out on? What are we failing to cover? What activities are we not doing?

Each day it seems to get worse. What are we getting behind in? What if the kids don’t test well? How can I help my children succeed? What if I’m doing it all wrong?

STOP! If you are trying to do what’s best for your children, STOP the questioning!

Stop right now and count what you are doing right.

  1. You are spending time with your children.
  2. You are instilling the knowledge you find most important.
  3. You are teaching your children what you value.
  4. You are playing with your children.
  5. You are teaching them skills that will help them their whole lives.
  6. You are growing young people who know their community.
  7. You are living, and not just making a living.
  8. You are making memories to last a lifetime.
  9. You are helping them be themselves and not be ashamed of who they are.
  10. You are fostering friendships between your children and with other families.
  11. You are reading to, with, and in front of your children.
  12. You are discovering talents together.
  13. You are showing your children how to live by your example.
  14. You are helping a new generation stay grounded in their families.
  15. You are involved in your children’s lives.
  16. You are keeping your home together.
  17. You are showing your children they are loved.
  18. You are laughing together.
  19. You are standing together.
  20. You are learning together.
Family x 12

Family togetherness being silly… and dressing like cows for free food.


If we can remember all that we do right, maybe we won’t spend so much time thinking about all the things we think we’re doing wrong.

They will learn and succeed when they are secure in knowing their family loves them and stands by them through whatever trouble may come. What they’re missing won’t matter when you see what they’re gaining.

Remember what’s important and why you are homeschooling, and then take a step back and count all the things you are doing right.

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Stress Free Homeschool Mornings

By contributing writer Colleen

Summer is over and it’s time to get back in the homeschool groove. Even if you school year-round, it’s likely that you belong to some classes or co-ops, or participate in outside activities in some way. That means that, like me, you’ll need to let go of the lazy summer morning mentality, and get yourself out the door on time.

Stress Free Homeschool Mornings | The Happy Housewife

While I’ll never be the one that always arrives fresh and early to co-op, ready to coordinate all the last-minute details, I have developed some strategies that work for our family of four kids (including a toddler) that help get us out the door on time and with no fighting.

Lay Out Clothes the Night Before

Yes, mom, even your own clothes!

I’m usually the last one in bed at night, so I lay all of our outfits, down to the socks and shoes, on the couch in separate piles. I tend to put my clothes and the toddler’s clothes on his changing table so I can get dressed right before I get him going. I wake the bigger kids up and direct them out to get their clothes and then they scatter. My 11 year old heads to the bathroom to dress, my four year old gets dressed right in the family room, and my seven year old makes a beeline for her room.

Pajamas get folded and placed on their beds if they’re wearing them again, or thrown down the chute if they need to be washed. Then we all head into the kitchen.

Prepare Breakfast the Night Before

On co-op or class days, I don’t cook. The night before, I set the table with the makings for cereal, yogurt and granola, or muffins and fruit.

  • Cereal: Boxes or containers with cereal are set in the middle of the table, bowls, spoons, and napkins are at the kids’ places, and milk is accessible in the refrigerator. They can serve themselves and the oldest helps the toddler manage without too many messes (hopefully).
  • Yogurt and Granola: We make our own, so I leave the mason jars of plain yogurt in the refrigerator, put out bowls and spoons, and set out a variety of mix-ins, such as granola, dried fruit, nuts, honey, cinnamon, and fruit.  Make your own granola with this easy and delicious recipe.
  • Muffins and Fruit: I do not bake muffins on days when we need to be out of the house, but on days we’re staying home, I often bake double and triple batches and put the extras in the freezer. When I am preparing the table for the next day, I pull them out of the freezer, put the muffins on a platter, cover them loosely, and let them thaw overnight. If the kids want them warmed, my 11 year old takes care of that using the microwave. I also set out a big bowl of fruit so the kids can pick what they want from it.

Try these muffin recipes and find your family’s favorite:

Stress Free Homeschool Mornings | The Happy Housewife

photo credit: Susan NYC via photopin cc

Load the Car

I try to load as much as I can the night before. With four kids, this can be quite a lot of stuff. For co-op days that includes the materials I need to teach two or three classes (depending on the semester), a diaper bag for the toddler, extra clothes for my accident-prone preschooler, snacks and lunches, water bottles, and kids’ backpacks and supplies.

Class materials, backpacks, extra clothes, and even snacks and water bottles can be prepared the night before and loaded. I fill the kids’ water bottles at night and put them in the refrigerator to wait. All we need to do in the morning after breakfast is grab lunches and water bottles and hop in the van.

Prepare Travel Friendly Foods

I spend some time on the weekends cutting veggies, fruit, and cheese cubes. That way, I can gather healthy snacks and lunches really easily. We buy very little prepackaged snack items, preferring to bake cookies, granola bars, and to make trail mixes in large batches. This makes it easy to pull together snacks and lunches without having to rely on high priced and heavily processed food items.

Program the Coffee Pot

Okay, so this one may be just for me, but I need my coffee in the morning. I need my first cup before anyone speaks to me, and having it ready for me when I wake up is such a blessing. (If you have a Keurig or other instant, single-serve pot, disregard this.) And yes, I need more than one cup, so I tend to refill at least once while I’m still home. I also take a thermos to stash in the stroller at co-op.


Remember, above all things, that you homeschool to provide your kids with the best of all educational opportunities and to help instill a love of learning and an appreciation for family. If you’re stressed and yelling every time you leave the house, your kids will not have the best memories of family outings, and they’ll tend to dread these days.

When you take time to prepare ahead, you are taking the time to slow down and enjoy your family. Reducing stress always begins with us, moms. Take the time to eliminate stress on busy mornings by preparing ahead, and your family will thrive. 

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