5 Math Lessons Using Sunflowers

Springtime is a great time to get out and get planting.  And, sunflowers are the perfect flower to grow with kids, as not only are they easy and inexpensive to grow, but they can teach so many important lessons as well.

Helpful Tips for Growing Sunflowers:

  • Sunflower seeds germinate in about 10-14 days and bloom within two months of germination.
  • They need lots of direct sunlight and protection from wind.
  • Plant sunflowers in the spring after the danger of frost has passed.
  • Water often, especially at the beginning.

Take a look below at some fun, easy, and frugal math lessons using sunflowers that you can try in your own home.

5 Math Lessons Using Sunflowers | The Happy Housewife

5 Math Lessons Using Sunflowers

1. Estimation

Before you plant your sunflower seeds, make estimations about how tall you think the plant will get. Write your estimations down on paper and store them in a safe place for future reference! You can even have a contest amongst children to see who gave the closest estimation.

2. Measurement

As your sunflower grows, take a tape measure and measure its progress. It will be fun to see how fast or slow the flower grows from week to week. When the flower reaches maturity, you can even remove the head full of seeds and weight it to see how heavy it is.

3. Charting/Record Keeping

As you measure your sunflower, make a chart to mark how much it grows each day or week. Write down your measurements along with the date and any factors that may have effected growth such as rain or drought. Keep a journal of these statistics.

4. Graphing

Once you have a few weeks worth of record keeping, create a graph to show how much the sunflower grew each day or week. You will be able to pin point then when the sunflower had a growth spurt (if any) or what conditions were most favorable to its growth.

5. Counting

Counting will surely come in handy when your sunflower is ready to be harvested. Count all of the seeds it provided and add the total number of inches it grew. You can also add the rainfall for the season, average daily temperature, or other important data.

See how easy it can be to turn something as simple as growing a sunflower into some easy yet real life examples of how we use math every day?

If you use seeds for the classic sunflower (the variety that grow 6-12 feet tall) then you can harvest the seeds and enjoy them in the following recipes:

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Paper Recycling: Why, How & Ways to Recycle

Paper Recycling: Why, How & Ways to Recycle | The Happy Housewife

By contributing writer Marci

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, paper makes up 27% of the trash Americans throw away each day. Most of that can be recycled. Paper recycling is important. Here is why, how it can happen, and ways that you can recycle paper yourself.

Why Recycle Paper?

Recycling paper has many benefits. When paper is just thrown into the trash, it takes up landfill space or adds to incineration pollution. When paper is recycled, necessary landfill space is reduced, natural resources are conserved and greenhouse gas emissions are reduced.

How To Recycle Paper

Many municipalities offer curbside recycling pick-up along with their trash collections. Other communities offer a drop-off location where recyclable materials may be taken. People just need to participate.

From the collection centers, the paper is taken to a manufacturer who takes the recycled paper and makes it back into useable paper products. This video shows the entire paper recycling process.

Ways to Recycle Your Paper

Used paper can be recycled in your own household. Just because you have written on it or received it in the mail, doesn’t mean it is useless.

Projects that Reuse Cardboard and Paper

More Homeschool Science from Marci

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Free Educational Resources: Foreign Language Curriculum, Piano Lessons, Books + More

Sometimes in homeschooling you need a little something to get you through the week! That is what this weekly post is all about. Every Saturday I will post educational freebies to get you excited about another week of learning. Enjoy!

A Plus

Educational Freebies

  • Agnitus Learning Program - Free for teachers! Tablet-based learning program with games for students 2-6 years old (available on Kindle, Android, and iOS)

Want even more free printables? Check out our Homeschool Free Printables Pinterest Board here.

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The Ultimate Homeschool Pinning Party: Earth Day, Homeschool Helps & Tips, and Character Training

I’m excited to be teaming up with my friends Jamerill, Jenn, Tricia, and Stacie to bring you the ULTIMATE Homeschool Pinning Party.

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