Yarn Wrapped Bottles

Yarn Wrapped Bottles | The Happy Housewife

By contributing writer Jackie

Spring has arrived but you wouldn’t know it by looking at the decor in my home. I decided to remedy this by looking around my house for items I could use to decorate the mantle in my living room.

I found some old bottles, yarn, and silk flowers in my craft stash and got to work. I love how this little trio of bottles brightens up my living room. They match my decor perfectly and bring a touch of spring to the room.

If you have some empty bottles and scrap yarn you can achieve a similar look. Here’s how.

Yarn Wrapped Bottles

Supplies Needed

  • Empty Bottle
  • Yarn
  • Glue (Mod Podge, School Glue, or Tacky Glue)
  • Scissors

Yarn Wrapped Bottles (supplies) | The Happy Housewife


1. Clean the bottle and take off the label. I used an empty olive oil bottle.

2. Cover a small amount of the bottle with glue. I tried this project with Mod Podge and school glue. Both worked fine, but the school glue was easier to use because I could squeeze it out instead of using a brush. Tacky glue would also work well.

3. Wrap the yarn around the bottle keeping the layers close together so very little, if any, of the bottle shows.

4. Continue adding glue and wrapping the yarn until you get to the neck of the bottle.

Yarn Wrapped Bottles (wrapping) | The Happy Housewife

5. Once you reach the neck of the bottle you may notice that the yarn wants to slip upward. As you wrap the yarn hold it in place for a minute or two before moving upward with more layers.

6. Allow the glue to dry for several hours or overnight.

Yarn Wrapped Bottles (olive oil bottle) | The Happy Housewife

The bottle above is covered from top to bottom with the same color of yarn, but you can change the look completely by using more than one color of yarn.

Yarn Wrapped Bottles (partially wrapped) | The Happy Housewife

Another alternative is to only wrap part of the bottle with yarn.

Yarn Wrapped Bottles | The Happy Housewife

This was a fun, frugal project, and I definitely recommend rescuing some bottles from the recycling bin and covering them with yarn.

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Resources to Get Organized Once and For All

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As a professional organizer, I help people organize their space and set up systems that work for their homes.

You know what I almost always find? Organizational books! Yep. From magazines to hard covered books, I find them.


We all have a desire to be more organized. Just like losing or maintaining your weight is ongoing, so is the process of organizing. Here are some great organizing tips from the books in the All Organized eBook bundle:

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My eBook, Organizing the Business of Direct Sales and the Direct Sales Office Hours eClass will help you organize your direct sales business.

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Maybe your focus this summer is on tackling household projects or making meals simpler.

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This bundle has 2 cleaning books… both are right up my alley!

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Eliminating Paper

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Lisa shares her organizational tips, her entrepreneurial spirit and humor to encourage other women on her blog www.Organize365.com, “Helping you organize your home and your home based business.”. She has published multiple books including 10 Steps to Organized Paper, 10 Steps to Organized Photos and Memorabilia and Organizing the Business of Direct Sales.

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How to Clean and Inspect Gutters

The following is a guest post by Rodney Southern.

Having well functioning gutters and water drainage is absolutely vital to the care of your home. You should clean and inspect gutters a few times per year to make sure they are in great shape and working properly. Here is a guide to what to look for and how to properly maintain your gutters.


How to Clean and Inspect Gutters

Clean Out Gutters

There is no easy way to do this short of getting up on a ladder and reaching in. The key is to do it after a good rain. This will make the leaves and debris stick together easily, and the job will be much easier. The important thing to remember about cleaning your gutters is to use a safe ladder with someone spotting you, and never, ever reach farther than your natural reach. Accidents can and do happen when you try to reach too far. Slowly work your way around your home and pull out any and all debris.

Note: Make sure you anchor your ladder well. Also, wear heavy work gloves to reduce exposure to critters and sharp edges.

Flush Gutters

When you are finished cleaning them out, you should flush your gutters to make sure there are no areas of pooling or leaks. Running a steady stream of water through the gutter with a hose is an easy way to see if the water is flowing properly. You can do this safely from the ground by shooting the water up on the roof in various places.

Flush Downspouts

Flushing downspouts requires a more direct spray, so you need to take the hose up on the ladder. Be very careful and have someone there to watch for you. Anchor the ladder and spray directly into the downspouts to flush them clean.

Inspect Fascia Boards

Fascia boars are the underside of your roof overhang that most gutters are attached to. If they are improperly fastened, gutters can come loose. Another common problem is dry rot, as the fascia board is usually made of wood. Make sure there is no mold and that the wood is strong and sturdy. Tighten any loose screws and make sure the gutters are still securely holding to the fascia board.

Repair Holes or Leaks

Small holes and leaks in gutters can be easily filled in with putty or roofing cement. Larger ones need to be filled in with a piece of fitted sheet metal that you will need to cut. The key is to cover the area completely so that the leak does not recur. Most holes in gutters are not big enough to require sheet metal, so some putty and a knife will do just fine most of the time.

Gutter maintenance and cleaning is absolutely vital to the siding, foundation, and roof of your home. Keeping water out of these areas will make them last longer, costing you less money in the long run. Clean your gutters at least twice per year, but more often if you live in an area with lots of rain or debris. The key is to be careful and always think safety first.

Rodney Southern is a long time content writer specializing in a wide array of niches both online and in print. His work has been featured on sites such as Yahoo.com, The Sporting News and numerous others over an eleven plus year career. He also runs his own website on diabetes called Dashing Diabetes. He was the National Call for Content Winner for 2008. Southern resides in Greensboro, NC with his wife, Julie, and identical twin daughters, Valerie and Brooke.

This post may contain a link to an affiliate. See my disclosure policy for more information.