Salt Dough Easter Ornaments

Salt Dough Easter Ornaments at The Happy Housewife

By contributing writer Beth

We love to celebrate Easter in lots of different ways, and we try to fit in a number of activities for the kids. These Salt Dough Easter Ornaments are an easy way for the kids to have fun celebrating the season. 

Salt Dough Easter Ornaments at The Happy Housewife

We used this salt dough ornament recipe. It’s easy to create with only flour, salt, and water.

Instead of painting and gluing the ornaments, we decorated with some other food items we had in the pantry. 

Salt Dough Easter Ornaments at The Happy Housewife

Here’s a list of items we used to decorate the Easter ornaments.

  • Adzuki Beans
  • Black Beans
  • Black Eyed Peas
  • Chia Seeds
  • Green Lentils
  • Green Split Peas
  • Millet
  • Pinto Beans
  • Pumpkin Seeds
  • Red Lentils
  • Red Quinoa
  • Wild Rice
  • Yellow Popcorn
  • Yellow Split Peas

This is just a short list of items that we had. Get creative and see what your kids find to use!

Salt Dough Easter Ornaments at The Happy Housewife

Salt Dough Tips

  • Make sure to use lots of flour when you roll out the dough. We floured the counter, the dough, and the rolling pin so it didn’t stick.
  • Sometimes all that flour can make the dough too dry. This could lead to cracking. When the dough gets too dry, wet your hands and then handle the dough gently until it regains its elasticity.
  • Don’t roll it out too thin. ¼ inch is the perfect thickness.

Salt Dough Easter Ornaments at The Happy Housewife

Decorating Tips

  • Cutout the hole first so the design you choose works around it. I used a straw to poke the hole in each ornament.
  • Be sure to dry the ornaments on a very low heat in the oven so the popcorn doesn’t pop and the dough doesn’t turn brown. I baked mine at 200 degrees for 4 hours.
  • Mix colors and sizes to make the ornaments interesting.
  • Symmetrical cookie cutter shapes work well with symmetrical decorations, but if the shape of the ornament isn’t symmetrical, it could work really well with an out-of-the-box design.
  • Use toothpicks to move small pieces around. The rice and millet were so tiny I also used tweezers sometimes to place them just where I wanted them.
  • Arrange the decorations on the dough and then pressed them into the dough before baking. This helps most of them stay in place.
  • If any of the decorations fall off when the dough is dry, use glue to reattach them.
  • You can paint the ornaments with tempera paint to add extra accents after baking.

Salt Dough Easter Ornaments at The Happy Housewife

You could use these ornaments to hang on a front door wreath or just let the kids decorate all the dresser pulls and cupboard handles with these sweet (and sometimes silly) celebrations of the season.

Salt Dough Easter Ornaments at The Happy Housewife

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Natural Grass Home Decor

Natural Grass Home Decor at The Happy Housewife

By contributing writer Jordon

I love the beauty of nature! The colors, the textures, the shapes…I could go on and on. Being out in nature is a great way to relax your mind and soul. There is something so special about it. That is why I like to bring it into my home, especially the rustic side. If you think about it, nature can give you some creative inspiration when it comes to decorating.

Picking wildflowers and letting them dry to be used in my decor is one of my favorite things. And another one of my favorite things is using natural grasses. They are so beautiful and can add so much to your home. I am going to show you just how simple it is to bring them inside and enjoy them.

Collecting Natural Grass

Find It: Find some grasses (not on private land) that are nice and tall. You can pick some with seeds on the end or find some without. Road ditches can be a great place to find natural grasses. The fall and winter can be a great time to cut the grasses because they are already dry.

Cut It: After you find the grass you want, make sure you cut it. Do not pull it out, otherwise you will hurt the plant regrowth. I like to bring nature into my home, but it is important to still respect it. We want those grasses to keep growing! :)

Clean It: After you get your grass home, give it a little clean up, as in picking out other plants that may have gotten into your bundle or pieces that do not seem to fit.

Preserve It: After it is cleaned, you want to make sure the grass has some durability and prevent pieces from falling off. I just give mine a good spray with hair spray, but you can also buy preserving spray at a home/craft store. If you are cutting fresh grass, it will dry out and change color. So you may want to dry it out first to see how it turns out.

Now it is time to put your craft together!

Supplies Needed

Natural Grass Home Decor at The Happy Housewife

  • Dried grasses (I am using a native grass called Indian Grass)
  • Mason jar (I used a 9 inch blue one with a 2 1/2 inch diameter mouth)
  • 4 gauge braided copper wire (16 inches)
  • Wire cutters
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Twine
  • Scissors
  • Hair spray


1. Wrap the twine around the mason jar about an inch and a half thick. Tie a knot in the back and try to hide it.

Natural Grass Home Decor at The Happy Housewife

2. Cut about a 16 inch piece of the braided copper wire (be prepared to use some muscle to cut it). Wrap it around the mouth of the mason jar twice. If you have excess wire, cut it off, but make sure to leave a little for tightening your wire. Use your needle nose pliers to tighten the end by grabbing the ends and twisting them inward

Natural Grass Home Decor at The Happy Housewife

3. Place the grass in the jar. Fluff it to your liking. If you want to pull the grass together a little more, you can take some of your twine and tie it around the grass to hold it together.

4. Spray it with hair spray one more time, just for extra security.

And that is it!

I love this craft for its simplicity and what it adds to my home! It can also make a great center piece!

Natural Grass Home Decor at The Happy Housewife

Yarn Wrapped Bottles at The Happy Housewife
Have fun making your own! :)

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How to Clean Burnt on Sauce in a Pyrex Dish

I posed this question on The Happy Housewife’s Facebook Page and we received some super helpful advice and suggestions from our readers, so we are sharing it with everyone!

How to Clean Burnt on Sauce in a Pyrex Dish from The Happy Housewife

Reader Question:  “Help I have a new Pyrex baking dish I burnt BBQ sauce in it…What can I use to clean it?  It’s been soaking in continuously hot water with Dawn Power Clean.  Any suggestions, thanks!”

Reader Suggestions for How to Clean Burnt on Sauce in a Pyrex Dish

  • Throw a dryer sheet in the water let it set for half an hour and wipe it off or use a ball of foil to scrape it off.
  • A very wet paste of hot water and baking soda. Let it sit and soak.
  • Vinegar, so you can actually eat the foods you cook in it next time. Although, I do this often, and all I need to use is an ocello sponge & 7th generation dish soap. I only bring out vinegar for the really tough jobs. Maybe do 50/50 vinegar & water to cover the dirty area & put back in the oven for a while. The boiling vinegar cleans even better than cold.
  • Scotch Brite Stainless Steel scrubbers and a little elbow grease works every time!!!
  • I use Oxiclean dishwasher detergent. Shake some in the pot or bowl your cleaning and add some dish soap and fill with hot hot water. Leave it overnight and it’ll wipe off.
  • Fill with water and throw a dishwasher tab in overnight.
  • Soak it with super hot water and some fabric softener overnight. Then use a plastic scraper.
  • Fill with water, pour in a little vinegar, cover with foil, put it in the oven… 350 for, oh 45 minutes…. Careful removing (you can let it cool a bit, pour out liquid and the stains wipe right off… Rinse, voila!)
  • And, many products were mentioned like: Barkeeper’s Friend, SOS pads, and Mr. Clean Magic Erasers.

If you have another suggestion not mentioned above to clean burnt on sauce in a Pyrex, then let us know in the comments below!


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  • Getting out Soccer Stains
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Disclaimer: please use caution when using non-food safe products to clean dishes.

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Dresser to Wine Rack DIY

You are not even going to believe this amazing dresser to wine rack DIY project from reader Brandi!

Chalk paint dresser DIY

She took an old dresser and turned it into a wine rack.

She used Annie Sloan chalk paint on the base and re-stained the top to a darker color.

turn dresser into a wine rack

The bottom two drawers were removed and rests for the wine were created. You can make these yourself with a router, or take apart an old wine rack.

wine rack dresser

Brandi even reused the handles in the project (which is a savings- hardware is expensive!). Hardware can be easily spray painted any color so think about reusing your hardware instead of buying new.

dresser to wine rack diy 1

For more dresser to wine bar inspiration and tutorials check out these posts below.

The Charming Farmer

dresser to wine bar tutorial

That’s So Creative

dresser to wine bar

Old dressers are available at yard sales and Craig’s List for less than $100 all the time!

Compare these DIY dressers to this $1000 Pottery Barn version.

Pottery barn buffet

Do you have an AMAZING DIY furniture project? I’d love to share it.

Every month we’re giving away a $50 Amazon gift card every month to one reader who submits their own DIY project. 

You can submit your project here! 

Get inspired! Check out all our furniture DIY posts here.  

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