Dresser to Wine Rack DIY

You are not even going to believe this amazing dresser to wine rack DIY project from reader Brandi!

Chalk paint dresser DIY

She took an old dresser and turned it into a wine rack.

She used Annie Sloan chalk paint on the base and re-stained the top to a darker color.

turn dresser into a wine rack

The bottom two drawers were removed and rests for the wine were created. You can make these yourself with a router, or take apart an old wine rack.

wine rack dresser

Brandi even reused the handles in the project (which is a savings- hardware is expensive!). Hardware can be easily spray painted any color so think about reusing your hardware instead of buying new.

dresser to wine rack diy 1

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dresser to wine bar

Old dressers are available at yard sales and Craig’s List for less than $100 all the time!

Compare these DIY dressers to this $1000 Pottery Barn version.

Pottery barn buffet

Do you have an AMAZING DIY furniture project? I’d love to share it.

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Clutter Control With 5 Minute Pick-Ups


clutter control post

Are you overwhelmed by the end of the day when your house looks like a tornado went through it? It is no fun to sit and relax, read a book, watch a movie, or check your email, when you know that there is a big mess waiting for you. Well, it isn’t fun for me…. some people can probably live with it! :)

My house is normally pretty neat and organized. It isn’t because I live with a bunch of organized people, my kids are MESSY! However I have trouble staying on track when I’m surrounded by clutter distractions, so I try to keep clutter to a minimum.

We do this with 5 minute pick-ups. My older kids will tell you that these are more like “clean up until it is clean pick-ups” but honestly, if you do 7 to 10 of these a day your house will organized and clutter free.

When all my kids were younger, we did a 5-minute pick up every hour. It was a break from routine and it kept things from getting out of control.

Now that my kids are a bit older and I don’t have sweet little toddlers running around making messes we do it a few times a day. Usually in the morning after breakfast, then after lunch, and again before dinner.

Sometimes we throw in one more pick up before bed if needed.

Even if your children are young they can participate in the pick-ups. 5 minute picks ups are actually a great way to teach toddlers how to clean. Most young children can stay on task for a few minutes without getting distracted.

I believe young children get overwhelmed with huge messes. It is much easier for them to pick up a few things, than an entire room filled with toys, shoes, bedding, and clothes. Short frequent pick-ups eliminate giant messes (for the most part) and kids learn to maintain their space.

In our house, one or two people are assigned an area to clean up and they work quickly for a few minutes putting things away. If there is a larger mess we will often all work together, but it works well to send the kids off in pairs (if you have enough kids). If you have young children work with them to pick up their area.

Make it fun, put on some music, and work together. They might have so much fun they won’t even know they are cleaning!

If you need an ideas for age appropriate chores for kids download my free chore checklist.

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We Need Your Gardening Tips!


Do you love to garden? Over the years we’ve done a variety of different types of gardens with our kids. They love growing their own food and it’s been a great way to get them to try new things as well.

I’m always looking for new gardening ideas and tips. Do you have a great one you’d like to share? I’m working on an gardening ebook and I’d love to include your best gardening tip!

Anyone who submits a tip will receive a free copy of the ebook when it is finished. I’d love to learn from you and help encourage other readers to give gardening a try!

If you have a tip you can submit it below. If you have more than one tip just refresh this page and submit a new tip.

Gardening Ebook

  • Please leave a link to your website if you have one.
  • Please share your best gardening tip here.
  • If you would like to share a picture of your garden or gardening tip please upload it here.
  • If you would like to share a picture of your garden or gardening tip please upload it here.
  • If you would like to share a picture of your garden or gardening tip please upload it here.
    All images submitted are my own. I give TheHappyHousewife.com permission to republish this tip and images on the web and in print.

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DIY Picture Decor

By contributing writer Jordon.

This is the month of love! But in my mind, every month should be the month of love. I mean, who doesn’t need a little more love everyday, right?! So for this post I want to share with you something I made for a very special person, whom I happen to love….my husband, Sam.

I have been wanting to update some of the pictures in our home, and I will tell you what, we had no problem finding fun pictures of our kids but never really realized how few we have of the two of us together. That is without our heads or arm cutoff in the pic from our mini photographers.

Never the less, I happened to come across a picture of us that was nice, and it also came with a wonderful memory of a fun date night together. I decided I wanted to do something special with it….but what??? Well, I gathered some things I had in my craft room and around the house and went to town on creating something special.

Here is what I came up with. I love how it turned out!

DIY Picture Decor at The Happy Housewife

Here’s how you can make this DIY picture decor.

Supplies Needed

All of the stuff I used I already had around from other crafts. Get creative and modify with what you have. If you do not have stuff like this lying around, then head on over to your nearest craft store to pick up the following (or order from Amazon), and spread a little love while you are there! ;)

DIY Picture Decor Supplies at The Happy Housewife

  • Your picture (5 x 7 inches)
  • A piece of wood 12 x 23 inches
  • A piece of barn wood 12 x 6 inches
  • Paint for base coat (white) and accent paint (metallic color called Dark Patina) – I love this color!
  • Paint brush
  • Stencils
  • Copper wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Burlap
  • Jute twine
  • Muslin fabric
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun (don’t forget the glue)
  • Hammer
  • Gorilla Glue (that stuff is strong!)
  • Double sided tape (you can also use glue, but the tape makes for a smoother look)
  • Decorative buttons
  • Picture frame hanger hardware
  • A smile :)


1. Paint the piece of wood with the white base coat paint.

2. Add your accent color. I added mine about 3 inches from the top and made my color a width of 7 inches (to border my 5 x 7 picture). It does not have to be a perfect line because your line will be covered.

DIY Picture Decor Step 2 at The Happy Housewife

3. Wrap the jute string around the width of the accent color, top and bottom. To start the wrap, tie a knot at the back of the board and then start wrapping, ending in the back to tie another knot. I made my string width about an inch and a half.

DIY Picture Decor Step 3 at The Happy Housewife

4. Place your picture in the center using the double sided adhesive tape.

5. Make your flower. The best way to cut petals is think about making a tear drop like cut. Just guide your scissors.

  • Bottom Petals - made out of muslin fabric. I made about an inch and a half cut for each petal and I cut 6 petals out.
  • Middle Petals – made out of burlap. I cut them about an inch long and cut out 5 of them.
  • Top Petals – made out of muslin fabric. For these you will cut them about a half inch long and only cut out 3.

Arrange your flower how you like it, fitting the petals together nicely (the base of them should overlap, making a nice shape). After you arrange them, start gluing them into place using the hot glue gun.

DIY Picture Decor Step 5 at The Happy Housewife

After you have glued your flower together, you can add your decorative button as the center of your flower. The center of a flower is called a pistol, just to give you a little botany lesson. I actually Googled that because I could not remember :)

Glue it into place on your board

DIY Picture Decor Step 5 at The Happy Housewife

6. Stencil your saying onto the barn wood.

The barn wood I used with the stenciled saying, I had bought from a craft show (Thank you S & K Creations!). I just loved it! The barn wood, the saying, the simplicity…all of it! But you can make your own.

7. Put some Gorilla Glue on the back of the bard wood and place it onto your picture board. I placed mine about 3 inches below the jute string.

8. Cut a 9 x 2 inch piece of muslin fabric and a tiny piece about a 3 inches long and a quarter inch wide. Lay them out on some paper (or whatever you want to paint on) and paint them with your accent color.

DIY Picture Decor Step 8 at The Happy Housewife

9. While your muslin fabric is drying, you can make your flower out of copper wire.

Form a flower petal with the end of your wire (about an inch and a half). Then twist it to the other side to make the other petal, and so on. I made 5 petals.

This can be a little tricky, but just keep working with it, bending your wire and straightening your petals.

DIY Picture Decor Step 9 at The Happy Housewife

After you have your flower formed, take the jute string and wrap it in and out until you create the center of the flower. Tie a knot on the back of the flower.

DIY Picture Decor Step 9 at The Happy Housewife

10. After your muslin fabric has dried, make two flowers. With each piece, twist one of the ends, making a center, and start twisting and wrapping the rest of the fabric around it, gluing the end so it does not unravel. I apologize, I did not get pictures of this.

Glue the little painted flower to the center of your jute string wrapped around your copper wire flower. Then add another decorative button to the center of that.

Take the two flowers (copper wire & larger muslin flower) and place them how you want on the bottom right corner of your board. Then glue them into place.

11. If you want to hang this up, attach the picture frame hanger hardware to the back.

And there you go!!! This is one of my favorite pieces I have made. I just love it!

DIY Picture Decor at The Happy Housewife

Have fun making your own, and remember to spread the LOVE!

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