Easy Clothes Pin Chore Chart

How to make an Easy Clothes Pin Chore Chart at The Happy Housewife

By contributing writer Beth

Chore charts are easy reminders for the whole family. They help keep us organized, and my kids really love the visual reminders to keep our family running smoothly.

I used to spend a lot of time reminding the kids what chores happened when. Then we used a daily checklist that I printed out, and they marked off when their chores were done. That wasted a ton of paper!

With our new clothes pin chore chart system, I spend less time repeating myself and don’t have to print any checklists. This makes our home more peaceful, the kids more responsible, and mom less of a nag.

Supplies needed for an Easy Clothes Pin Chore Chart at The Happy Housewife

Supplies Needed

I gathered all my supplies from a local craft store. You could also grab these online if that’s more convenient for you. I’ve added links to some of the items so you can take a closer look at what I used.

Easy Clothes Pin Chore Chart at The Happy Housewife

Notes on Supplies

The most important part of this project is the layout of the chore sheet. The example I made is a daily sheet that would represent the chores for one particular day of the week. This sheet would work well for 1 – 2 children since I can fit two clothes pins on each task. If you have more chores or more children to facilitate, then I would use one clipboard and one list per child per day.

For example, if you are organizing daily chores for three children, then you would want 7 sheets (one per day of the week) x 3 children. That’s 21 sheets and 3 clipboards (one per child).

The chores shown are Thursday chores in my house. Some chores appear on each day of the week (like making the bed and feeding pets) and other chores, like taking out the trash and recycle, are only completed one day per week. Since each day holds different responsibilities, it’s easier for my family if we have a sheet for each day of the week.


1. Label the left side of each chart “To Do” and the right side “Done.”

2. List the chores to be completed. Here is a great chore list to get you thinking about age appropriate chores for each child’s list.

Easy Clothes Pin Chore Chart at The Happy Housewife

3. Write the child’s name on the clothes pins with permanent marker. I write the name so that it can be easily read on the left and right sides of the chart. You could just have them clip their name upside down on the “done” side when the chore is finished, but I like the neater look of having the name right side up.

Easy Clothes Pin Chore Chart at The Happy Housewife

4. Add a decoration if desired. The red and white clip is actually a hair decoration. I liked it because it adds a splash of color to the chore list.

Clip the hair clip directly into the hole on the front of the clipboard. You could also glue on any decorative accent you like. Make sure that the decoration doesn’t hinder your ability to open and shut the clamp. You’ll want to easily change out the chore sheet.

5. Hang the chore chart. I hang our chart between the dining room and kitchen because that’s a high-traffic area in our home. Find the spot in your home that’s right for your family. Make sure it’s easy for the kids to read and reach.

How to Make an Easy Clothes Pin Chore Chart at The Happy Housewife

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DIY Curtain Rod Makeover

DIY Curtain Rod Makeover at The Happy Housewife

By contributing writer Jordon

My dining room needed some new life added to it, so I decided to update my curtains. Curtains can really make a difference in a room, and I had my eye set out to find the perfect ones. I also had a promise to my husband to keep on a budget. That’s what led to this super easy DIY curtain rod makeover.

After searching high and low, I found my curtains, and it was love at first site. Now, of course, with these new curtains I had to get new curtain rods. It just wouldn’t be right not to! After shopping for curtain rods and pricing them, I began to realize I was walking a thin line with this budget thing. My curtains had a higher price tag than I thought, and I had to keep my promise of staying on a budget. What was I to do?

I was too in love with my curtains to part ways with them. I had to get creative and think outside the box. While passing by those cheap white curtain rods, the light bulb went off. “What if I spray paint them to the color I want? I might as well give it a try.” Well, I did, and you would never know after the curtains were hung.

They really turned out great, and my dining room has that new life that it needed. Oh, and my husband was very happy that I stuck to my promise of keeping on a budget. It was a win-win!

DIY Curtain Rod Makeover at The Happy Housewife

Supplies Needed


1. Using very fine sand paper, buff the curtain rod so the paint has something to adhere to. Wipe away the dust with a terry cloth.

2. Lay the rod on a piece of cardboard or newspaper. Slowly paint the rod moving the spray evenly over the rod to avoid dripping. You may have to let one side dry and then do the next to avoid smudging.

3. Repeat the last step until you have your desired color. You can also spray a coat of polyurethane for extra protection if you wish.

That’s it! The beauty of this project is that you can use any color you want and almost any curtain rod. Hit up a thrift store or a garage sale. You might luck out and find some really nice ones that just need a little paint!

DIY Curtain Rod Makeover at The Happy Housewife

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Side Table Makeover with Valspar Chalk Finish Paint

I’ve been slowing redoing the furniture in my house, since much of it shows tons of wear and tear from being moved from house to house. Since I purchase almost all of my furniture used, I don’t mind experimenting with paint and texture since I know I didn’t pay much for it.

I’ve been using Annie Sloan chalk paint which I LOVE, but it is very expensive. A quart at the store closest to me is about $51. When I heard that Valspar had created a chalky finish paint I was excited to try it, since it was only $29.99 at Lowes.


As far as color options for Valspar chalk paint, they are really pretty, although I’ve only tried Sunday Bustle on my furniture.

Valspar chalky finish paint as some gorgeous color options. I tried Sunday Bustle on a few pieces of furniture and they turned out great.

The nice thing about the Valspar paint (other than its price) is that you can buy it at Lowes. The Annie Sloan is sold in smaller shops, which might not always be close to where you live.

I tried the paint on two pieces of furniture. One was this small side table that we got for free several years ago. We purchased a sofa set off Craig’s List and when my husband went to pick it up, they guy asked if we wanted the table so we took it.

Before we painted this side table with Valspar chalk finish paint

Since getting the table I’ve felt it was a little plain but I wasn’t motivated enough to change it. After finishing my hutch in May, I finally got inspired to change this little table.

I chose Sunday Bustle because I loved the color on the back of my hutch and I *thought it was similar.

White cabinet with Annie Sloan pure white chalk paint. Interior is a mixture of Aubussen Blue and Florence.

I got the color in my hutch by mixing Florence and Aubussen Blue. Let’s just say I was WAY off, when I thought Sunday Bustle was similar. I should have gone with Sapphire Bracelet!

It turned out to be more of a caribbean blue, which is pretty, but not what I was going for with the table.

Small side table before I painted it with Valspar Sunday Bustle Chalky Finish paint

I had an idea for how to fix it once I was finished so I kept painting.

Valspar Chalky Finish Paint Sunday Bustle

The Valspar paint went on pretty smoothly and had good coverage. I didn’t sand the table, I just wiped it down and cleaned off the sticky kid residue.

Since I was painting a darker color on a darker piece of furniture it is hard to tell how one of the lighter colors would cover on a dark piece of furniture with no prep. I ended up doing two coats on the base of the table and three coats on the top. There were a few spots where the paint didn’t stick as well, and I’m not sure why.

I didn’t want the knob to the be the same color as the rest of the table so I removed the knob and sprayed it with Rust-Oleum Hammered Bronze.

I’m a huge fan of spray painting knobs and pulls. Replacing knobs is so expensive. One can of spray paint at the hardware store is usually under $6 and you can update the fixtures on several pieces of furniture and get an entirely new look!

hammered bronze spray painted knobs

One thing to consider when using the Valspar Chalky Finish paint is that they recommend 4-6 hours between coats. If you are an impatient painter like me, that is just too long! Another thing I love about Annie Sloan is that you can do a second coat almost immediately which means you can finish a small project like this table in a few hours.

The Valspar Chalky Finish dried much quicker than I expected and I actually gave it a second coat about an hour after I painted the first coat.

Since the color was too bright I was going to use a dark wax to tone it down a bit. When using the dark wax, you can either put it directly on the paint, or do a coat of clear wax first. If you put dark wax directly on the paint it absorbs very quickly and really changes the color. (I have another piece where I did this and will share later this month)

Valspar chalky finish paint from lowes, show in Sunday Bustle with a coat of dark wax

I did a coat of clear wax, then did a coat of dark wax. I ended up buying a buffer brush that attaches to your drill because I have so many painting projects on my list this summer.

I’ve only done this small project with it, but so far I love it.

The dark wax definitely toned down the bright blue and I’m so happy with how this little table turned out. I feel like it went from blah to pop and it only took me an afternoon to redo it.

Valspar chalky finish paint shown in Sunday Bustle with a coat of dark wax.

These chairs were a thrift store find and I snatched them up for $40 each earlier this year. I had planned on getting them recovered, but they look really good with the new table color so I might keep them just the way they are.

valsapr chalky paint review

After using the Valspar Chalky Finish paint on two pieces of furniture I can definitely recommend it, although if you are familiar with Annie Sloan you will find a slight difference. I do think Annie Sloan goes on easier, however Valspar definitely does the job and is much less expensive so it is worth trying out.

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Home Renovation: Dining Room Makeover

We are still working on our house, so it seems like we are always in a state of construction, but some rooms are totally finished. One of those rooms is our dining room.

This room needed some work, but not as much as our kitchen or bathroom so it wasn’t a total gut.

When we purchased the house, the room looked like this.

The dining room needed a little updating, here's what we did on a budget.

There was wallpaper and border paper around the top half of the room. The closet doors where louvered which made them look more like a bedroom closet than a closet in a living space.

The tile was classic 1980’s white that carried into the kitchen. There was no light fixture, which was fine because we replaced all the lights in the house.

The dining room opens to the family room and backs to the kitchen. For about 15 seconds we discussed opening the wall between the kitchen and the dining room, but I actually like the separation so I’m glad we didn’t do it, at least for now while the kids are still young. I also would have lost all my upper cabinets in the kitchen had we removed the wall, which would have definitely not worked in the kitchen!

What we did:

  • Removed the tile and replaced with hardwood. We chose a dark hand scraped hickory for all the hardwood in the house.
  • Replaced the louvered closet doors with paneled doors.
  • Removed wallpaper and border. (AHHH WALLPAPER!!!!)
  • Painted wainscoting (it was an off-white) the same color as the trim and doors in the rest of the house.
  • Installed a new light fixture.
  • Replaced all receptacles 
  • Painted the air register white


Products used: 

  • Wainscoting, doors, and trim: Pure White by Sherwin Williams
  • Walls: Front Porch by Sherwin Williams
  • Light fixture: CB2.com

I’m planning on painting my dining room table and probably changing the hutch from an off white to a pure white, but the “bones” of the dining room are completed.

Dining room renovation

I absolutely love this room, it is very sunny and overlooks the pool. Because it opens up to the family room, when we have parties there is tons of space for people to gather, eat, and relax.


I just realized that we haven’t painted the knobs on the closet doors yet, whoops! I guess the dining room is almost finished. We didn’t need to replace the closet doors, but I’m so glad we did. It makes a big difference in the room.


This is the firefly pendant from CB2.com. It took me two months to find the right light fixture for this room. All the fixtures I wanted were super expensive and they hung too low. Our dining room ceilings are only eight feet so I had to find a pendant light that was designed for an older home with lower ceilings.

The only problem with the firefly pendant is that it is a pain to install. Because of the flat panel along the ceiling, you have to jam all the wires up into the ceiling in order to make the panel flush. It took my guys about three hours to get it right.

However it was totally worth it because I LOVE IT!

Even though it wasn’t part of the renovation, many folks have asked on Facebook about the furniture in the room. I have a very hard time buying new furniture because I feel like there are so many used “gems” out there.

We did buy the dining room table and chairs new at IKEA. I do not love them, however the table easily seats twelve with the leaves. The table is STORNAS and was around $500. The chairs are KAUSTBY and are $49 each. I’m more impressed with the chairs than the table. The table is pine so it dings very easily. The chairs have held up well considering how many people sit on them every day.

The hutch is something I found used and is painted Annie Sloan Old White and Duck Egg Blue in the insets. It is distressed slightly but not much. Most of the items in the hutch are things my husband picked up during his travels around the world while he was in the Navy.

The dining room has become one of my favorite rooms in the house. We don’t eat in here often, because of the giant island in the kitchen, but we play games, do school, make crafts, and just hang out.

The rest of the house is coming together slowly. One of the things I’ve realized about doing a remodel yourself is that many projects get “mostly” done. Then it becomes livable and you stop caring that it isn’t totally finished. This is probably why I still do not have any backsplash in my kitchen. :-)

We do have a few more rooms finished, so stay tuned for more renovation updates in July.

See all of our renovation projects here.

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