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Tutus ~ No Sew

This week my daughter and I made these adorable almost no-sew tutus. This craft project was so easy and required minimal sewing. They came together so quickly we forgot to take pictures of anything but the finished product.
Here are three of the tutus, we still need to finish two more
here is a close up

We had fun making them and they took about an hour to make, the longest part was cutting the tulle. These are small, about a 2T. We found that you can make them short and super puffy, or long and sort of puffy.

Here are directions so you can make your own no-sew tutu.

First measure the waist of the tutu wearer. Subtract 3 inches. Cut your elastic to that measurement and sew ends together. (I used a zig zag stitch, but this can be hand sewn as well) I recommend sewing back and forth several times to make sure your waistband is very secure.

Decide how long you want your tutu to be,  double it and add one inch. That is the length you want to cut your tulle.

My tulle was already six inches wide so I only had to cut the length. I used two 6 in by 75 ft rolls of tulle for each tutu, which I purchased on ebay.

Here is the hard part to explain in writing. I slid the elastic waist band up my leg and on my thigh. I then proceeded to tie the tulle in double knots on the elastic waistband. I made sure all the knots were at the same level on the elastic. Putting the elastic on your leg just makes it easier to work with.

After I tied all the tulle around the elastic I added satin bows on each side. I burn the ends of my satin ribbon to keep from fraying.

This project is very easy and even a non crafty person can make these adorable tutus. Pair with a leotard and you have a great gift for that special little girl.

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  1. They are so cute! I love tutus on little girls. Good job.


  2. So fun! What did you use for the waistband?

  3. My daughter would have loved one of those when she was little! So girly and cute–you did a great job!

  4. These look exactly like what my mom used to make for me and my sisters when we were little girls!

  5. Hi!
    How adorable!
    I’d like to make some tutus for my girls to play in. Maybe I’ll make them longer and call them three threes just for fun.

    Did you use a pattern? I f not, can you explain how you made them or do a tutorial?

    Thanks so very much!

    Please come and visit me at my blog.
    Laura of Harvest Lane

    God bless!

  6. the tutus are very cute, but I don’t think Gabe would like coming home to the boys in them 🙁 LOL

  7. LOVE!! Need to go shopping for tulle now. 🙂

  8. Explain the double knotting,,,do you mean slip knot? Like you take the ends and wrap them over the elastic and then through the top loop? or do I need to tye a knot? I am confused…

    • TheHappyHousewife says:

      I’l have to take a look at the tutu and get back with you. It’s been three years since I made one so I don’t remember!

  9. I can’t wait to do this! My daughter will love it.

  10. I’m looking into starting up a photography business and was searching to buy some tutus. Now I can just make them! Thanks so much!!

  11. i dont know if this was posted as a suggestion or not, but when i went to make one of these for my 9 mo old, i just cut the elastic banding off the tops of one of her pairs of too short pants, it was a perfect fit.

  12. You can also use thick ribbon for the waistband. Just cut it real long so you can tie it at the ends.. For quick cutting of tulle take a strong piece of cardboard cut it to length you want the tulle. Roll tulle around it secure with rubber bands the cut one end. Tulle is cut to lenth you want.


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