Amazon Prime Day Deals

Today is Amazon Prime Day and after getting off to a shaky start yesterday, it looks like Amazon is working fine today.

If you are not an Amazon Prime member, it’s definitely something to consider. I shared why I love Amazon Prime a few years ago.

Here are a few Amazon Prime Day deals worth checking out today. Or check out all the Amazon Prime day deals (including the time sensitive deals) here.

Diffuser Jewelry   up to 30% off

If you use essential oils, check out these great prices on diffuser jewelry. Now you can diffuser wherever you go!

Vitamix $189.95

If you’ve been waiting to purchase a Vitamix, now is a great time. It’s only $189.95 which is $100 off it’s list price.

Melissa & Doug Toys up to 50% off

My kids loved Melissa & Doug toys when they were younger. This is a great time to stock up for the holidays.

Wooden Measuring Spoons $15.99

I own a set and love them! I use them almost every day in the kitchen.


At this price I might be convinced to purchase one. All my friends think they are the greatest, but I haven’t taken the plunge yet.

Calphalon Cookware up to 30% off


I own this set and I love it! Works on an induction stove too.

Echo dot $29.99

We have several echo dots and love them. This is probably the best price all year.

Amazon Fire Stick $19.99

We cut cable last year and have been using our Amazon Fire Stick. We just purchased another one for our other television.

WaterPik  $39.99

I paid about $15 more for this Waterpik when my kids first got braces. Definitely a must buy if your kid is headed to the orthodontist.

Check out all the Amazon Prime day deals (including the time sensitive deals) here.

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Money Management Activities for Kids

Money management is a skill we should all learn when we are young and a skill that should be refreshed often. Unfortunately, it isn’t taught often in schools anymore to the detriment of current and future generations. Once your children know how to count and understand how much each piece of currency is worth, it’s time to start teaching them about money management.

PSECU, a credit union in Pennsylvania, created this chart, which includes age-appropriate money management activities, books, and smartphone apps for each age group.

Take Your Children Shopping with You

This is one activity that you can use for children of nearly any age – simply take them grocery shopping with you. It’s a great way to teach them everything from comparison shopping to sales and even basics like mathematics and how to calculate sales tax.

Take the opportunity to explain things like coupons and store brand vs. Name brand to teach them that you can save money even as you’re spending money and buying food for the house.

Pay With Cash Whenever Possible

We haven’t become a cashless society quite yet, even if most of us would prefer to use our debit or credit cards. Paying with cash, especially around your children, is a good way to give a physical significance to the act of spending money. It also enables them to interact with the transaction – simply hand them your wallet and have them count out the correct amount of money to cover the transaction.

It’s easy to spend more money than you have when it’s all digital. Instead of letting your kids get the idea that they have money because they have a card, teach them how significant money actually is.

Open a Savings Account for Them

Opening a checking and savings account is an important first step in your child’s financial life. You can open a custodial account for your child as soon as they have a social security number. However, once they reach the age where they start to understand the importance of money, you can walk them through how to use their checking and saving’s account.

For younger children, this could be as simple as saving for a new toy or a game console. Once your child gets older, it becomes useful for saving for larger purchases like a car or saving for college after they graduate.

Create a Budget Together

Sit down and take the time to write a budget together. It could be a budget that you can use in your daily life – write out the bones of a budget, including your monthly income and your bills and let them figure out the best way to budget your income to pay those bills. Include other expenditures like groceries, medical, insurance, and others that can pop up unexpectedly.

Teaching our children – and the next generation as a whole – how to manage their money is a skill that they will use throughout their lives and could keep them from falling into the trap of debt. Don’t assume that children don’t need to learn how to manage money just because they don’t have an income – the longer you teach them, the more likely the skills will stick.

This post is sponsored by PSECU, a Pennsylvania-based credit union.

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Best Work from Home Jobs for Moms

Are you looking for legitimate work from home opportunities? If you want a flexible schedule (i.e. being able to pick up the kids from school/ sports), don’t want to pay for childcare, and want to be in charge of when you work and how often a work from home job might be perfect for you.

I’ve worked from home for the last 20 years and love the flexibility it’s given me to homeschool my kids, be available for their events, and add extra money to our family’s budget.

When times were financially tough for my family we realized we could do two things, save more money and make more money. After lowering our monthly bills, reducing our grocery budget, and getting rid of debt, making more money was the next step.

Best part time work from home jobs for moms. Legitimate ways to make money from home.

I started by selling used items on eBay, but that required shopping at yard sales every weekend and dealing with packaging and shipping multiple items every week. It was a great job when my kids were very little and I didn’t have commitments outside the home.

As my kids grew and were involved in extra curricular activities I couldn’t devote every weekend to shopping yard sales. I looked for work from home opportunities that were more flexible.

There are many legitimate options if you want to work from home. I have friends who are successful in network marketing companies such as Lula Roe, Young Living, Pampered Chef, Advocare, and Thirty-One Gifts.

If you don’t like selling (and I don’t!) but are interested in money making opportunities here’s a list of legitimate work from home jobs that don’t require you to host parties or sell anything.

Most of the work from home jobs listed below do require a computer and a strong internet connection. I’ve listed jobs that have flexible hours and pay above minimum wage. (most pay at least $20 an hour)

Part-time work from home jobs for moms 


You can earn $16-20 per hour teaching English to children online. It’s an easy 5 minute application. To be considered you must have a degree or be enrolled in a university, speak English fluently, and able to teach 6 hours per week.

To sign up or learn more visit QKids.


Say is similar to QKids, you teach English to students online. You set your own hours and curriculum is provided for you. You can work from anywhere as long as you have a strong internet connection.

Sign up or learn more at Say

Earn money as a transcriptionist, captioner, or translator working from home. has openings in all three departments and you can work as much or as little as you want. You are paid by the minute or by the word depending on the job.

The pay ranges from $24-$40 per audio hour and you are paid weekly via Paypal. Learn more and sign up here.

Tutor middle school, high school, college students and professionals online from the convenience of your home. You set your hours and the subjects you are willing to teach. Earn bonuses for tutoring high-demand subjects.

Learn more about tutoring from home here.

Sign up to be a tester and you are asked to complete a series of tasks on a website or an app and provide feedback. While you are completing the tasks you record your commentary. Each set of tasks takes between 15-20 minutes and you are paid $10.

You can make up to $30-$45 an hour providing feedback in the comfort of your own home. Sign up here.

Worldwide 101  

Work as a virtual assistant in your own home and make as much as $20 an hour. They have available positions for executive assistants, social media managers, project managers and paralegals. Learn more and apply here.

Virtual Stylist with Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix is a subscription clothing company that sends customers new outfits every month or two depending on the subscription. As a stylist you would help put together “fixes” for customers.

You can apply for a stylist position if you live in the following cities:

  • Austin
  • Cleveland
  • Dallas
  • Minneapolis
  • Los Angeles
  • Pittsburgh
  • Sacramento
  • San Diego
  • San Francisco Bay Area

You can apply to be a stylist for Stitch Fix, and work from home and get an employee discount on Stitch Fix clothing. Click here to find out more and apply.


They aren’t accepting any new teachers right now, but they will probably open back up in the fall. If you have a college degree and a strong internet connection you can earn up to $22 an hour teaching children English online. This is a great opportunity for mom’s to work from home and earn great money without having to spend half your paycheck on childcare.

Freelance Writing

Do you love to save money and love to write? Freelance writing offers flexibility and extra spending money. My friends at Wise Bread are looking for freelance writers to contribute articles on frugal living, savvy shopping tips, and financial advice.

Learn more and apply here.

Freelance Anything with Fiverr

Fiverr is a website where customers can hire freelancers to do just about any online job. From managing social media accounts, to creating graphics, to proofreading and much more, Fiverr has people willing to do the work.

The downside of offering services on Fiverr is that most of the jobs start with an initial price of $5. However, the key to making good money is to offer an easy to complete job for $5,  then offer more complicated packages at an increased price.

Learn more about Fiverr and sign up for an account here.

There are many benefits to working from home. It’s possible to make more working part-time from home than full-time in an office. Once you deduct transportation, child-care, and other costs, you might find working from home to be a more profitable option.

If you are looking to make some extra money I highly recommend researching one or more of the work from home options listed above. They are all legitimate opportunities that offer good pay and flexible hours. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or a college student looking for some extra spending money, one of these part-time opportunities could be perfect for you.

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How to Your Cancel Amazon Prime Membership

Are you ready to cancel your Amazon prime membership? Perhaps you don’t shop on Amazon as much as you thought and aren’t taking advantage of the benefits of Amazon Prime membership.

Maybe you signed up for the free trial and now have buyer’s remorse. It’s simple to cancel your Amazon Prime membership and if you are still in your free trial you will pay nothing.

How to Cancel Your Amazon Prime Membership

Cancel your free trial membership

If you still in your free trial period, click here to manage your trial membership. You can cancel your Amazon Prime free trial membership by clicking on the link that says “Do not continue.” As long as you cancel your Prime membership within 30 days you will not be charged anything, no matter what benefits you use.

Cancel an active Prime Membership

If you have already paid for the Amazon Prime membership (maybe you forgot to cancel during your free trial period) you can still cancel and get a full refund, IF you have not used any of the Amazon Prime benefits. 

According to Amazon, if you are eligible for a refund you will receive it within 3-5 business days. I recommend setting up a calendar reminder to make sure you get your refund in a timely manner.

You can cancel your membership at any time, however you will not be refunded any money if you or anyone in your household has used your Prime benefits.

how to cancel amazon prime membership

If you currently have an Amazon Prime membership but aren’t using all the Amazon Prime benefits each year, set up a renewal reminder with Amazon.

Amazon will email you three days before your Prime membership renews date but you have to request it. You can request the email reminder on the Prime membership page,  just click on the blue text on the left hand side.

When Amazon sends you the renewal email you can cancel your membership and not be charged for the next year.

Cancel a Prime Membership set up by a third party

If you received an Amazon Prime Membership via a third party, you need to contact the third party to manage your membership. You cannot cancel it directly through Amazon.

Before you cancel your Amazon Prime Free Trial Membership

While I never recommend spending money on something you don’t use, I’m always surprised by home many people don’t know all the benefits of Amazon Prime.

Not only do you get free two-day shipping on millions of items on the website, you also get free photo storage, free Kindle books to read, and streaming music, television, and movies. If you want to learn more about how you can take advantage of your Amazon Prime membership check out my article on why I love it.

Amazon Prime isn’t for everyone

While I love Amazon Prime and all its benefits I realize it isn’t for everyone. If you only purchase sparingly on Amazon (like during the holidays) and don’t take advantage off all the other Prime benefits, it’s probably not worth the $10.99 a month ($99 a year).

It’s also important to note, that since I’ve been shopping on Amazon, they’ve offered some level of free shipping every December, but you have to make a minimum purchase. So, if you only do your holiday shopping on Amazon, it might make more financial sense to take advantage of their free shipping offers open to everyone and cancel your Prime membership after the free trial period.

If you signed up for a free trial of Amazon Prime, I highly recommend creating a calendar reminder for 25 days after your sign up date. This will help you remember to cancel your Prime membership and you won’t be charged any fee.

Remember when you cancel your membership to follow all the directions on the website. Amazon makes it easy to cancel, but you do go through two webpages to complete the process.  Once you have cancelled you will get a confirmation of your cancellation on the screen.

If you have already paid for Prime, but have not used any benefits, you will see a refund on your credit card statement in a few days.


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