Frugal Health Food Shopping

I hear from many people in my Grocery Savings Classes, that eating healthy and saving money do not go hand in hand.  They can never find coupons or good sales on healthy, non-processed foods.  As we begin a new year I wanted to shed light on a few ways to save money on healthy eating.

frugal health food shopping

Organic Coupons

Organic coupons can be found all over the Internet.  I have a list of  some places you can find Organic Coupons on my website.  Generally you want to make a list of the items you are already purchasing and check the company website or a coupon database for those products.  If the company does not have printable coupons on their websites, contact them via phone or email and ask them if they can mail you some.  A coupon database will tell you if there are coupons available in Sunday inserts or even in store fliers.

Markdowns and Clearance

Healthy foods and organic products are put on sale in stores just like every other item.  Check the clearance racks and refrigerated sections and as always, check the weekly store ads.  You’ll want to stock up on these items when they are on sale so you are not paying full price.

Store Coupons

Many stores offer store coupons such as $5 off a $30 purchase.  Use these coupons in conjunction with store sales, clearance and manufacturing coupons to save on healthy foods.

Buy in Bulk

Buying  items in bulk bins is usually cheaper than buying it by the bag or box on the store shelf.  This saves money on the packaging.  Sometimes the more you buy, the cheaper it is.    Also consider buying items in bulk at a local warehouse store where they can lower the price per pound on produce or meat because of the bulk packaging.

Wondering how to make the most of your warehouse membership at Costco, Sam’s Club, or BJ’s? Make the most of your warehouse membership fee with these super helpful strategies.

Join a Local Produce Co-Op


This is the same basic theory as buying in bulk. If you can get together with a community group and buy local produce or meats in bulk and split them up per family, it can be cheaper than going in alone.  Search for a local co-op that is already in your area.

Save on Household Items

I know we were talking about healthy food items, but if you can save money elsewhere, like on your household items or toiletries, then you’ll have more money to put towards the healthy food items.

Buy Online

There are places you can buy organic items or healthy baking goods that give you credits for purchasing with them.  Try checking items you like to buy, such as tea or cereal on Amazon.  When Amazon price drops them, you can usually get a pretty good deal.

Keep these things in mind for your everyday shopping as well.    Start keeping track of your savings and you’ll be thrilled with your results.  Remember a dollar saved is a dollar earned.  The small change adds up fast.

Do I Have to Clip Coupons?

Absolutely, not.  Of course, coupons are basically free money, but I get that not everyone has time for that.  You CAN save money while grocery shopping without couponing (and definitely WITHOUT extreme couponing)! Use these tips and tricks to save from 30-50% at the grocery store without coupons!

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