5 Tips to Keep the TV Off this Summer + a Prize Pack Giveaway from Mattel

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This spring I’ve been traveling the East coast speaking at homeschool conventions. One question I’m asked every time I speak is how do I limit screen time and encourage my kids to spend more time playing and using their imagination.

The crazy thing is, this summer I haven’t had to turn off the television, because it hasn’t been on.

My kids have spent the summer playing games, making up stories, playing with their toys, building forts outside, riding bikes, creating art masterpieces, and of course, swimming.

barbie bike 5 Tips to Keep the TV Off this Summer + a Prize Pack Giveaway from Mattel

My girls especially have taken to drawing and creating cute outfits using products like the Barbie Purr-fect Pet Sketch Portfolio. With this sketchbook, girls can design the ultimate clothing and accessory collection for all of Barbie’s pets! If you haven’t seen these awesome portfolios you must check them out.  (See the $5 off coupon below to help you save!)

barbie purrfect pet sketch portfolio 5 Tips to Keep the TV Off this Summer + a Prize Pack Giveaway from Mattel

My girls absolutely love creating fashion designs and giving them their own designer touch with color and stickers. Even if your child isn’t an artist there are templates for them to trace which helps with those fine motor skills and gives a struggling artist the confidence to create.

My girls have become so excited about creating outfits that they’ve even started sewing (or stapling) fabric together to make real outfits for their toys. They’ve also used paper, duct tape, or whatever else they can find around the house.

I love seeing their imagination sparked especially when it replaces screen time. My girls are creating instead of consuming and that makes me very happy. One of my girls has become so excited about creating outfits she’s already talking about going into fashion design when she grows up and is waiting patiently for me to teach her how to sew.

This is all because I bought her a simple sketch book with templates for Christmas last year!

So how do you encourage your kids to give screen time a break?

tips for how to keep the tv off this summer 899x1024 5 Tips to Keep the TV Off this Summer + a Prize Pack Giveaway from Mattel

Provide them with alternatives to the television.

Over the winter my kids were always asking to watch television. I finally told them that if they wanted to watch television they could donate their toys since they didn’t seem to need them anymore.

It only took one box of toys to help them remember they had a basement full of awesome dolls, Lego’s, and art supplies they could be playing with when it was too cold to play outside.

I also realized that I needed to make their toys more accessible, so we labeled the toy bins with toy categories so even Cora could find the toys she wanted.

Play with them.

I’ll admit it, I don’t like to sit on the floor and play with dolls. But, I know if I tell my girls I’m going to play with them, they’ll give up television in a second.

I also realized that I loved creating fashions with my girls and helping them color in their creations. You’re never too old to play with toys, and the toys available today are pretty cool!

Don’t turn it on.

In my house if the television is off, it tends to stay off. Once we turn it one, someone can find something to watch or play, all day long. If the TV doesn’t get turned on during the day, the kids tend to forget about it.

This means no watching cartoons during breakfast or just one show in the morning. Sometimes this makes mornings a little crazier, but I keep baskets of books for them to read so they always have something available.

Have a plan.

I use to set out activities for my kids each day. If they didn’t have to pick what to do, or they only had to pick from one or two things, they had a much easier time making a decision.

Most kids have tons of toys, so picking out a few for each day is a great way to encourage them to actually play with them.

Make television an incentive or special treat.

My kids love family movie night and look forward to being able to eat (aka spill) popcorn all over the sofa. We’ve starting making movie night a big deal in our house, so the kids actually look forward to screen time together as a family, instead of throughout the week by themselves.

Since my boys love a certain computer game, we allow them to play during the week after they’ve completed chores or other activities and set limits as to how much time they can play.


I have a great giveaway to get your kids excited about play! Once school starts again you can use this prize to encourage some imaginative play after school instead of veg time in front of the TV.

Mattel Prize Package 791x1024 5 Tips to Keep the TV Off this Summer + a Prize Pack Giveaway from Mattel

Included in the prize pack are:

● Barbie Cheer Dress with Pompoms
● Barbie Pet Sketch Portfolio
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To enter the giveaway share a way you encourage your kids to create instead of consume. Giveaway ends Monday, July 28, 2014 at 8 pm EST.

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Musselman’s Spring Challenge ~ Finished!

I’ve partnered with Musselman’s to share their Spring into Action Challenge. All opinions are my own.

How is your challenge going? It’s time for our final check in.

As I mentioned last time my challenge wasn’t going as well as I had hoped. Winter seemed to drag on, forever!

I’m happy to report that I’ve made up for a miserable March with an awesome start to May! Thank you hubby for opening up our pool and essentially helping summer come a bit early to our house.

I never thought I would want a pool living in Maryland, but I have to say we love every minute of warm (and even not so warm) weather with our pool.

Last year we didn’t open the pool until June, but seeing how much we used it last year we opened it the first weekend in May! Even though the pool was a chilly (or as I like to say downright freezing!) 62 degrees my kids wasted no time jumping in!

photo 84 1024x1024 Musselmans Spring Challenge ~ Finished!

Even my son, who will spend the first part of May in a cast, is swimming with his hand held high above the water!

photo 82 1024x768 Musselmans Spring Challenge ~ Finished!

Having a pool makes it so easy to get outside with the kids. While I haven’t made the polar plunge yet, I love sitting out by the pool watching them play and snuggling with wet little munchkins wrapped up in towels.

Now I realize not everyone has a pool to encourage them to get outdoors, but before we had a pool (and that was basically the past 19 years of my life) we enjoyed playing in the sprinkler, water balloon fights, water gun battles, and the slip ‘n’ slide. Let’s not forget bike rides, sidewalk chalk, and the occasional game of HORSE.

We love to finish off our warm days outside with a marshmallow roast in the fire pit. Days that are long and sunny with cool evenings are truly my favorite.

My kids have even started to eat all their meals outside. Not only does this make clean up a breeze, they are getting some nice fresh air and sunshine while they eat! Last year they opened a Snack Shack that operated throughout most of the summer. One person was the cook and another was the server and they took orders from swimming kids and created meals for everyone each day. I’m sure the Snack Shack will be opening again soon.

One easy outside treat is the  Musselman’s BIG CUP, it is a 6 oz. single-serve cup that contains 50% more delicious Musselman’s Apple Sauce in every serving. These are great for snacks, lunches outside, and even breakfast on the go. In my house you never have to ask to get a healthy snack and my little kids enjoy getting their very own snacks by themselves.

prod bigcuptrio or8 Musselmans Spring Challenge ~ Finished!

I’m teaming up with Musselman’s and challenging myself and my readers to do 50% more to live a healthier, happier life.

If the weather isn’t cooperating in your neck of the woods yet, you can grab a coupon for free bowling from Musselman’s. You can  find out more details on their website.

Summer’s almost here so there is no excuse for not spending some quality time with the kids outside! How did you do on your 50% challenge?

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Discount on Summer Survival Calendar Bundle

Do you hate it as much as I do when your kids say “I’m bored”? I want my kids to have a summer filled with fun, adventure and good memories. And to be honest I want to enjoy it with them! That’s why I love the Summer Survival Calendar.

 Discount on Summer Survival Calendar Bundle

Summer Survival Calendar Bundle

This digital calendar is great because it gives you ideas for activities that you can do with your family throughout the entire summer. So whether it is a DIY craft, writing a soldier a letter or a fun easy to setup game, you and your kids will have something to look forward to every day. Here are some of the awesome benefits of this bundle package!

  • Each day has an activity, recipe, or event.
  • When using your digital copy you can click on the day and it will give you detailed instructions.
  • The bundle comes with 10 Strategies for Your Best Summer Ever Action Guide.
  • A weekly supply list to make planning easy.
  • And much more!

This entire bundle will only cost you $7 if you use the coupon code: SAVEBUNDLE at the checkout!

Do you like what you see and only wish that you had known about this calendar years ago? If you are not afraid to spend two more dollars you can get the Mega Bundle for $9. This bundle includes the last 4 years of Summer Survival Calendars! All you have to do is use the coupon code: SAVEMEGA to get the $9 price at checkout.

Offer ends 5/31/14.

Are you ready to start a summer that is not boring?

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