Get Organized by Living With Less!

get organized by living on less

There are so many wonderful tips and ideas for getting organized. I’m kind of an organizational junkie myself. I like to read books and blogs about organizing and I love to organize my own things (and other people’s if they give me a chance).

The best tip I have for getting organized is not something you can buy at Ikea or The Container Store. The best way to get organized is to get rid of the junk! I once took a time management class and learned that if you don’t take care of something the first time you pick it up, you touch it 40 more times before you actually deal with it. What a total waste of time!

No matter how many bins, baskets, drawers, containers, files, and notebooks you own, managing these tools takes time.

The less you have, the less you have to maintain.

As someone who likes to save money, I have a tendency to hold on to things because I might need them in the future. Better to reuse something you have than buy something new, right? Well… that is sort of right. When you hold on to everything it becomes difficult to manage, things become disorganized, and you end up not being able to find the stuff you were saving.

In my life there are only a handful of things I wish I hadn’t thrown away or dropped off at Goodwill, and those few things are replaceable.

Here are a few ideas for living an organized life with less.


Stop holding on to all the these use to fit me in college outfits.

Seriously, if you ever fit into them again they will be so outdated you won’t want to wear them. Keep a basic wardrobe of items that fit you and your lifestyle. Clothes are cheap to replace at yard sales and thrift stores, so only hold on to pieces that fit you well today.


Paperwork clutter can drive a person bonkers! I created a notebook system to help me track all my paperwork. I keep only what’s necessary and shred the rest. Another way I simplify my paperwork is online banking and bill pay. I pay almost all of my bills online and this has greatly reduced the paper clutter in my home.


I’m plead guilty to toy clutter in the first degree. With seven kids it is almost impossible not to have a toy filled house!

Whenever the mover went into our basement she remarked that it looked like a Toy’s R Us, and that was after I had given several van loads to Goodwill.

I’m preaching to myself here, but kids don’t need every toy ever invented. They don’t even need .0005% of the toys invented.

My kids are happier and play with more of their toys the less they have. Toy clutter overwhelms kids and they end up not wanting to play with anything. Or, toy clutter gives kids the opportunity to make incredible messes with all the toys. Go on a toy de-clutter spree. Your kids will not notice and you will have a better life, I promise.

Kitchen Tools

I’m guilty of kitchen clutter too. I love kitchen tools! They are so much fun and helpful, when I can find them! Have you ever spent 10 minutes searching for that certain kitchen tool in the over-crowded drawer? I have. It isn’t fun, and it is a big time waster.

Go through your kitchen and get rid of things you have never used, then go through it again and get rid of the tools you haven’t used in over a year. You really can do more with less in the kitchen.


A disorganized pantry is a huge time and money waster! How many times have you cleaned out your pantry only to find several of the same item and not because you were stockpiling? Or perhaps you run to the store to buy that needed ingredient at full price, only to find another bottle unopened in the back of the pantry weeks later.

Have you thrown out food because it has expired or gone bad in a disorganized fridge? While it is great to stock up on sales at the grocery store, create a system before you begin. Meal plan so your family eats all the leftovers and nothing goes to waste in the kitchen.


Stuff, you know the things that clutter your home, waste your time, and rob you of your joy? The refrigerator magnet that came in an advertisement, the broken frame you know you are going to fix…. one day…, the books you will never read, the magazines you have already read.

Get rid of them. Give it away, throw it away, burn it in the wood stove, but get rid of the stuff you don’t need.

Having less truly is having more.

More time, more space, more joy. This year get organized by getting rid of the things you don’t need so you can spend time on the things that are important.

Are you tired of wasting precious time shuffling papers and looking for your missing shoe, or your vanishing purse? You dream of short-cuts to make your life more organized, but is it possible?

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  1. I have a hard time keeping my kitchen counters clutter free!

  2. Hi! This is a great blog – I love it. Anyway, I have trouble keeping my pantry clutter free. It’s so hard to organize things in deep closets/cabinets and we have a small place, I’m surprised as to how much I can fit in there. I really need a better system because sometimes I look in there and the sight of it stresses me out. I wish I had a pantry that was more like a closet instead of just a couple deep cabinets. =(

  3. I have a dual problem – my desk (which is right in the middle of the living room right now, as we’re remodeling the “school room”) is always piled high with the “stuff” I can’t seem to control, and our kitchen “bar” area – a 5ft-long stretch of counter that was/is intended to be an eat-at counter but instead has been a 4+-year-long challenge of endless clutter. I’d love to discover a PERMANENT solution to both these areas (and the many other places in my house that need some control).

  4. My biggest clutter issues are books and dvds. I still live at home so everything needs to be contained to one room and they are everywhere. I could really use help decluttering.

  5. My papers are in absolute chaos. Anytime I need to find something I am panic ridden, even now my bank card is lost somewhere in the abyss 🙁

  6. I have stuff (craft supplies) that has moved with me to seven different homes. I really need to let some of this stuff go. Some of it has come in handy over the years, for kids school projects. It really is time to say good-bye to at least half of it so I can enjoy the room set aside for crafting/scrapbooking.

  7. My biggest problems are my office & kitchen.

  8. We have a lot of paper and clothes clutter…well and anything in-between, really.

  9. My clothes! Before my daughter was born I was a financial planner so that meant looking the part in fancy expensive clothes. How often do I wear these clothes now that I am a stay at a home mom? Once a week to church IF I’m lucky. Some of my suits are too fancy and pretentious looking to wear to church. I am totally a jeans t-shirt gal now but I don’t have it in me to get rid of my clothes from another life.

    • Can’t think of the name now, but I know I’ve heard about organizations that take clothes like that and outfit poor women who are trying to get jobs and can’t afford business attire.

    • Nancy M Weasel says:

      I’d donate to Dress for Success or just donate to a Thrift Store and sell them on consignment. It’s a great way to make them live on in another life

    • What about keeping a favourite outfit and getting rid of the rest?

      Also – donating to help other gain employment is a very worthy cause. Think of a woman who has escaped an abusive situation and has young kids, needing work. I guarantee you will feel great after you drive away without your closet full of clothes 🙂 Being generous always seems to come back to you, it’s great karma.

  10. I can never keep the kitchen counter top clear… total hot spot in my house!

  11. My biggest clutter area is the kitchen. It seems to be the “catch all” area. Next would be my desk which is in my kitchen. I tend to be a piler also. I have stacks of stuff waiting to be dealt with LOL

  12. Clothes are a problem too, but I think the biggest issue is all those magazines, papaers, catalogs of things we bought or thinking of buying and so on. I try to organize things, but this is an ongoing battle I´ll hopfully win whe I have enough space to create a spot for items needed.

  13. Rebecca P says:

    We are pilers here at my house…papers, books, burp cloths…yeah, burp cloths. You name it, it gets piled! Yuck.

  14. I have a countertop in my kitchen that is the “drop off” point for everything from school work to bills to magazines and toys…you name it! Every once in awhile I manage to clean it up only to have the same stuff return!

  15. Main clutter trouble = toys (both the kids toys and our “toys” for our hobbies) and books!!

  16. My desk! I do a lot of couponing so papers fly everywhere. I’d love to find a long term solution.

  17. Jennifer H. says:

    I’ve begun winning the battle with paper by dealing with it right away. Part of that strategy involves putting anything that my husband needs to review onto his desk, which is BY FAR the messiest spot in our home. His zone takes up almost half of our study, but at least it’s contained, right? He doesn’t have the clutter-craze that I do, obviously!

  18. Jodi Luther says:

    I have crazy paper clutter and toy clutter! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH! I try to declutter and it comes right back, with a family!! 🙂 I do realize that my girls have “way too much” and it is time to get rid of some things, I just need help with the plan!

  19. I’m a stacker extraordinaire – I can make clutter look organized LOL! Two biggest areas for me right now are the schoolroom/library and the sewing room aka storage unit. I know I’ll have more time after decluttering…I just wish it didn’t TAKE so much time to get it done! I could really use that book…

  20. My kitchen table is a catch-all. I always say it looks like it’s packed up and ready to go.

  21. alva martinez says:

    I too have an issue with paper clutter, things arrive and get piled on my desk and I never have a chance to sit down and get it organized and just piles and a piles and piles. Then there are the closets!

  22. Junk Drawers are the worst around here, and toys are a close second.

  23. Toy clutter and book clutter are our worst offenders! (The books I am currently reading sometimes sit in small piles around the house)

  24. Shannon C says:

    I am a clutter queen! Even with multiple military moves and cleanouts, we always end up with too much stuff! My kitchen counters, closets and homeschool room are top clutter areas.

  25. I homeschool and our classroom is a mess. I keep saying I really need to get in there an organize things. I just am overwhelmed to do it.

  26. Our kitchen bar area seems to be a catch all. Ugn

  27. My kitchen desk is always piled. I clear it off and it is a mess again in 24 hours.

  28. Paper work is my biggest clutter problem. I have a hard time deciding what needs to go and what to keep! Thanks for the tips. I would love a copy of the book so that I can work on my entire house.

  29. Clothes are my biggest clutter for the whole family. Sad but true.

  30. I cannot for the life of me keep our kitchen table cleared off. It drives me nuts! Its just so easy to accumulate mess there because when we both first come home from work the last thing we want to do is put things where they belong 🙂

  31. My kitchen counter gets cluttered with papers and small kids toys–it drives my husband crazy.

  32. TOYS! We try to follow the “one in one out” rule, but I cheat a lot! I always think, “He might play with that…” or “She loved this toy!” Seeing the kids grow up so fast also makes it hard to get rid of toys they have outgrown… I know things don’t mean as much as people, but sometimes things (toys) REMIND me of people, and I get all sentimental! I would love to read Clutter Rehab! Thanks for offering a fun giveaway!

  33. Clothing seems to be my biggest clutter causer. It gets washed, dried, folded and NOT put away… If the hangers are in the laundry room I will most definitely hang like items however if it’s to be folded it will just get stacked in what ever room it resides. I do well with paper items as they have a bin at our daughters school and it takes all junk mail and paper items. I just really need that boost to organization.

  34. I am in the same paper-piled boat! I also seem to stack papers and have piles of them all over my desk! Where does this stuff come from? Thanks for hosting the givaway!

  35. I was just telling my husband that I needed to clean my desk and clean out 2010’s files and get ready for 2011. It’s only February, right!

  36. My worst problem is paper work. I am pretty organized in my small area upstairs where I pay bills etc but where we file stuff in the basement–yikes–it is a mess. We have the file cabinets but I never seem to have time to file it and it piles up on my desk.

  37. Andrea Watts says:

    My closets are my biggest clutter trap. I have no room in them for my clothes!

  38. I have a hard time keeping my kitchen counters clutter free – they’re kind of a “catch-all” for things I’m “going to get to”, mail, school books, etc.

  39. Amy gabriel says:

    Toys take over my life, too!!

  40. My laundry room is the worst. Everything gets left in there especially when we have company over! I feel like I’m always cleaning it out.

  41. Dandi Bond says:

    Oh my! Where to begin? My biggest clutter issue? Can I just include my whole house and roll all the other comments into mine? I sometimes feel a bit overwhelmed when my feet hit the floor in the morning. I think that sometimes I try and try and try to clear, but nothing ever gets “fixed.” I guess I need systems to put in place for dealing with everything that we have around the house, from clothes, to toys, paperwork, closets, and for some strange reason, my entryway seems to be my catch-all for junk! How in the world this happened, I have no idea!!! Reflecting, I guess it’s because we use our garage entrance to come into our home and our front door is never used. I jokingly call myself a “baby-hoarder” but my home really isn’t that bad…but really, if you’re coming over, I do need a couple hours notice! 🙂

  42. My biggest clutter problem is paperwork. It’s on the kitchen table, the desk, on my night stand…it’s every where!

  43. Chris Williams says:

    Mine would be paperwork. Thank you for the giveaway.

  44. My current clutter trouble are my closets…bedroom, and hallway. These two closets have been the catch all place for binders, activity bags for my little one, paperwork, books, etc. I need to clear them out but am overwhelmed because then I know I need to organize another area for stuff that doesn’t belong in the closets. Then my next trouble area is my paperwork; bills, school work, medical stuff, special needs paperwork stuff, etc. grrr…. 🙂

  45. Does a cluttered computer count? I have so many files I only needed a couple times that need deleting, pictures that need dealing with, thousands of emails in my inbox from years ago, etc; I feel like it would take days to condense it all.

  46. Definitely my desk. It’s frustrating because every time I go to my computer, it’s staring me in the face. Small headway is being made though…

  47. My biggest problem area is my closet, I have a hard time keeping it tidy and organized.

  48. My island…I knew it would be a problem when we bought the house and I have struggle almost 7 yrs to keep that space clean. Seriously can an island have clutter babies??

  49. My biggest clutter problem, without a doubt, is paperwork – medical bills, mail, papers from daycare, etc. I try to take care of it when it comes in the house, but there always seems to be massive piles everywhere!

  50. My biggest clutter problem is kids toy and the kitchen table too!

  51. Can I just say, ALL OF THE ABOVE! =) We are still “finishing” a new house… meaning several storage areas are not even fully functional, let alone organized. Too Much Stuff. We had an attic at the old house. Very bad for accumulating stuff. And yeah, I could swivel my head and see several hotspots of piles of mail, etc…
    I do LOVE it when we clean off the kitchen island so we can use it for baking or a buffet! I suppose it’s time the pile of Christmas cards living there were put away permanently??
    Sorry for the book-length comment ~ I should get up and go DO something about this mess! =) Thanks for the giveaway!

  52. My biggest problem is paper!

  53. Valerie Garbo says:

    I could really use that book as I struggle with my computer desk being a mess and also my scrapbooking area is a disaster zone.

  54. My biggest clutter trap…my car!

  55. Please enter Kathi.

  56. Oh, where to start? My entire house?
    The area that causes me the most anxiety would be the kitchen counter. I have very limited counter space, so the space we do have is filled with the coffee maker, the urn of utensils, knife block, oh, and all of the crud that just seems to show up. (I’m looking now: a few nalgene bottles, school forms, a mateless mitten, and about 23 other things I’m too lazy/embarrassed to mention.

    Also? The craft supplies I can’t bear to part with. Please help. 🙂

  57. my biggest clutter problem is my craft-addiction. I save every little piece of ribbon, buttons, etc. that enters my house!

  58. I struggle with piles of laundry in my room. My whole bedroom has become a dumping ground of “I’ll get to that later” messes. I really need to get in and clean it. Perhaps one step at a time, rather than the whole thing in one day.

  59. I struggle with the toy clutter, too. And in addition to all of the regular toys, we have all of the “little” toys – the party favors, the little plastic snakes, the rocks which keep getting hauled inside from our driveway … It doesn’t ever seem to end!!

  60. My master bedroom! Whenever I need to find a quick place for something it goes out of sight in my master bedroom. The next thing I know it is filled to the brim with things that need a home

  61. My kitchen counters are my biggest problem and my bar area of counter space barely has room to eat on. I also need to do a full freezer inventory.

  62. I have a clutter problem . . . everywhere. My husband and I are both pilers. When we try to clean up, we just move each other’s piles from one place to another. And now, it is beginning to affect my daughter’s room. I just can’t see the solution on my own. HELP!

  63. My biggest clutter problem is paper clutter. Whether it’s on my counter, my dresser or my desk. I seem to apply that whole touch it 40 times before I do something with it, I need to start learning to designate a place for it once it comes in so it doesn’t pile up. Paper clutter can get out of control real fast.

  64. heather norcross says:

    Thanks for the chance! I would say our laundry/clothes is the worse right now.. I feel like it’s taking over the house!

  65. ya I think my kitchen counter is the biggest issue…I clean it up so often only to find more clutter shortly after….it’s so easy to just put stuff down on it. And each time I cleaned it up I promise myself to keep it clean this time….=)

  66. My clutter issue is kids clothes – ones for next season, ones they outgrow and waiting to be handed down..clothes, clothes, clothes.

  67. Mom of Three says:

    I have a constant paper trial of flyers from my daughter’s schools and extracurricular activities. I can definitely see where I would benefit from using binders versus the file folders / cabinets I use now…I try and keep on top of my paperwork but I find my papers gathering on my kitchen counter and then rotating over to my dining room table and finally resting on my desk!! I would love to win a copy of Clutter Rehab!!! My name is Naomi and I am a “clutter” addict!!

  68. My whole house is one big problem area!

  69. My biggest clutter problem is paperwork. My desk stays a mess with paperwork that needs to be filed, shredded or thrown away. I also have a pile of paper from homeschooling that never seems to go away.

  70. Jennifer Thomas says:

    My biggest clutter area? I have AREAS! The desk, and our bedroom…. UGH! I do need rehab! 🙂

  71. My desk is always very cluttered — stacks of papers (that I’ve probably touched 40 times each!) everywhere!

  72. My whole house is a clutter problem! The biggest problem areas is my craft room/office and the toy clutter. I know that my son has a floor, but I haven’t seen it in a long time!

  73. definitely my desk–but my room is a close second!

  74. It’s my whole craft room. It is just one big storage mess for all the stuff that needs to get hidden when people come over. There is no room on the floor to walk around and the desk is never available for crafting! But there is some pretty great supplies in there-once I find the time:)

  75. My clutter catching place is the dining room table. Everyone sets stuff on it. A close second would be the toy room.

  76. It’s difficult to say where my greatest clutter problem is since my apt is full of boxes waiting for a move in 2 weeks! I would say I usually have most trouble keeping my office area organized. Too many papers! 🙂

  77. My clutter problem is paperwork! There seems to be a steady stream right into our home- work papers, school papers, junk mail, important mail…the list goes on. I feel if I don’t keep up with it daily, it becomes overwhelming!

  78. My biggest clutter problem is the spare room a.k.a “The Man Cave” which is filled with my husbands mess, and becomes the catch all when we have to “clean-up” quickly for guests, or for things we’re just not sure what to do with!

  79. Jennifer T says:

    Biggest problem is paper and toys!! I so wish I could be a better example to my kids so they don’t become clutter bugs… and.. the kitchen table becomes a dropping spot in our house.. uugghh!

  80. My clutter travels… but it all comes down to horizontal surfaces. Any of them are prone to being piled upon. Even in my attempts to keep them pretty and decorated, piles of papers and odds & ends find their way there. My house in general lacks storage space, so trying to find inexpensive ways to create storage is my need. I’m also really trying to purge down the excess as we have way too much stuff!

    Michelle @ FTSN

  81. Clothes! They’re everywhere!! I can’t seem to keep up with them. . .washing, drying, putting away. . .I’m so behind!

  82. My biggest clutter problem seems to be all the kids clothes, mainly the ones that we store for off season/for the next kiddo.

  83. Does my entire living room count as a clutter problem? It’s where we spend most of our time and it collects everything!

  84. My biggest clutter area is my kitchen counters and the second is toys!!

  85. Every part of my house. Any time I get an area decluttered my husband uses it as a new place to put more of his stuff. Maybe couples should have separate living areas?

  86. I’m reading everyone’s comments and nodding my head in agreement with every one (well, except for the Man-Cave/spare room one – with 9 kids, we haven’t EVER had THAT luxury, although if we did I’m sure it would be a big problem-area too!). The clothes, the paper monster, the scrapbook supplies, the homeschooling books etc., the toys, the kitchen stuff – yep, we could definitely use this book, assuming we didn’t lose it in the mess! 😉

  87. I live in a house with 3 other women, so my bedroom is essentially my part of the house. Its always cluttered and messy. I really want to share my space with friends that come over, but I am too embaressed. This book would be most helpful!

  88. My biggest clutter is things getting piled by the phone in the kitchen or on the bar!

  89. clothes…5 of us, 2 adults, plus kids ages almost 14(girl), 11 (boy) and 4 year old girl! they are everywhere! I pare them down, then they get a growth spurt and i have to get more!

  90. I’m a homeschool mom to 4…So my school room is “throwing up” paper work and books galore!! I try to get it cleaned up but it just turns into making piles!!

  91. Definitely my desk! Everything ends up in piles for me too! I can’t ever seem to get through them without being interrupted by my kids! 🙂 I’d LOVE a copy of this book!

  92. I am guilty of being a piler!! I have piles of magazines, books, and papers in my living room and bedroom. I start to go through and clean them out and it seems to get even bigger!!!!

  93. My desk for sure. And, unfortunately, it’s right in the middle of the kitchen so if I don’t keep on top of it it can be a real eyesore. I would love the book!

  94. I struggle terribly with my desk! It usually looks really scary and takes me at least 5 minutes to find anything. It truly drives me crazy! Thank you for offering this giveaway!

  95. My biggest clutter area my table. It is so handy for placing stuff on that I am constantly cleaning it off.

  96. Dona Hightower Perkins says:

    I’m a piler too, so we have massive amounts of paper to file and put away. I’ve got designated places for receipts, schoolwork, bills, etc., but the kitchen paper piles up (recipes, printouts, coupons, etc.). UGH!

  97. I have a hard time keeping our office in order.

  98. I guess my room is my biggest problem. It seems to be where everything without a home gets stored. Beyond frustrating. Working on it, though. 🙂

  99. Paper clutter and homeschool/teaching stuffs. Doesn’t help that I was a teacher before having kids and hold on to everything for “someday I’ll need this.” And when I do finally let go (because it’s been sitting for years!), the following week or two I need it!

  100. Easy…piles of paperwork…all. over. the. house.

  101. Biggest clutter is also toys – two of my boys (10 & 6) share a bedroom and we can not keep the toy clutter at bay. Seems we have used every inch of available space and I really need to bite the bullet and throw away things. (I’m a wimp – I just imagine and soon as I throw out a toy that is the one they will want!)

    We don’t have a family room or a play room to store toys.

  102. Paper. It’s everywhere and it just keeps coming!

  103. Shannon R. says:

    My biggest challenge is my kids’ SCHOOL PAPERS. Between flyers, handouts, homework, tests, schoolwork, newsletters, quizzes, notes, etc. I just can’t ever seem to keep up!

  104. my biggest clutter problem is my whole office!! it serves as a rec room too!

  105. My biggest clutter hurdle: off-season/future sizes of clothing for my 6 kids…help! Thanks for a chance to win and speed down the road to a less cluttered life! Kel

  106. I need to get my office/den in order. There are boxes and piles and files of paper to be sorted through, a growing craft supply and too many “just in case” gifts. I have been “working” on it forever but can’t seem to just get it done.

  107. My biggest clutter problem is paperwork, piled on the desk, on the kitchen counter from opening the mail, and then there’s the pile that is “to file” on top of the files (ughhh, lazy me!).

  108. I struggle with keeping my desk clean too! That, and my kitchen counter where the mail piles up. I have nice storage bins and file folders, I just have trouble actually moving stuff over there. Sigh. I should work on that.

  109. The kids toys and my bills/mail are my biggest clutter problem!

  110. Right now my home is pretty much of a disaster. I’ve been struggling with severe arthritis for 4 years and it makes it hard to keep up. My inclination to be a hoarder, combined with the pain and not having the strength or energy to take care of things, well, let’s just say that the house has started to become something you’d see on that tv show. It is really stressful and draining to live in it. However, the pain is a little better these days and I am determined to somehow get things back under control. I would love a copy of Clutter Rehab to provide help and inspiration.

  111. The pantry always gets me.

  112. Our bedroom is the clutter keeper!!! If we have company coming over anything out of place gets thrown into our bedroom and then it stays that way forever!!! And my kitchen counters are unbelievable. They’re the “catch all” space… Help!! 🙂

  113. goodness tryin all morn… lol the kitchen counters it drives me nutty and i have a hope chest behind the couch that collects clutter…

  114. The closets are a problem because I throw everything in there to get it out of the way where I can’t see it.

  115. Mary Ann in NC says:

    My biggest problem with clutter is my husband! I know you hear that a lot, but this is true. My husband works in apartment maintenance and you would not believe the stuff he comes home with!! People move or get evicted and he thinks we need everything they’ve left behind!! Some stuff we can actually use or sell,so that’s ok. Around Thanksgiving he brought home 10 photo albums from 1994 of people we don’t even know! I don’t want the photo albums and they weren’t that great for me to sit there and take all the pictures out. They were each about 4 inches thick-do you KNOW how much space that took up on my bookshelf! I weeded them out slowly one at a time. I threw the last one away today!
    Also we live outside the city limits, so we have no trash pick-up. My husband takes our trash with him. If I’ve done a lot of cleaning he actually goes through it and takes stuff out. My daughter once asked me what a broken Tony Hawk figure was doing in the trunk of her car! She said fire came out of my eyes! Love the blog. Pray for me!

  116. I have to agree with you. I pile and pile and pile some more. My poor desk gets so cluttered. I need help. I hope I win this book.

  117. The desk is probably the worst spot for me. Incoming mail, bills, things for my husband to look over, my notebook, financial newsletters, receipts, etc. It’s a mess and usually stays a mess. I could use some help!

  118. Since we home school and seem to always end up at the dining room table doing our school my dining room table is always cluttered with our school stuff. My desk seems to be another problem area.

  119. Cassie Jowers says:

    My kitchen counter. Drives me crazy!

  120. I just found this site and I love all the great advice. I’m a 50 yo mother of 2 adult children and I am learning you can teach an old dog new tricks. After all these years I had accumulated a great deal of clutter, that became very real when I moved last March. I can tell you I have read a lot of blogs from some amazing young women and I have gotten so many good ideas that my house is about 50% organized and I am so motivated and excited I can’t wait to tackle my kitchen. Thank you so much for your words of wisdom and encouragement.

  121. My biggest clutter problem is my husband’s stuff. He doesn’t like it if I move it, yet he won’t take care of it.

  122. My daughter’s toys are out of control, but my main struggle is clothing. The closets are packed full and I have trouble staying on top of the laundry because we always have so much to wear.

  123. My biggest clutter problem is my desk, things just keep piling up and I never seem to get them down to a manageable size! I need help!!!! =)

  124. MY DESK!!!!!! I can really be a piler, I generally know where it all is but it looks horrible!

  125. Stephanie L says:

    Any horizontal surface! They are always covered. I can’t stand it

  126. Honestly…my whole house is a clutter problem. We have too much stuff!!! I need help 🙂

  127. My kitchen table..covered in crafts and coupons and mail. Yuck!

  128. RENEE CAUSEY says:

    I need help with my closet, office/playroom just to name a few….

  129. I struggle with paper piles on my kitchen island and desk. There are weeks where I really try had to stay ahead, but most of the time I fail and it piles up.

  130. Anything that is a flat surface collects clutter at my house. No matter how hard I try to put things in their proper place right away, the counters, desk, table just collect and collect piles!

  131. I would have to say kitchen counters and since there isn’t much space as it is…having them cluttered is a pain in the neck!

  132. My biggest clutter problems are threefold.

    First off daughters are prolific artists who create a lot of paper.

    Second off the oldest at 5 has a hard time parting with ANYTHING. She forms emotional attachments to her treasures.

    Third we have rented for a year and I have had zero motivation to get organized knowing that we are moving again in March. But now I am feeling the pressure to pitch and toss as it is time to start packing boxes!

  133. My biggest trouble is keeping my clothes picked up.

  134. christina s says:

    My biggest clutter area…clothes. But not just my clothes. My 4 kids too. I have 3 boys 12,9, and almost 3 and a baby girl 9 months. It’s so hard for me to get rid of my boy clothes becuase I know eventually I can pass them down. My daughter is my sweet SPOILED princess. Yes, I went crazy buying (from clearance and consignment) her clothes, but she was my first daughter. And me, well I’m still praying to get back into my pre-pregnancy clothes. It’s so hard to throw any of it out. Yes, I want to get it together, but where do you start???

  135. Oh gosh, where do I even begin? It’s probably a tie between my desk/papers, the kids toys and the school room (we homeschool) but if I had to pick one it would be the desk-which is also in my master bedroom which makes for a less than inviting sanctuary at the end of a long day. Our room tends to be a dumping ground of sorts. I hate that! Thanks for the opportunity to win the book-I could totally use it!

  136. I am honestly the biggest organizing junkie! I can hardly sleep if my bedroom is disorganized, etc. I have the hardest time keeping all our books organized, though, probably because we have about twice as many stuffed onto shelves then there should be. Would love to win this book! Thanks for all the great giveaways!

  137. My kitchen table is the dumping ground. All kinds of paperwork, coupons, mail, kids papers, etc. I continually struggle to keep it at least partially cleared.

  138. I have a real problem with getting rid of magazines. I have tried to just tear out the pages that have information on them that I think I might use at a later date. But I find myself stuffing those pages in an unseen cabinet or drawer and never get back to them to do something with them. I also, have a problem with getting rid of clothes that I seldom wear, always thinking I might need that piece of clothing one day. I could surely use some help with organization.

    Thanks for considering me,
    Your friend!

  139. Nancy M Weasel says:

    My clutter issues are mine and my husbands things crammed into another house. I have purged so many things but I have to find room and organization for what I have left. My husband won’t throw things away nor will his son. We have scores of boxes of albums and DVD’s and CD’s. We have many boxes and tubs of baseball cards many still in their retail packaging and wrapped in plastic, which he can’t part with including tubes with uncut cards in them.
    2 of the bedrooms are tiny and I have a bed and a chest in each of them but the closets are full of stuff that my guys can’t part with. The son is in college still and he can’t keep all that stuff with him.
    I have a small pantry and I can’t seem to organize it well enough to make it seem to make sense. I cook from scratch so I have alot of spices and cans of food.
    I am also a gastric bypass post-op. I have protein, protein supplies and equipment everywhere I can find space in my tiny kitchen.
    The garage is stuffed full of old kitchen cabinets that need to be hung in the garage, more cabinets and filing drawers for work.
    I need help everywhere.

  140. My biggest clutter problem for me is clothes and shoes!!! I have 4 boys. So the younger they are the more clothes they have …obtained from the older siblings. I seem to have clothes EVERYWHERE. I try to store clothes we are not using for the seaon in bins, but even the bins seem to be in the way. I also try to keep some things like socks and underwear in the laundry room, but thats a disaster too. I could really used some colthing organization methods.

  141. My two biggest clutter problems are with papers and laundry. Laundry is an issue because we live in an apartment and it’s a pain sometimes to drag the laundry up and down the floors trying to find an open washing machine, so clothes tend to pile up quickly. Paper clutter is probably my biggest issue! I have the hardest time keeping papers filed and put away neatly.

  142. Oh I have so many clutter issues but my biggest has to be paper and mail….I try to weed it down ever so often but the big pile on the desk never seems to get any smaller!

  143. I have a horrible time keeping any flat surface free of clutter, specifically the counters in the kitchen

  144. My biggest clutter struggle is the artwork all over the house. No matter how many organization system I devise, the kids just ignore it (the girls are most guilty) and it’s out of hand in one fell swoop. Because I spend so much time dealing with that mess, I rarely have time to work on my own areas. My husband literally pitched most of the artwork while the kids & I were away for 2 weeks in September. They clearly don’t miss it, but it’s still an ongoing battle.

  145. my biggest clutter issue is probably clothes. we pass kids clothes down among our family and some how it all ends up coming to a hault at my house, and I have the hardest time getting rid of it, or keeping it organized. add that to my paper clutter……

  146. My biggest clutter is my entire house! I have clothing piles that “I need to go through to give away” everywhere. Toys galore and the ever growing pile of papers on my counter that “I need to file away”. NOt to mention an entire downstair room filled with stuff that I “need to go through” aka JUNK that I haven’t looked at in years. I walk into the house after work everyday and I am just overwhelmed. I need to declutter but I am afraid of tossing something that “I want or may need in the future”. My kids are extremely overwhelmed with the toys and don’t really want to play with anything. My HUsband is extremely frustrated about the clothing and paper clutter. He tries to do it, but I get annoyed and insist on doing it myself. But it never gets done. I am at the point where I just want to get rid of everything and start new. I think its a little emotional to get rid of all the old baby clothes and baby toys my kids won’t use anymore. However I feel that if I could somehow get everything organized our household would be so much happied and I would feel less stress.

  147. My biggest and most frustrating clutter problem is my laundry. Just when I think I get ahead – I have a huge pile needing folding and attention. The second biggest problem? Clutter in my kitchen cabinets – I can’t seem to get rid of ANYTHING!! HELP! 🙂

  148. My biggest problem is definitely paper clutter. Mostly in my office space, second on the kitchen counters!

  149. I have a hard time keeping the kitchen table cleaned off. It seems to catch everything – from the mail, art projects, school work, magazines, toys!!!! I NEED HELP!

  150. I would say I have two biggest clutter problems. One is my desk, for sure. I work from home on my own business and I feel that I have every bit of the business scattered everywhere. My husband hates it. The second is the kitchen counter/island. We both tend to get the mail and throw it there, when we unpack groceries the reusable bags (which have a home) get left there. Anything that comes into our house must spend at least 3 days on the counter. Anyway, thank you for helping host the giveaway!

  151. I can’t think of an area that is not a clutter magnet to me! The biggest issues are paperwork and that every flat surface gets filled with stuff. I’m constantly de-cluttering, yet I turn around and it’s cluttered again!

  152. Junk mail on my coffee table is always my problem. I have piles that need to be shredded.

  153. My biggest clutter area is my kitchen and food storage area. It has actually brought me to tears a couple times. My husband’s company downsized and we had to move on very short notice for him to keep his job. We were lucky enough to find a decent condo, but the kitchen is half the size of our old. As for a pantry, well that’s nonexistent.

    I have tried everything that I can think of to create more space. I even put my son’s old changing table in our laundry room to create some storage shelves for canned goods. I have multiple large cooking gadgets (waffle iron, crock pot, quesadilla maker, etc) that have sitting on top of my upper cabinets (there’s a 1 ft gap between them and the ceiling). Oh, and did I mention I’m 5’4. Needless to say my daughter and my husband get a huge kick out of this, me not so much! I love to cook and use

    I need ideas…I need help!

  154. I struggle with keeping the clutter off my coffee table. It’s where the mail and other paperwork goes until it gets put into the right place.

  155. Heather O. says:

    The kitchen and playroom are my biggest problems.

  156. Great tips, Toni! We have just bagged up about five large trash bags to take to Goodwill in the last few days. The majority of that has been toys, and the kids are thrilled with the extra room they have now.

    My biggest clutter challenge is also piles of stuff. It builds up on our kitchen counter, my desk, and my craft room. I keep thinking that one of these days, I will stop doing it, but I always get it messy again.

  157. Taylorbunch says:

    I have 3 daughters 5 and under. We do hand-me-downs and I feel like my life is consumed by little girl clothes!

  158. My biggest clutter trouble is my husband!!! Other than that my books would be a close second!

  159. Ugh! My pantry! The open bags of chips, cookies and other snacks. Need I say more?

  160. christina h. says:

    I have such trouble keeping our sunporch clutter free. It’s the entrance to our house and is where we drop everything, shoes, coats, hats, keys, bags–and it’s also where the recycling bins live and a few of my son’s bulkier toys. The clutter makes me crazy!

  161. My biggest mess is my desk, too. I organize everything else to procrastinate getting rid of the clutter that GROWS there.
    (But my pantry now looks great! 🙂 )

  162. Most of my clutter stems from toys. They are every where! I have an organization system for the toys, but the problem is, I am the only one that uses the system. Now if I could get the kids to use the system that would be great.

  163. My biggest challenge is dealing with mounds of paper.

  164. My desk is my biggest problem. Everything gets put on it. From magazines to the kids toys!

  165. Rebekah Shaver says:

    My pentagon(for lack of a better name) cupboard ~ 5 doors that all open into the same space. There is 1 shelf, so it is divided into 2 spaces about as tall as a bottle of cooking oil. I have tried a NUMBER of different baskets ~long and narrow, about the width of the opening and stack-able, and more~ without a TON of success. I ALWAYS find what I am looking for after the fact, even when I pull almost EVERYTHING out. UGH!!!

  166. Closets have to be the worst!

  167. christine says:

    The kitchen counter. Everything ends up there.

  168. I too struggle with keeping my desk clean. I have the hardest time organizing papers and receipts.

  169. I am horrible at keeping papers. Since my dad passed away 2 years ago I took on the responsibility of my mom’s household bills and paperwork on top of my own. It is a paper nightmare. It never fails that once I get some of it straightened out my mom who lives out of state sends me another giant package of paperwork in the mail. It’s so stressful and so hard to keep up with. I feel like I don’t want to throw anything away because who knows if it could be important. Organization is my kryptonite!!!

  170. I have a problem with clothes. I have 3 babies under 3 years and I reuse the clothes, but it gets a little overwhelming as how to organize them. Also, my desk is constantly a mess!

  171. My whole house is a huge cluttered mess. The toys and my old clothes are the worst, but it’s pretty bad everywhere. 🙁

  172. DESK, desk, desk and desk… oh and of course the kids toys. I need a major de-clutter intervention!

  173. I can so relate to so much of what you say… keeping the old so I don’t have to buy new, even if I won’t use it for years… and my desk is my worst clutter space, as well!

  174. Michelle G. says:

    I have junk drawers that need help, and my single car garage is the place that everything I think I may use later goes.

  175. I have way too much clutter! Toys, kitchen stuff, stuff, stuff, and more stuff! haha I have really been on a mission lately to de-clutter, but man is it hard!!! I have 4 girls and they have way too much stuff…toys, clothes, papers, crayons. Help!!! 🙂

  176. Heather Ketchmark says:

    My biggest clutter problem is my kitchen island & counters. I have a hard time keeping those areas clutter free. Not to mention our house is on the small side for our family size, so there is always cluttered look to certain rooms.

  177. stephanie says:

    I have a hard time keeping things organized for several reasons. i have a small home with 5 people living in it. i tend to impulse buy things like candles (which i do use),kitchen gadgets, etc. i also tend to over buy and spoil my dogs. My kitchen counter is the biggest clutter collector then my desk

  178. Susan Salerno says:

    I find it very hard to get rid of stuff because I think that someday, I will need it. I have completely run out of room for this stuff!!!! It is in every nook and cranny!

  179. I struggle with paper and toys. We have 4 kids ages 6 and under and with each kid it has become harder for me to keep up with everything and keep track. of everything.

  180. The kitchen table is the problem in our home. Its where magazines I got in the mail that I need to read, current books, paperwork etc. get stashed. I need to create some permant spaces in other a

  181. I struggle with clutter everywhere. Especially on the kitchen counter.

  182. I would say my biggest problem area is probably our closets. Only because I only have two in my entire house. I have to figure out a way to store clothes and linens and anything else that does not have a place. It ends up being way to full and hard to find things. I probably need to purge but I feel overwhelmed at the thought of even starting!

  183. My kitchen counter is a mess! I clean it then it is a mess- I have tried to organize my cabinets for the last 3 weeks – I am trying to go through the organize my house 2011 but I am stuck in my kitchen and can’t leave- I am not getting any further- Then I feel like I am not cleaning so I have to clean and everything looks nice because I stuff it all back into the kitchen cabinets again – lol

  184. My love organization and to have specific places for each thing. But, since my desk is where I organize my papers, homeschool material, books, bills, etc. all end there after I cleaned up the rest of the house. Then I’m so tired that I don’t want to deal with it and then it is not usable.

  185. I am also an organization nut! My biggest issue with clutter would have to be clothing. I have a real hard time getting rid of them, whether they are currently the style or currently fit or not. Some are kept for sentimental reasons, but most are just for that day when the style comes back and/or I lose weight. I need help! 🙂

  186. Piles everywhere, doesn’t really matter what, papers on the counters, clothes on the floor. I just love my stacks

  187. Oh, the clutter….Where do I begin? Mail, my paperwork, kids’ school papers, toys, toys, toys, shoes, dirty clothes, clean clothes to be folded, etc… I’m sure you get the picture…HELP!!!

  188. My biggest clutter issue is the mail. I let it pile up everywhere in my house and it is out of control!

  189. I need this book! My life and sanity may depend on it, lol. I wish we could show pictures. My entire house is a disaster. I never let anyone in my house, my husband calls me a hoarder. It’s not as bad as the people on the show, I swear. My house is full of boxes full of papers and stuff. There are piles of papers, I just don’t know what to get rid of. When I do try to tackle the mess I get overwhelmed. It looks like a toy bomb went off in my living room and kids rooms and kitchen table. There are clothes that I know my husband and I have not worn for years. My garage is full of “stuff”, I can’t park my car in there and it’s a 3 car garage. I can’t even see my kitchen counters. Sorry to rant, lol. I could really use the help.

  190. Mail and clothes care are my biggest weaknesses. Mail gets stacked in various places and then we have to gather it when we pay bills. With five children (15 yrs-1 mo.) we never seems to get caught up with the laundry. That’s why I’m reading your blog to learn from other large families how they manage it all!

  191. Paperrrrrr……Aaaaaaahhhh!!

  192. Clothes! I have clothes in so many different sizes to accommodate my changing size due to being pregnant every other year. AND, I think the childen’s clothing breeds in their drawers because it seems I am always purging. Just when I think I’ve cleaned out drawer space, the laundry is caught up and the clothes are overflowing again. (Hmmm…maybe my laundry system is the problem here…lol)
    Anyway I have been eyeballing this book since it was released; it would be nice to win it. Thanks for the giveaway!

  193. My biggest clutter problem is my kitchen. All parts of my kitchen. I have stuff piled up on my counters, my shelves and my kitchen table. It really is out of control!

  194. My challenge is my sewing, craft and scrapbooking stuff! Sometimes I think life would just be easier if I gave up my hobby! I also struggle with clothes … and “memories”!!

  195. Jackie Celestine says:

    I just found your website….and it is inspiring. Thank you! My biggest clutter problem is office/computer room…..tons of paperwork to be filed and whatnot….ugh.

  196. I just decluttered and organized my children’s closet. For some reason, my kitchen can never stay organized. I feel like I am missing something.

  197. Caroline Herron says:

    My biggest area of clutter centers around my paperwork/desk. It doesn’t seem to matter how many folders I buy or how many good intentions I have, it just begins to take control of my desk.

  198. My biggest source of disorganization is my bedroom and my bathroom! It only seems to stay clean for a few days at a time then clutter creeps slowly back in until it’s completely disorganized…HELP!

  199. My biggest clutter problem are my kitchen counter tops and the pass through.

  200. My biggest clutter issue: my 4 boys. They don’t have enough storage space in their bedroom and their things end up everywhere! One of them is a packrat. I find his ‘stashes’ all over the house!

  201. My biggest clutter problem is laundry. Loads of dirty laundry pile up and then loads of clean laundry pile up never making it out of the baskets and into the drawers! Most of the time there is dirty clothes or just ever so slightly dirty clothes (worn once) on the bedrooms or bathroom floor and in the laundry room. Clean clothes manage to get in baskets and sometimes folded in the baskets. It is a vicious circle! I need help and advice!!!

  202. I have so many clutter hot-spots I don’t know where to begin. I guess my desk would be a decent spot. As I look it over I see… 1, 2, 3, 4, no FIVE boxes full of miscellaneous papers/coupons/magazines/letters/pictures/notebooks/random stray clutter that the last time I attempted to clean up the desk just ended up shoving everything into a box to “deal with later”… now I have 5 of them, and the top of my desk is unearthable.

  203. My biggest clutter problem is our extra table in the kitchen. It’s only purpose is to collect all the papers, bills, and “stuff” that doesn’t (yet!) have a home. We’re working on it! Thanks for the giveaway.

  204. My biggest clutter trouble?…Paper, Paper, Paper! I’m drowning in it! It seems no matter how much I purge it still seems to multiply! 🙂

  205. My biggest organization plan is usually all fo the paper stuff. There is so much with kids in school and mail and whatnot. What to keep, what to toss. My second biggest issue are the kids toys and things. Never seems to be enough room. Thanks for the book contest – love the site!!

  206. I have a tough time keeping most rooms clutter free, but especially the kitchen

  207. My biggest clutter problem is my closets. They tend to be a catch all.

  208. AARGH, paper clutter!

  209. My craft space! I know I work so much better in a clean and organized space but somehow it rarely happens. Actually, it was happening and then my cats decided the table area was a race track and everything went everywhere!

  210. One of my biggest problems is too much stuff. I know it’s because I was afraid I would ‘need’ something & wouldn’t have the resources to get it. And you’re right – there are few times when I’ve needed something that I gotten rid of. Oh… and the sentimental stuff – a real heart-twister to get rid of.

  211. paper. hands down. too many pieces of paper come into this house even though i tell them not to!

  212. Krystal Austin says:

    my kitchen table everyone leaves everything there and my desk

  213. Oh clutter… I have huge paperwork clutter, oh, and toy clutter, and kitchen clutter… hmmm, I think it’s really the whole house here! I don’t know anymore if I can ever be free of it!

  214. Elizabeth says:

    My whole house! But seriously I think it is the paper clutter….. and the clothes…… and the toys…. and the collectibles…. I could go on and on

  215. Erin Burton says:

    My biggest clutter area is my computer desk!

  216. Paper clutter is my nemesis. If I wasn’t constantly weeding through it I think I’d be buried alive inside of a week!

  217. We have ridiculous paperwork clutter. My husband and I disagree on what needs to be kept so everything is kept and rarely found again.

  218. I have a pile papers in the kitchen and near the front door. I can get it organized and then I quickly slip back into my old habits of piling papers. I feel that I can’t stay organized so this book might help.

  219. Ugh. Clutter is such a problem for me. Wish I could say it was limited to one area, but it’s everywhere! I have issues with making piles. I seriously just need to go through the house with a trash bag & get rid of so much. I always make the excuse of “some day”… some day I’ll need this, some day I’ll read this, some day I’ll miss this. No, no I won’t. Why can’t I get that through my head?!

  220. My biggest clutter problem is the kid’s toys and paper work. Just can’t figure out a workable filing system…

  221. I can’t think of a single area of my home that doesn’t need help. My husband starting and loosing a job(2nd time … he now is working again), my mom dying, adding 2 children (my newborn and my niece my mom had custody of) and a 2nd house to our routine (my parents), a bad car accident (my best friend and I, our 2 4 year old sons, our 2 daughters – 2 and 6 weeks), taking my best friends kids for nearly 3 months (4 of them) while she had her baby (Downs) and operation (huge cyst remo^ed), AND the daily problems of life …. has left us far behind and my brain sorely muddled. (all the abo^e has been o^er the last 18 months). Really need an extra helper with a clear brain around here.

    My best friend use to be my help – but as you can see, she was hit hard this year too.

    I think my 2 sisters would also lo^e to read it too.

  222. Help! I am swimming in lovely (but an ungodly) amount of kid artwork! Also found that my nighttable and dresser have become a dumping ground for papers and knickknacks I’ve never seem to get to. Agh!

  223. Chrissy Matthews says:

    Paper, paper, paper….I feel as though I’ve single-handedly destroyed the rainforest.

  224. Trisha Jones says:

    Paper work. It drives me crazy and is never ending!

  225. My biggest problem is my room. I stack everything in there so that the rest of the house is clean.

  226. Nan Strempel says:

    I would have to say my pantry…I got rid of the wire shelves, my husband replaced them with wood shelves. great! but I cant reach the top shelf and my pantry is very deep, yes I can store a lot in there, but am afraid to, for fear of things expiring before they get used. and the top shelf is like a towering I dong know what to call it….

  227. Paper clutter is my biggest issue. I can never seem to figure out what to keep and what to get rid of.

  228. Kids clutter is my issue. I only have one kid and he is nearly THREE. I will at some point have another but not sure when. So I have three years of kids stuff. I don’t want to throw it out as if I have another boy I don’t want have to buy everything again. But I also know that since it will have been several years since I had a baby I will want to buy a few new items. I am totally fine with giving to those who need but my question is what to give and what to keep and Oh the memories.

  229. It would absolutely be my desk. Like you, everything gets piled there and it’s never clean. Drives me crazy and I always say I’m going to tackle it….
    Paper clutter is also a huge issue for me!

    jennifer @

  230. I can get almost my entire house clean before I can begin to keep my kitchen counters uncluttered. 🙁 Those and my desk… they just seem to attract papers and um, stuff.

  231. My children’s toys are a major clutter in my home. I really need to organize that. Would love to win.

  232. I hate the clutter on the kitchen counter. All of the mail, papers from kids’ school, stuff someone dropped on the way in the door. i clean it up and ten minutes later, it’s baaaack!! It’s never ending!

  233. My desk is my problem also. I also make piles and that is usually where they end.

  234. My kitchen counters (and goodness knows I should be better at keeping them clutter free because there are precious few of them!!) and my bookshelves.

  235. My formal dining room. -Only we don’t need a formal DR. It has become the clutter catcher for the household. Whenever anyone has something they don’t need, use, etc. it gets dumped in there until I have a chance to sort through to sell, donate or get rid of. Need to be learn better clutter cotrol for myself so I can train the rest of the family.

  236. My biggest problem with clutter is my recipes. I am a complete recipe packrat, and it’s almost embarrassing! I’m adding recipes to my Recipe Manager program on the computer (and throwing out the paper copy when I do), which is helping with the clutter, but I only add them as a I make them. Slowly but surely, I am working on it! 🙂

  237. My home office needs major help! It serves three purposes; my work at home office (everyday), my hubby’s play and work computer area and my sewing area. I’ve got one closet in the room filled with all my work stuff, my sewing things in another closet in the hall and then hubby’s stuff in half the room. I wish I had more rooms in my house, but I don’t, so I need a way to organize in the space I have!

  238. My biggest clutter trouble….ugh. Probably if I had to choose ONE area it’d be clothes. Super hard for me to let go of things.

  239. My goal within the next month is to organize my house & my 4 kids bedrooms. My house is always CLUTTERED! I’m ready to declutter it but am in need to help/ideas.

  240. I have two major problem spots…my bedroom closet and our kitchen table! Man, that table piles up so fast!

  241. In all honesty, I feel like my entire house is a mess!!! Things really tend to accumulate in our kitchen, though!

  242. My biggest problem used to be my dinning room table, but since then I’ve found a way to move an old table that wasn’t being used into the kitchen and now it gets cluttered quickly. And my kitchen counter. Since its the first thing as we walk in its easy to plop things into piles.

  243. That would have to be my desk. Total disaster 95% of the time 🙁

  244. My clutter issues are a bit of everywhere in the house. But my worst case is computer desk as there’s too much stuff and I’m working on downsizing stuff there soon. Also a chair with a basket on it with papers that sits by buffet that has a basket of old birthday cards in it and this past Christmas in a pile by the basket!

  245. Jennifer O. says:

    My biggest clutter problem is my closets (and my basement…that’s just down right scary right now). I would love some tips on de-cluttering!!!

  246. My biggest problem is my…FLOOR! We never seem to make enough time to pick up after ourselves during the day or we do and some is following behind dropping things. Maybe I should get baskets for each room…My closets and drawers are pretty organized though! I’d love helpful tips from her book!

  247. I have come to realize I am a clothes hoarder for me and my kids so I am working to get rid of the excess and make our rooms less cluttered and also my office desk is a catch all for everything… those are my works in progress oh and the toys lol

  248. Our office STAYS cluttered.. that and my clothes in the bedroom. So much stuff and no kids yet!! I’m trying to get rid of things. I’ve started keeping a donation box on hand. It helps to have somewhere to throw those things to get rid of immediately instead of thinking “I really should get rid of that!” 🙂

  249. Lauren Nguyen says:

    I’m definitely a pile-maker. Lots of piles. Haha
    Lately I’ve just been frustrated by the clutter and just end up walking away and thinking, “I’ll do it later”. That definitely doesn’t solve the problem. I tell myself we can live with less, but I need some inspiration! This book would be a huge help!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  250. I agree…my desk is a mess. Even though I get most “paperwork” electronically, everything ends up on my desk. And now, in addition to a true desk, I have added a family planning zone/place to throw my Bible study stuff/purse parking spot in the kitchen. It’s always a mess! I really need to combine the two areas and get organized!

  251. Christina says:

    The messes seem to pile up! I say “I’m going to de-clutter my recipe books and papers.” What happens then is that I get started and then don’t know what to do with them or how to organize them so the end up on my kitchen counter area and have stayed there over a week. 🙁 Unfortunately this is true.

  252. Hi!
    My biggest clutter problem is PAPERWORK!
    Thanks so much for the opportunity to win in this giveaway!
    ~Mippy 🙂
    bunnysmip at yahoo dot com

  253. Hi!
    My clutter issue is PAPERWORK!
    Thanks so much for the opportunity to win in this giveaway!
    ~Mippy 🙂
    bunnysmip at yahoo dot com

  254. My worst clutter trouble spot is the kitchen table. It’s a workspace, not an eating space, because my kitchen is too tiny for my family. So it becomes a dumping ground!

  255. My biggest hurdle is managing all the incoming mail. I tend to pile it on my desk and kitchen counters. It is so hard to control it. I need an intervention!!! Love your blog!

  256. I can’t keep my kitchen counter cleared off and it’s mostly PAPER stacks! Ugh.

  257. Hi! I am a corner stacker…I feel like things are clean and organized as long as they are stacked, but then the pile falls over, papers are lost, you know the drill. My husband told me he was going to buy me a round house so I couldn’t stack stuff in the corners. Thanks for your blog…I am new to it and excited to meander through.

  258. Downsizing from a three bedroom home to living in someone else’s guest house in one bedroom makes all my rooms a huge problem. I have been living with boxes everywhere and more in the garage, because I am attempting to go through all of them and decide what to keep and what to let go of. In the list of how we accumulate clutter, buying when we don’t know where something is, or touching something 40 times, I would fall into nearly all those categories. Exactly the reason I am downsizing and at some point wanting to live “small” and possibly somewhat “off grid”. Having gone from a teaching job with 50K a year to less than 20k being a governess for two small boys, I do need to watch every penny and where it goes. If I had to pick just one area, it is general clutter of stuff I bring in the house from the car on the breakfast bar/ dining area. Love your website, just found it through FB.

  259. My biggest clutter problem is DEFINITELY paper!

  260. Right now I am in college. I have many clutter problems. One that really seems to drive my fiance crazy is that I leave all of my papers scattered on the couch. I need to find a designated area for my homework because everything seems to always end up on the floor. I think finding a new area will help me be more productive as well.

  261. Any flat surface in my house seems to be a dumping ground. Everyone come in and drops what ever they have, either on the table, a desk, countertop, you name it. Then when I can’t take it any more I have to go through it all and figure out where it really should go.

  262. I struggle with papers—I’m in the middle of getting our notebook organized, so I know that will help. I also struggle with keeping stuff cleared off countertops and tables, and it seems like I have a neverending pile of laundry to do. I need to jsut put it away to begin with, but I just don’t.

  263. My biggest clutter trouble is paperwork on the desk. I’m a “toss it here, put it away later” kind of person. I need a better system than that.

  264. The kids toys seem to multiply by themselves and I have a really hard time de-cluttering something that was a gift.

  265. argh!!! Where to begin…… LAUNDRY!!! W/ 6 kids and dad we have so much laundry! The kids do a lot of their own and dad even helps but it seems like we are always behind!!!!

  266. vera gorchakov says:

    Paperwork is my biggest problem. I just can’t fins a “system” that works for me to keep those piles organized.

  267. My biggest clutter challenge is my husband, god love him! 😉 He’s a ‘dropper.’ He drops things on his desk till a mound forms, he drops clothes as he undresses, he drops plates and glasses on the counter, etc. I’m very organized, and one of my full time jobs is saving us from his ‘collecting’ tendencies.

  268. Would love a chance to win a copy. I have such a hard time with the kids’ toys and hand-me-down clothes…..aahhh!!

  269. My clutter crisis is my craft room/husband’s office area. Oy. Don’t get me started…

  270. My clothes and our daughter’s clothes.

  271. Everything! Especially paper clutter! My husband always accuses me of thowing away his stuff but by looking around the house at my piles of papers he should realize I don’t get rid of anything!

  272. I’m getting so much better, but paperwork is still such a challenge for me. Flat surfaces are my nemesis.

  273. I would have to say that besides other people’s clutter in my house (wink,wink) that paper causes me the most problem. I really think that it multiples on its own overnight, like rabbits!

  274. My biggest source of clutter is my dresser. That is where I stack up receipts, bills, little boxes, cards, etc. I mean to file them and I just don’t. I can’t even find my favorite pair of earrings and I fear that it is underneath all that paperwork. My other clutter source is my “to iron” pile. I never seem to find the time to iron…lol

    Great Blog

  275. I don’t think I can list one specific area. We live in a small house with three children and after the third one was born this past June, I have just lost control of the clutter. I am trying desperately to get it back under control but it is so hard. I would love to win a copy of Clutter Rehab! Thanks for the chance!

  276. my biggest challenge is paper!

  277. My desk is in the kitchen and it’s the dumping ground for everything! I can hardly reach the keyboard or find space to move the mouse for all the papers piled on it. Ugh.

  278. Biggest clutter area, hmm, where should I start? Desk is definitely one area. Pantry another big one. Dresser. Closets. Chair in bedroom piled with clothing. Other piles here & there. Need I go on? 😉

  279. April Hamilton says:

    Oh…where do I begin with my clutter problems. I have paper clutter, toy clutter, photo clutter, “stuff” clutter, my pantry is always disarrayed. And do I begin with my clothes clutter…not the clean ones but the dirty. I so need this book.

  280. Toys! The kids leave them everywhere and also we have too much stuff for our small apartment (we live overseas). No closet space (no we don’t have a coat closet)…..not even a place to put my vacuum. So there is a vacuum in the corner of my living room. Such an eye sore! Our washers and dryers are in the basement so my three laundry baskets are stacked on the dogs kennel in our room because there isn’t a place for them! Our dresser is at the foot of our bed because that is the only room in our bedroom for it. I can go on and on. I just need a bigger place…..LOL. Gotta love it!

  281. So many areas cause me trouble but the worst is the paperwork that comes in via the mail, school, church or work. It all accumulates until I spend an afternoon going thru it all and throwing half of it away.

  282. Paper clutter – ugh!

  283. Ashley Buckland says:

    I need to work on my closets. I am able to give off the illusion that most things are “clutter free” until you look in my closets! Its so easy because you can just close the door and it all goes away… until I need to get dressed!

  284. Definitely paper…but we are going to tame that tiger!

  285. I really liked your article…good, sensible, easy to follow advice.

    My biggest clutter problem is papers…I don’t “process” my mail every day (heck every week or every month!) when it comes in unless I knew that I needed to pay it right away or something really important. It gets piled up on the kitchen table…then the table gets cleaned and it gets put in a box or a bag that I tell myself I’ll go through “soon”…well soon becomes in awhile which becomes next weekend, next something and now I’m drowning in papers and bags and boxes of papers!

  286. My biggest clutter problem is the basement, where we live.A year ago we moved into my dad’s basement to take care of him(my husband, me and 2 kids). He already had a great deal of clutter. We have been dealing with his clutter, plus our own. Our whole living area in the basement is filled with his clutter and now our clutter….just don’t know where to beging to get rid of it!

  287. *BIGGEST* Problem? You mean besides the E-N-T-I-R-E house?? I would say my kitchen breakfast bar. We have an open floor plan so you can see the family room from the kitchen, everything gets thrown on it, my husband keeps saying he wishes that he had the builder build it at a slant so nothing would be able to sit on it! Needless to say, it doesn’t get used for breakfast!

  288. Melinda S says:

    My desk (which I can’t even get to), school room and family room. We’ve actually graduated our homeschoolers but I have piles of books and stuff I’m planning on organizing enough to sell so our school room is unusable right now. I don’t even want to talk about my family room since that is where my desk is and that should say enough. Sigh. I really need Laura’s book :-). Thank you for doing this.

  289. CLutter… is everywhere…seriously…. I am searching blogs for good easy tips to get myself organized.

  290. Charlotte H says:

    Paper clutter is my problem! It seems like we can keep the other stuff mostly under control, but the paper just keeps multiplying!

  291. Paper clutter is by far the worst in our house. Truly you can live on less. Right now we are living in a TLF waiting for housing to come available and I keep thinking, this isn’t so bad. We don’t need our stuff.

  292. I struggle with the children’s art/craft stuff and other assorted papers in our office. It’s a battle. I think we do not need this much stuff! Thank you for your information!

  293. Paper clutter…..between bills, tax items, school, girl scouts & church we drown in paper

  294. hope to win thanks for the contest!! really need a good start to 2011!

  295. It’s hard to pick just one area, i can echo alot of responses, desk, pantry, linen closet… . I’m currently working on my office and have recently organized by scrapbook supplies so my office is the focal point right now.

  296. knmkendall says:

    Thank you for this giveaway! My biggest clutter area is my children’s toys. Their ages are 7 months-10 years and I can’t seem to cut back the quantity and still have things for each age group. I hope this book will give me some pointers for this as well as other trouble areas I have in my home.

  297. My entire bedroom is a clutter black hole. I have stacks everywhere! I’ve recently managed to stop stacking in the main living areas but I haven’t released my hold on the bedroom yet.

  298. My biggest (persistent) challenge is the kitchen counters…which is aggravated by too full cupboards (kitchen tools, pantry items, general lack of storage anywhere OTHER than the kitchen).

  299. Diana Walker says:

    Paper, paper and more paper……….I am drowning!!

  300. This year I have had it with my overflowing filing cabinet. Every week I dreaded filing any paperwork because it was such a big job. Finally I went through every single piece of paper in that cabinet, ruthlessly. I checked with my tax lady and shredded everything I no longer need. I was able to eliminate about 3 drawers worth of paper clutter! It was very liberating. Then I really organized what was left and labeled it neatly. Now when I have anything to file, I just put it in the proper file immediately and it’s done. I have plenty of other areas to improve, but this was my biggest problem, and now it’s done!

  301. My clutter problem happens most when I come home from being out of town. I’m a great packer, but a horrible un-packer! The stuff sits for days, sometimes up to a week or so. And it always seems to make other areas cluttered too, what a snowball effect!

  302. My pantry is my biggest clutter problem.

  303. My biggest clutter problem is my kitchen island. Everyone dumps EVERYTHING on there. Can’t keep it cleaned off!

  304. Heather H says:

    Paper clutter is my enemy…my desk will just NOT say clear. Cutting back on commitments for me is probably key to my clutter, working on that now!

  305. Melissa K says:

    I think my clutter problem is my HOUSE 🙂 lol. I am in the process of getting rid of stuff and I look at all the plastic bins outside housing all the yard sale stuff and I am thinking to myself, I still don’t have room and I used to have all that stuff in here too! But don’t tell anyone because I am a closet clutterer (in more ways than one).

  306. Piles of paper that’s my problem. It seems that every time I go through a pile two days later I have another pile again.

  307. trouble area would be my kitchen counter tops…. everything gets piled up on them from kids lunch boxes, school paper work to hubby’s laptop bag… would be nice to win this book

  308. Elainesister says:

    I’ve tackled the pantry, now I’m inspired to organise everything else – the book would help me on my way. Fingers crossed! x

  309. We seem to be overrun with papers of all kinds at our house.

  310. My biggest clutter problem areas are paperwork (bills, etc.), and stuff in general.

  311. Hello! Thanks to all of you organized women for putting this giveaway together! My biggest problem is most likely my computer desk. It is in our bedroom right next to the bed, so all kinds of stuff gets piled there: books, patterns, genealogy, camera, journal, and the list goes on and on and on! I end up dusting and putting things away about once a month! LOL! course it only stays clutter free for a few hours!

  312. My bedroom is so full of treasures from Target, on the bed, everywhere, that I can’t sleep in there 🙂 Everything is clean and new but no room for me.

  313. My biggest clutter issue is definitely paper. It is something that accumulates in my home so quickly and I am very slow to sort, file or get rid of it.

  314. The office paperwork clutter is my biggest nightmare.

  315. I have 2 small children and my in-laws live with us. My mother-in-law doesn’t like to give up things that *might* be useful someday, and also LOVES to find good deals on toys at yard sales for my girls. The excess spilling out of her rooms, our garage, and the toy closet feels like a small monster growing in my house and it stresses me out! Ack!

  316. It might just be easier to tell you where I DON’T have clutter…. my minivan is the only place that does not have clutter!! Even my laundry room has things “I’m going to do someday”! The biggest problem is the kitchen counter (papers, piles, things to do, and basically anything that lands there)! I manage to get it clean and by the next day it looks like a tornado hit it! My desk is also always a “work in progress”. Anything I am possibly ever going to work on could land on my desk! Oh yeah, don’t forget my bedroom! Just another place to put stuff….

  317. wow, where to begin because I am pretty sure my whole house needs an overhaul! But probably our closets and kitchen countertops!

  318. Becky Baird says:

    My biggest clutter problem is papers. Magazines, bills (paid and not paid), pharmacy receipts, recipes. So much! I really hate it, it’s been my goal to cut down on the clutter, but I haven’t quite reached that goal. Also dvd’s that pile up on the entertainment center. Things I need to read but don’t have the time to at that time. Sadly the same is said for my email. Things I want to read but don’t have the time too, at least it’s virtual clutter instead of actual clutter that’s taking up the kitchen table and counter tops. HELP!

  319. My biggest problem area….the first counter space walking in the door. That’s were EVERYTHING lands (mail, bags, coupons….you name it).

  320. My boys have accused me of being a hoarder! But after watching the show I know I’m not that
    bad…but I do like to save things. I seem to attach sentimental value to lots of things then I have
    to find a place to store it! And, I love recipe books so I have lots of those too!

  321. I struggle with keeping my room organized!! Thanks for offering the giveaway.

  322. I have a “To Be Filed” box that sits on top of my filing cabinet. I don’t put my bills in there, but pretty much anything else that I want to keep that I won’t need anytime soon, I will throw into the box. Well, when the box gets full, I have actually been dumping it into a box in the garage…. several times now… and now the stuff has been upgraded to a big rubbermaid tote that sits in my garage!

    So now I just need to tackle that tote & get that stuff filed… actually I’m sure most of it can probably go into the recycle bin as I obviously haven’t missed any of it. I need to figure out a better system, though, of just dealing with those papers the first time rather than even putting it in the box!

  323. My desk- that’s my personal clutter problem. Keep piling stuff up- Need to find a way to get ahead of it all and not always trying to catch up.

  324. The mail tends to pile near the telephone and the our “shred pile” seems to always be overflowing.

  325. I used to be the most organized person around… then I met my husband, we bought a bigger house together added another child to the two I already had. Back then I had a 2 bedroom condo with a one car garage that I parked in every night. Now I am completely overwhelmed by stuff! I don’t know when or how I lost my knack, but it is driving me crazy. I begged for 6 months for my husband to make enough space in the garage for me to be cookie mom – he cleared just enough, not enough for a car mind you, but enough for the cookies. We both work full time, on opposite shifts so one of us can be with the kids most of the time. I can’t pick just one problem area – every room of our house is busting out at the seams. 2011 HAS to be the year I’m going to get my groove back!! Thanks for posting such great tips to help me get motivated 🙂

  326. My kitchen counter stays cluttered with paperwork and other stuff. Everything gets dumped there when someone walks in the house!

  327. My biggest clutter problem is paper. It accumulates on the kitchen table until I can’t stand it any more, then it gets moved into a box or onto my desk. Every now and then, I go through it all, sort, file, shred, etc and get it cleaned up. I always swear it will never get that way again and I do really well for a while, but I just can’t seem to keep it up!

    • Angie's Mom says:

      I have the same problem as a lot of other people – paper! I think it reproduces at night when I’m asleep….everytime I look, there seems to be more of it!

  328. My desk!!! And, the kitchen counters. And, crafty girl’s unending artwork! Those are the first three that come to mind! I need this book!

  329. My entire house needs organizing, however, my overstocked pantry is in serious need of re-organizing. Help:o)

  330. Oh I would love this book- It would help so much in my small home were we feel so cluttered in.

  331. My biggest clutter problems are toys & paperwork in the home office. However, I am making progress…little by little, one room, one project at a time. My goal is for my home to be 90% clutter free and organized by the end of 2011.

  332. Definitely kids toys! And miscellaneous odds and ends papers

  333. My biggest area is my desk – deferred decision making at its finest! I’m off to tackle it NOW! Thanks for the inspiration.

  334. I have the hardest time keeping my master bedroom uncluttered. Seems like it’s the dropping point for everything from paperwork to clothes that need to be ironed, etc… I really want it to be a cozy, comfortable room but at this point, it’s far from it!

  335. Books and magazines are my biggest clutter issues. I am a teacher and I have teacher books and supplies that never seem to get and stay organized. I also scrapbook and make cards and those supplies are everywhere. Paper and piles, oh my!!

  336. OMG you mean I have to pick just one! well in that case my biggest clutter problem is the office/dinning room. but I’m looking forward to starting fresh and getting rid of this CLUTTER!! my motivation watching hoarders once a week 🙂

  337. Thanks for the giveaway! I really hate clutter, but my house doesn’t look like it! I have a hard time finding a place for things, and am somewhat of a hoarder always thinking I will need to use stuff down the road. I guess my worst clutter area is my desk area, but really every room of the house has clutter areas.

  338. Urgh! My all time worst clutter hotspot is the entrance hallway. It’s full of shoes, nappy bags, work bags, carrier bags, double buggy, things to take upstairs – clothes, toys, towels, toiletries. The list goes on and on and on. No matter how often i clear that space it soon ends up full of rubbish again, seemingly immediately. It’s like it all jumps back in there as soon as i turn my back!!

    Sarah. x

  339. nancy monyhan says:

    My daughter’s accumulated Littlest Pet Shop toys (with a million tiny pieces)
    My (I am an artist and teacher) lesson handouts & lessons and all of my sketches/ideas.

    …HELP ME….I am drowning in a sea of tttooooyyyyyssss and ppppaaaappppeeerrrs!


  340. Hello! My biggest clutter problem is definately paper clutter! I run 2 online stores and have yet to come up with an organization system for my business that works! I have a file cabinet that looks organizational, but *beware* DO NOT OPEN THE DRAWERS!!! Lol. I would love to figure out a system that works for me and my business, especially nearing tax time!!!! Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!

    Jenn – online resale store with all your favorite name brands! – brand new womens plus size clothes boutique!

  341. My biggest clutter is my spare bedroom..I am a clearance shopper and shop all year long for birthday’s, Chrsitmas , Easter , you name it.. & everything goes into the spare bedroom(which doesn’t even have a bed in it) but yes, it does have a bathroom sink sitting on the floor waiting on our remodel…so it gets pretty piled up and lots of times I just leave stuff in bags so it’s everywhere…

  342. Oh boy, where DON’T we have clutter trouble? Every room. We try to get a handle on the paper clutter – we do the online bill paying, and we immediately put our junk in the recycle bin (most of the time).

    But we have clothes clutter, toy clutter, clutter clutter…..yeesh! I have garbage bags full of toys that we’ve “cycled out”. It’s nice b/c we can cycle some of our favorite things back in when we want to, but I need to go back through and give away tons of stuff. (oh, and did I mention that people LOVE to give my kiddos STUFF for every occasion imaginable?)

    Yeah, we could use help with our stuff. 🙂 Thanks for the chance at the giveway!

  343. Cristen Schmalz says:

    Besides the daily clutter with 4 kids my biggest clutter problem…I have 4 sets of dishes. Each is valuable to me, but I really only use one. Can’t bear to part with the others, I’m afraid that this is just the beginning of hoarding. 😉

  344. Wow, where do I even begin?? I am a recovering pack rat in denial and struggling everyday to try and get organized and failing miserably trying to find the time. It is hard for me to let go of the majority of things because I do end up using most of them and we are in such a tough spot financially and have been for a long time now that I can’t see us trying to replace anything we unwisely got rid of. I am a mom of two little ones, both under 3 years old and it can be overwhelming a great deal of the time trying to do so much at once not to mention keeping everything decluttered but I know I need it badly- particularly in the pantry, my closet with my retro skinny person clothes, and paper work in general. I long to be organized, have time to actually get my couponing done on time, get the meals for the week planned AND have good, quality time with my babies…one day at a time I suppose, and with a lot of patience and help from the Lord.

    BTW thank you for your blog, the links and the encouragement! 🙂

  345. Courtney Holcomb says:

    (Mostly) paper clutter on the kitchen counter, it’s way to easy to set the mail, recipts, kids’ artwork, “where’s this go?”, and “to be filed” there! And it’s so visible everyday, not even hidden in the closet.

  346. My clutter is paper clutter. I have personal paper clutter. I teach a class to incarcerated juveniles, and I have a jail ministry where I send them books etc. Keeping the piles straight is hard.

  347. Brenda Borchert says:

    My small kitchen attracts all the “stuff” the family brings home from places that doesn’t have a home here yet. And there is no system for getting papers to the file, dh’s stuff to his desk (and let him deal with as he sees fit), and kid papers round filed while they aren’t around to pitch a fit.

  348. My office/ playroom for my son. I work from home 40 hours a week so it needs to function as a safe space for my son to play as well as a functioning office. Most of the time it looks like a disorganized MESS.

  349. I have such a hard time with my two boys clothes and toys. I know I’m the guilty one – they surely aren’t out buying them….its me. I need a system to downsize / organize / purge / donate / storage of the remains. Would love a copy of the book. Thanks!!!

  350. Carolyn H. says:

    My biggest issue is for sure paper clutter!

  351. Shannon A. says:

    I am totally a piler, stacker clutterer. We have a pile of death as my husband calls it that is ever growing….ugh.

  352. My biggest clutter problem is a spot on our counter in the kitchen that’s by the phone. It is always piled high with papers and junk. Drives me crazy! lol

  353. Danielle W. says:

    LOL! I love this site! I have clutter EVERYWHERE! Laundry clothes and toys and dont get me started on the desk…if ever i needed a book it is this one!

  354. Leigh Anne says:

    Now this is something that I really could do better at. It just seems that I have more “stuff” than I had 5 years ago. I feel that if I can get my office space cleaner and organized perhaps I could get more work done around here. Try as I might I can never seem to get everything organized in a way that is efficient for me. Maybe I haven’t read the right book or have the right stuff to organize with, it is frustration to me.

  355. Jennifer Ott says:

    My biggest struggle is the kitchen counter where I pile all the stuff I need to do/want to do. Even if I get some of it done, there’s always more! Thanks for the chance!

  356. My biggest problem is my hall closets. I just drop everything in there so I don’t see it. Then, I open it up and I want to scream! Layers and layers of junk.

  357. I struggle with one of my kitchen counters! It drives me crazy, but not sure where to put things I may need soon or to remind me!!

  358. I admit to two: homeschool stuff (curriculum, craft supplies, projects) and kids’ toys. My 5 are the only grandkids of grandparents that had given up on having them. 🙂

  359. Whoa, I love this post. I just had a professional organizer come over yesterday for six hours (yes, that’s my wallet you hear crying) and we worked in the toy room, a cabinet in the kitchen and the secretary (desk). My bedroom looks worse than those areas, but I’m not yet brave enough to let her in there. Soon. Thanks for the giveaway. I’ll be back, for sure.

  360. My laundry room is super hard to keep clutter free… everything goes in there.

  361. I hope I’m still in time for this giveaway!

  362. Help! I need it! My major clutter problems are toys and books. But oh, I just CAN’T get rid of my books!

    I also have a cluttered computer! Photos. Too many photos cluttering up my hd and my desktop.

  363. I can’t control the paper situation. Between mail, magazines, schoolwork, artwork…I can’t keep up. Help me please!

  364. My biggest clutter problem is the ‘stuff’ I hang on to. I need help throwing it away! Having a tiny house and a bunch of stuff with no where to put it is frustrating as well.