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How to Make Garden Stones with Kids

The following is a post from contributing writer Lana.

We’ve been making garden stones for years.  They make the BEST gifts for Grandparents and add joy to any garden!

Supplies Needed

  • Quick Set Concrete (We used leftover Grout and Thin Set from our tile project.)
  • Bucket to mix the concrete in (A wheelbarrow works great too.)
  • A shovel or a drill with a mixer attachment for mixing the grout  (We’ve used both.)
  • Empty Boxes (Pizza boxes are a great size.)
  • Marbles (We had tons leftover from making our own citronella candles.)
  • Kids or anyone who doesn’t mind a little mud on their hands


1.  Prepare your concrete or quick set according to directions.  Each brand is different.  We mixed ours until it was like brownie batter to give you an idea of the texture.  But, don’t eat it.

2.  Pour the concrete mixture into your box.  This is fun to get the kids to help.

3.  Let it sit for a few minutes until the texture is firm but you can still make an indention.  I suggest testing with your finger a few times.  Too firm and it will ruin.  Too soft and it will fill the hand-prints back up like water does to sand on the beach.

4.  Add your kids’ hands then tell them to press gently.
5. Decorate by adding decorations i.e. marbles.

6.  Then allow your creation to rest one to three days.  The longer it sits the less likely it will break.  The cardboard will just peel away or dampen with water to make it easier to tear away.

7.  Place in your garden and enjoy your memory!

Other ideas:

  • Place “jewels” in a wagon of sand for a Princess treasure hunt. Then each Princess can make her own Princess Stone.  Makes an excellent party favor!
  • Use a kleenex box to make rectangle shapes.
  • Use silverware or shells to preserve a memory.
  • Make one for a wedding gift or to preserve a special day.

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  1. My mom made stained glass bird stepping stones with my kids many years ago. Pictures here in my outdoor makeover post:

  2. We made sure to put our kids hand prints in our new patio when it was poured a few months ago, but now we’ve decided to move. I have everything we need for this, so I’ll definitely add it to our summer bucket list that way we can take them with us when we move. (I’d hate to try to take a concrete patio. LOL)

  3. Heather Abbott says:

    Thank you for this post. My dog had to be put to sleep today. Luckily, we had all of the things on hand to make a garden stone with his paw prints and our hand prints. Thanks for helping us with a lasting memory.

  4. Lovely! So much fun for the kids and a great keepsake. It’s stuff like this that makes a house a home.

  5. Awesome! We started a TickleMe Plant Garden to grow the only house plant that moves and closes its leaves when Tickled. Just search pet TickleMe Plant or find the supplies here.

  6. Just looking to make a simple winging circular wife wesh sculpture with the stones filling it it. Any ideas? Your help us greatly appreciated.


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