Color Coding for Family Organization

Heather at The Organized Wife shares tips for using a color-coding system to keep everything from the calendar to toothbrushes organized.

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  1. Connie in AL says:

    Color-coding works great as long as your husband agrees to use it too!!! My oldest is 18 and youngest is 14, and we have color-coded everything from socks to clothes hangers, to our calendar for YEARS. My boys all know THEIR colors though and stick to them like glue! But my husband STILL doesn’t remember anyone’s colors and thinks it’s silly! So when my husband helps with laundry, he has to have someone at his side reminding him of all the colors (we have tried posting the colors in the laundry room before – worked great for a while, but then… ). So a word of advice: color-coding is great, but you need to make sure EVERYONE is on-board! 🙂

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