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Over at The Inspired Room there was a challenge issued to tackle a project you had been putting off. For the past 10 months I have not liked the furniture set up in our home. Our dining room is in the front of the house away from the kitchen. Since we don’t have an eat in kitchen this means the kids carry food throughout the house to get from the kitchen to the table. We solved this by putting a kids table in the kitchen but then dh and I would end up eating standing up.

I did not want to rearrange because it meant moving all of our big heavy furniture. A few weeks ago I asked the family what they thought about switching the school room and the dining room. No one wanted to do it. After everyone gave me their “no’s”  dh explained the following to the kids.

“Kids,” he said. “When mom asks you what you think of a big project she really isn’t asking for your opinion. She is just trying to gauge the amount of resistance she will face when she starts the project.”

He knows me too well.

After a series of incidents that are too long and complex to address in this post, dh climbed on board with my project rearrange. Once I got the green light I got to work last Friday morning with the help of the kids.

I decided to video the project, since it was before my nice new camera arrived. 🙂
Before. Notice the cereal boxes on the counter…. I am so ashamed!


I love our new set up and can’t believe it took me ten months to tackle this project!


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  1. My son just said that I sound like you (or you sound like me)…but he added, “when you are calm.” LOL!

    Anyway, what a great switch! That makes so much more sense. It looks so much more functional. Great job!!!

  2. Very nice! You do have a very calm voice! Hope you enjoy the new arrangement.

  3. First thing – holy heck big house!!! Your house reminds me of the one we moved from at Bragg. So much room…. I miss having breathing room OH SO MUCH. Your house is ginormous. Mine.. not at all *sigh* I hope they approve us to move.

    Great job with the switch! Ever notice how with military houses they designate the family room near the kitchen and the dining elsewhere, far from the kitchen? We always flip flop their floorplan, too.

  4. looks really nice! thanks for showing us around.

  5. Firstly, my husband laughed at your husband’s comment about “Mom asking your opinion”…he lives it, too!

    Secondly, I did the same thing! I turned the “living room” into the dining room and the “dining room” into a seating area (not big enough to be a living room, but who has that formal lifestyle, anyway? My husband thought I was crazy, so furniture sliders and a few hours labor had him coming home to a “new” house and he admitted it was right…it works much better this way!

  6. We loved your videos and the “switch”! We have general schoolroom issues. We have one big living room/ dining room/ kitchen. So, our issue isn’t where to eat… It’s where to do school. Argh! (All that to say, “I love your school room!”)

  7. Okay–I love the interjections to “close your mouth” when you’re eating and to “fix your hat.” You can tell a mom made the recording!

    I like the new setup.

  8. Great room swap. I love rearranging furniture too. Makes things appear new. We just did one..DD10 asked if DD2 can share her room & turn DD2’s room into the toy room. Figured we’d do it for a couple of years till DD10 wants to talk to boys then I am sure everyone will want privacy. Again great job.

  9. Suzanne says:

    Nice job! I can definitely understand why you’d want to do a switcheroo. Thanks for showing us. It was fun!

  10. Great job! I love your school room set up and table. We are seriously considering homeschooling our girls this coming school year. It is a bit overwhelming right now, with all the information. Anyways great job and enjoy your new rooms!

  11. I love rearranging furniture. It is cheap and keeps me from getting bored with things. I tried to watch this but dial up pretty much sucks. Do you have photos?

  12. It looks Great, love the new arrangment! Thanks for Sharing!!

  13. TY for the house tour.

    Huge one too. I wish I have that big house.


  14. I like the swap, my only concern would be the (if it were my house) mess associated with the school room. I would probably try to find a screen or curtain that can be put up to hide any mess that was bound to be there and prevent living room distractions.

  15. Good job! I loooooooove moving furniture (it’s really quite odd…)- I made my husband switch our living room and dining room out when I was about 8.5 months pregnant. lol! yay for tackling your big project. 😀

  16. It looks great this way, that was a big project. You have a beautiful family!

  17. Love the switch! — Ten months isn’t too bad. It took me that long to decide on baseboards. It took me 7.5 yrs to realize that counter stools were essential for keeping the dining area presentable. — Every time I tell dh abt one of my projects, he just says “Do whatever. It never sounds like it will look nice, but you haven’t messed up yet.” Sadly, he is gone next week & I don’t have a project scheduled! Every time he goes away, I usually do some dramatic change in some room.

  18. I think that it looks great!

  19. I love how you switched rooms & used a video to show us. When I was a kid growing up, my mom always was switching rooms around. I’ve had every bedroom in my parents house as my bedroom at one time or another. Including the master bedroom & the garage which is now the family room. Now that she is 75 she doesn’t switch rooms anymore, just moves around furniture.

    I hope your new arrangement works out better for you & your family. That is what is most important.

  20. Somebody's Mimi says:

    Love it! Except one little thing (but heavy) I would swap the bookcases and the china cabinet in the dining room. I think it would look better when you are coming down the “hall” going into the kitchen and you look forward then you would see your pretty cabinet with your china, crystal, etc.

  21. melissa @ the inspired room says:

    Great thinking! Makes perfect sense, and I enjoyed the video tour. Made me feel like I was really over at your house! Fun!

  22. I love the video! My kids and hubby do the same as your family when I am recording something. The oldest kid and hubby run and hide, while the younger kids are in front of me putting on a show while I am trying to record.
    Love the real life moments..Chew with your mouth closed and Fix your hat..LOL
    The color on your walls is beautiful!
    I agree with you that the feeding table is now in a good spot. Hopefully this will same some of the wear and tear on the hallway carpet. What color is that carpet?? LOL

  23. Great job!! Love it and so much more versatile!

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