Itch to Pitch ~ Week Two

Thanks to everyone who participated in the challenge last week. The winner of the Motivated Moms planner is:

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Congratulations, and look for an email from me regarding your planner.

This week’s prize is two free Digiorno Pizzas. Last month I won some free pizzas on twitter, so I am passing two of the coupons on to one reader who participates in the Itch to Pitch Challenge. To be entered in the giveaway you need to either link up with your post, or if you don’t have a blog you can leave a comment and tell us about your de-cluttering from the past week. You have until Friday, June 26 to link up or comment and be entered in the giveaway.

Now on to my Itch to Pitch. This challenge just became significantly more important to me, because on Saturday we made the decision to move off base. I will post more details later, but in less than a month we will be loading all our stuff on a truck and hauling it across town. And since I have to pack it myself, I would rather pack less and pitch more!

Last week I spent the majority of my time in the girls’ room. Their room needed a serious overhaul and since we are done with school I was able to devote some time to it last week.


The main mess maker….

What I pitched:

Going to the Thrift Store


I wish I would have pitched more of their clothes, but when you have three girls in a row you tend to hang on to things, for the next one coming up.

What did you pitch this week? If you don’t have time to tackle a large task, like an entire bedroom or garage, how about going through one or two drawers a week? Over time your efforts will really add up and you will have a clutter free home by the end of the summer.

Time to link up. Remember link to your Itch to Pitch post and not your blog’s homepage. Also please link back to The Happy Housewife,  so others who read your blog will be able to participate, the more the merrier, right? Finally, please visit the other Clutter Queens who link up and give them some encouragement. We all love comments!


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  1. I’ve got some kid rooms that look just like the before pictures. Decluttering is on my to-do list for this summer. We moved last spring and I got rid of sooo much stuff. I need to weed it out again though. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. That looks great! I have the clothes in rubbermaid tubs in the garage. My only issue is that they are way in the top where only DH can reach them so I always have a few to go out there sitting around.

    My intention this past week was to do the playroom, but didn’t get started past the before pics. I will do it for week 3, for sure!

  3. Thanks for the motivation! I needed it! I have done 2 areas in my home and now I will be tackling the school room.
    Question, I am new to blogging and was wondering how I get the Itch to Pitch sign on my blog page?

  4. Great job! Good luck with that move. When dh was in the Air Force our first assignment was in England and we lived in three different houses in three years lol. Not fun. But then again we only had the one child then and not as many possessions as now. 🙂

  5. Boy, that (before) looks familiar! Great job in the after!

    I didn’t do a room/area this week because I had to work on homeschool portfolios. But I have selected my decluttering project for Week 3…and have I got my work cut out for me.

  6. Love the “after” pictures (and the “before” ones w/ your daughter in them! Isn’t it amazing the mess that such cuties can make??)

    I love it when my girls’ room is all neat and clean. Right now we’re struggling with clutter accumulating on the top of the dressers. Anything that comes into the room seems to pile up on that flat surface no matter how much I try to divert to the trash can!

    Hope your upcoming move goes well!

  7. Oh my gosh! I’m so excited! Thank you!

    I am just now working on my pitch post for this week. It’s not nearly so eventful as your girls’ room… Can’t wait to hear the details on your move. I admit, I am surprised: even with BAH living off base always seems to be more expensive once you add up utilities, etc. But I’m sure you found a great place!

    Also, the newspaper article was great. It reminded me of a question I have had that you would be great to address if you get a chance: do you buy your older kids new shoes or find them in thrift shops, etc? What do you find you pay for tennis shoes in general?

    Thanks again!

  8. Joscelyn says:

    oh this challenge sounds like the motivation ive been needing. Ive been wanting to purge our little apartment but have been at a loss as where to start.
    we did however FINALLY get rid of our storage unit this weekend and got rid of a bunch of stuff in the process, that was a really good feeling and money saved!

  9. We went through our whole house last week!! My husband took some time off and we tackled it together. We were exhausted, but it was well worth the effort. Lots of bags to goodwill and trash and I literally feel so much lighter now!

  10. We too, are likely going to move soon. This weekend, I started small-organizing the pantry, throwing away things we’ll never eat (or never should have bought in the first place) and moved to other small areas (the hall closet-organizing shoes, jackets, and generally cleaning). I ended in the “mud room” again, throwing away, organizing and finding things to donate. Next up: the master bedroom closet, where I’m going to have to be strong and realize I’m never going to fit into some of the beautiful clothes I’ve hung onto for the past 4 years. Thanks for the inspiration.

  11. Now.. I need to start this weeks haha…. and those kids rooms are NOT where I wanna go. Sure.. they LOOK clean right now.. But.. Boys hide EVERYTHING!

  12. Kristin says:

    Just finished working on my youngest child’s bedroom. She just turned ten and is working on decluttering on her own. She sometimes needs some help parting with things, but is really coming into her own with “room-keeping.” I think the best thing a mom can do is to teach their children to take responsibility for their space.

  13. Beautiful! Isn’t that a great relief!? It looks awesome! 🙂

  14. Their room looks AWESOME!! YAY!

  15. Great job!!! The room looks great. My dd’s room is last on my list. She is going to be 15 and I know I might have a small fight on my hands once I enter the room. lol.

    I did finish my kitchen!!! So nice to be able to find what I need. Tonight I plan on working on the corner of my dinning room. I have a box that is about filled and read to go to the thrift store. So I am on my way!!!

  16. Great job!

    I didn’t think about this on the weekend when we tore through our oldest’s closet, cleaned off the breakfast bar (think archaeological dig after just 3 weeks of not being vigilant!), and folded a mountain of clean clothing…yeah, we had one version of ick or anther for 2 weeks.

    It was scary, but now looks like it is nicely whipped into shape!

  17. I love it when my kids rooms are all cleaned up and they pitch some of their clutter. I love it when I pitch some of my clutter. It’s just so freeing!

  18. I wish I had thought of taking photo’s of the inside of my car before I sorted it out. It would have been a perfect post for this. Oh well. Will have to remember next time. Maybe I should do this to my desk……

  19. Wow, what a transformation! I am impressed and inspired… I’m going to go clean something now 🙂

  20. I completed a project three years in the making – I spent all day Sunday shredding old bills, paperwork, etc, that we no longer need. I took out 11 bags of trash, and it took me four hours (!) but we have next to no paper clutter now. I originally started this project when we moved into our apartment three years ago! 🙂

  21. okay this may sound a bit random, but we have the same bunk beds for our boys and I was wondering how do you guys manage the top one being made each day. It’s a bit of a pain to stuff the blanket in each day and I get a bit nervous with LJ up there pushing down so afraid he will fall off?? (Oh yeah wonderful job!!!! Can’t wait to post my itch to pitch for this week)

  22. I love how innocent the main mess maker looks – that was definitely me growing up! (But now I’m much better, right? I love to pitch – everybody says I’m just like my grandma that way.)

  23. Haven’t joined in yet, but I am getting revved up to accomplish something next week! Perhaps the girls clothes? Perhaps what’s lurking under our bathroom cabinets?ewww

    Thanks for the jolt I needed!

  24. So excited to share how our DS15’s room makeover went. You’ll have to click back to the previous post to see how attrocious it was to begin with. For being pretty low on decorating smarts, I went with color and storage containers to try to pull it off. I’m inspired to tackle another room now. Thanks for the encouraging stories everyone!

  25. looks great! wanna come help me with my kids room?

  26. I am totally motivated! We are totally overwhelmed with “stuff” and need to have a yardsale to fundraise for me to attend a convention for MOPS in the fall. Money is so tight right now, it’s the only way I can go. Plus, my stuff can bless others and by elimiating the extra, it will bless my family too! Thanks for this blog, I love it!


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