Help Your Kids Make Their Beds

Do your children make their own beds? My don’t, but only because it isn’t a priority for me. They do know how to make their bed, though. If you would like to make it easier for your child to make their bed get rid of the over sized comforter and flat sheet.

I made duvet covers for my kids’ beds that are slightly smaller than a regular quilt or blanket. The smaller size makes it easier for the kids to just lay the blanket on top of their bed, it looks pretty good.

Also, I stopped giving them flat sheets. They just bunch them all up anyway, and it makes it more difficult for them to make their bed.

Notice, no flat sheet.

Looks pretty good.

You can help your children take ownership of the bed making process by allowing them to add their favorite stuffed animals to the bed once they are finished.


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  1. I don’t do flat sheets either!!!! I am working (rather have the ambition but no motion) on making them into a “summer” cover for my boys beds and just might do the smaller size for the top bunk. Thanks for the tip!!!

  2. My 4yr old knows how to make his bed, not sure if my 3yr old does, but it’s not really a priority to me either. What I love is that my 4 yr old says “dress the bed” instead of “make the bed” It’s so adorable.

  3. I’m with you on skipping the flat sheets. I also find it helpful to tuck the foot of the blanket under the mattress. That way all they have to do is fix their pillow and pull the blanket up straight. I like the idea of smaller blankets, though, too.


  4. We don’t use flat sheets either. It’s so much easier for the kids to make their own beds that way. Whew! Good to know I’m not the only one. 🙂

  5. Great idea!!! I am working on teaching my four year old to make their beds now. They do okay, especially with a little help and most days it’s not a huge priority here either. I like the idea of getting rid of their flat sheets. They do have the kind that is fitted on the bottom, which really helps out a lot!

  6. When I grew up my Mother insisted that our beds had to be made up before we came in for breakfast. I guess that rubbed off on me and I also asked our four children to make their beds each day (maybe not before breakfast.) I too got rid of the top sheet and just used a tucked in quilt to make it easier for them to pull up and keep straight. When I saw the beds made I’d leave a little Hersey’s kiss on their pillow to acknowledge their fine job. My children also liked to pick out the style of sheets/comforter/quilt set for their beds – so I would use the top sheet (that wasn’t on their beds) for easy matching window treatments or decorative pillows for their room, or I’d sometimes make a blanket out of the sheet for them to curl up on the sofa to watch TV or read a book.

  7. We are a family of bad bed makers, lol…BUT I want my kids to form good habits so thank you for the reminder!

  8. Great idea and super easy and fast for the kids! 😀

  9. See, I have trouble thinking outside that box thing. I never thought to forgo the flat sheet.

    Making the bed is only somewhat important to me. I think it’s a good skill to know, but an unmade bed isn’t the end of the world.

  10. making the bed isn’t priority for me either, but I do prefer the beds to be made (although I don’t always get mine made either 🙁 ) my kids also don’t have top sheets and I’m so glad I’m not the only one!! when my big kids were young, I had each child pick out fleece material they liked, and I got 2 yards for them to use as blankets. they still use them 🙂

  11. I just tuck my daughter’s flat sheet under the mattress, so it doesn’t go anywhere in the night. Seems to work just fine for her.

  12. Fancy getting your child to make their own bed. Does the family have to make their own breakfast as well.

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