Motivated Moms Coupon Code for 2013

For years I’ve used the Motivated Mom’s Planner to keep my home clean and organized. It is a great and very inexpensive tool that I recommend to everyone.

I’ve written about this planner several times over the years and you can read why I love the Motivated Moms planner here.

Susan was kind enough to give my readers a special $2 off code the 2013 planners.  Use the code HAPPY to save $2 on your 2013 pdf planner purchase. This coupon code is available through Jan 2, 2013.

Many of you requested the Motivated Moms planner in app form and I’m excited to tell you it is now available! The discount code is not available on the app, but it is still a great deal at $7.99. You can also try the app for two weeks before you buy it!

The Motivated Moms Planner is available for iphone, ipad and Android.

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  1. I just bought it on the iPad for $5.99. I was willing to pay the 7.99 but I love a discount. Woohoo! Thanks for showing this!

  2. Thank you for the code – looking forward to a organized year 🙂 Happy new year!

  3. Thanks so much for posting this! I just purchased it because of your recommendation! It looks perfect for me. And here we are on January 1st, the best time to start a new routine. Thanks for the coupon code!

  4. As someone who has been a stay at home mom/wife for the last few months I am going back to school and hoping to find a part time job but have been trying to figure out the best way for me to stay on top of my housework. After reading your reviews, I decided to give this a try. This is not the first time I have heard about the Motivated Mom’s calendar and it’s usefulness, but have never taken advantage of it. I think now is definitely the right time…even though I was unable to take advantage of the discount, I am still excited about trying this out!

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