Getting Ball Point Pen Marks Out of the Dryer

How to Remove Pen Marks from Dryer | The Happy Housewife

No before or after shots on this one… I was panicking and didn’t think to take any photos.

This weekend a pen was washed and dried in the laundry! It only got on a few pieces of clothing, but it was all over the dryer!

I googled “how to get pen out of the dryer” and read numerous suggestions. A few seemed dangerous, a few seemed silly, but I read on several sites that you could get the pen off the inside of the dryer with nail polish remover.

Seeing that I have four daughters I knew we had nail polish remover in the house so my husband went to work trying to remove the pen marks. He poured the nail polish remover on the rag then rubbed the pen marks in the dryer. The pen came right off!

Do you have any other tricks that actually work?

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  1. jeannie says:

    I had a pen in the dryer episode not long ago. I used liquid hand sanitizer on a rag and it wiped right off. Too bad I could not get it out of the clothes though.

  2. Kathy Hintz says:

    This happened to me last week! I have learned my lesson before so I wash my husbands clothes by themselves because he is bad about leaving things in his pockets and I don’t want everyone elses clothes to get messed up. Even though he says he has emptied them out he must have missed something and ink went all over the dryer and on his ‘yard work’ clothes! I googled what to do also and saw the polish remover idea but I have been out. Glad to see it works!

  3. Great tip…hairspray will get ink out of clothing. I just spray it well and wash it again like I would normally…you might have to do it more than once and sometimes it only lightens it, though….NOW, how do you get gum out of the dryer?

  4. Rubbing alcohol will take pen marks off of almost any hard surface. It is cheap and a little less harsh than nail polish remover. It won’t remove the finish on wood or walls, either. It will also take it out of clothes- I have even used it to remove pen marks that are washed and dried. Just dump some directly on the stain and it should start to work within seconds. You can also scrub it in a little with a toothbrush. I usually let it sit a minute or two and then wash as normal. Works like a charm! We see so many pen marks around here I keep it in the laundry room!

  5. For getting ink out of clothing, I recommend (from LOTS of personal experience…we have three avid artists!) works GREAT!

    • I’ve never thought to try that. I’ve tried alcohol and hairspray with no luck. I have phantom blue ink on an entire load of clothes, but cannot find the pen?? I guess the dryer ate it! 🙂

  6. Awesome! Thanks I need this. I still have pen stains in my dryer! I have a project for today {that is, on top of my other ones}. 😉

  7. Hairspray! I have used it many times. The cheaper the brand the better it works. Spray on and rub off.

  8. I tried the rubbing alcohol idea for an hour and it hardly worked. Then I found this article by searching th web and with the nail polish remover I was done in 10 minutes! I wish I had read this before I started!

  9. I tried the nail polish remover and it didn’t work…what on earth am I doing wrong???

  10. I was so happy to see the idea of using nail polish remover. I tried everything and nothing worked until I read about the remover. It worked great. To Laura: you need to use the polish remover with acetone in it otherwise it won’t work.
    THANKS so much to the person who gave us this remedy!

  11. Thanks so much!! I had used my neighbor’s dryer… and boy was i glad to stumble upon this article.. thank goodness my friend left her nail polish remover when she stood over our house haha!! Now to try and get the stains off of the clothes later!! AHHHHH!

  12. Sounds like nail polish remover is the best option for removing pen from inside my dryer. But, should I be concerned, that nail polish is flamable? Can the heat of the dryer ignite it?

    • that’s the same question I am having right now, I already used the nail polish remover in the dryer now I am worried to turn It on~! what happened with yours?

  13. Perfect! Came right off!

  14. Just tried nail polish remover and it worked perfectly I suggest just to buy acetone from Sally’s beauty supply and that would work best.

  15. Delores Zick says:

    the nail polish remover rally workd I spent over an hour trying to get it off. Tried everything until I read here about it thanks

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