Do it Yourself Baby Sling

Before bed rest, or should I just start calling that time in my life bb,  I planned to make a baby sling for our new baby. I searched the web trying to find an easy pattern so I could make a sling for significantly less than I could purchase one.

I found these instructions on the Maya Wrap website. I already had my fabric purchased and my rings ordered, but I had one little problem bed rest doesn’t really allow for a sewing project. Remember my friend that helped me organize my disaster of a room last month? Well this friend also happens to be a master crafter and offered to come over and sew for me!

She came over yesterday and set up shop in my bedroom. I don’t have any pictures because that would have meant standing over the sewing machine and she didn’t want pictures of herself anyway. Even though I don’t have pictures of the process, I will say that this sling was so easy to make (especially if you are a spectator). Seriously though, we had numerous interruptions, children, husbands, chatting, and she still finished the project in under an hour. We decided that the project really only takes about 20 minutes. The instructions are easy to follow and even a beginning seamstress could make this wrap.

I spent about $5 on the fabric (I had a coupon) and $4 on the rings. So for under $10 I have a cute baby sling, just waiting to be filled with our new baby. I priced baby slings before I started this project and they can cost as much as $65!

Easy DIY Baby Sling | The Happy Housewife

I will try to post a picture of the wrap in use once we have a baby to put in it. I tried yesterday with a doll, but since I was sitting, and have a belly, and didn’t really know what I was doing I decided it was better to wait on the pictures!

You can find the instructions here and I ordered my rings from Sling Rings.

By the way, doesn’t that hot pink look great with my brown quilt? I am thinking I need to make some pink pillows for my bed once I can sew again!

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  1. nice..wanjna make me one lol j/k

  2. very cute!!

  3. I have always liked those baby slings, but they never worked for me and the child I was holding. I did borrow this thing that strapped to my front and my son would snuggle down inside. It was like a pouch on my chest. That was the only way to keep him quiet. 🙂 After two months, he was too big for it. I am glad to see a lot of young mom’s using the sling. They are nifty.

  4. Very cool! Looks easy enough, and I love the hot pink 😀 I need a girl so I can have pink stuff!

  5. How cute! I love any pink/brown combos too. Heh.

  6. I have tried and tried to use a ring sling and just cannot get the hang of it. 🙁 I wan to use the sling but I cannot seem to make her and me comfortable at the same time – I LOVE my wrap though (She is currently in it as a matter of fact).

  7. That’s great!!

    If you want another option for a sling, a Moby Wrap is awesome! AND, if you want to make one, it requires no sewing.

    If you can get a good deal on fabric, it is cheaper than buying, although I got one off of Etsy and paid 1/2 of what a real Moby costs.

    I am a huge babywearing fan, and I got more use out of my Moby when DD was tiny than my ring sling.

  8. I really struggled with how to properly wear my sling at first, but has some REALLY helpful instructional videos for how to use the sling. I highly recommend them. 🙂

    I’ve made several slings, and used them constantly when my kiddo was little. (as he got older/heavier I needed a two-shoulder carrying option, but up through about 10 months the sling was awesome!)

  9. Love the color and the price!!! I don’t sew much,but I have a friend that does-I think that I will ask her to make me one for a future baby 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  10. I never could get the hang og a ring sling, I just used a big piece of fabric and kind of “tied” my kids to me. Like you see women in other countries do? It was so great to “wear” my kids around. 🙂

  11. (long-time lurker here)
    I make my own baby slings, too. Moms on Etsy sell them for $150. That’s too much for me!

  12. That is wonderful! My two are 6 and 8 now…but this would have come in handy when I had them!

  13. I used to make these all the time. I changed the folding technique a little to make it easier to use (especially for new moms).

    Instead of the accordian fold, you accordian fold each side into the middle with the salvage edge ending facing out (towards the edge of the fabric) instead of in towards the middle.

    Serge (or straight stitch) the top portion making sure each fold gets sewn in place. Put rings in and then fold the fabric over the rings towards the side where you accordian folded each edge. Sew into place with several straight or zig-zag stitches.

    Slide opposite end through both rings, then back through one ring.

    You can make the tail a bit longer to use as a cover up for nursing or protection from weather/sun.

    If the tail is a little long for normal wear, but perfect for use as a cover up/protection, just tuck it into the rings or along the back side where the baby is.

    Using baby rings around the sling rings can help hold toys for the older baby (especially those held in the kangaroo carry) or pacifiers.

    I love slings!!!!

  14. Oh…you can also sew a little pocket on the end of the tail to hold a cell phone or small wallet, diaper, baggie of wipes. (snap close it for safety)

  15. I wish I knew you and you posted this 17 years ago. [0; All my babies are all so big. ( 16,14,10, and 8 yo) Sewing is a area I REALLY want to develop and get better. My projects on he sewing machine are all very simple. I can’t wait to see baby in it ! You did a GREAT job and YES I think pink pillows would be soooooooo cute.

    Blessings and ((HUGS)) my SSiC
    In Him<

  16. Very Cute! I ended up buying a sling (but from a second hand shop)- wish I would have thought to make one! 🙂

  17. What a great project! It turned out so well, and I love the idea Lorri Dean had about sewing a little pocket into it. 🙂

  18. Thanks for posting this! I’ve been wanting to make one of these for a while now. I have a moby and a mei tai, but I wanted a ring sling too. I am addicted!

  19. What a great friend to have! The sling looks awesome! I had one that I used for my boys, I loved it, especially for breastfeeding.

  20. love the brown and pink!! and yes it is soo cute what a great friend you have!!!

  21. Looks good! Hope you survive the rest of bedrest!

  22. You have a nice friend! Try a wrap (no sewing involved!) with your baby too and see which one you like better. I’ve never tried a sling but I loved my wrap this time around.

  23. darla700 says:

    oh, mommy–you should have shown a picture with that well-earned belly of yours! we women need to see pictures of other real mothers going through what we do for kids, instead of stylish “candid” celebrity shots of pretend parenting. i am sure you are lovely, and the sling would be much better represented with a package inside. ; ) mother’s perogative, though!

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