Chore System for Kids

Jenny, a reader, shares the chore system she uses for her kids.  She says,

You cannot do it alone. The rest of the family has to help you, for your sake, for their own character building, for the sanity of all who live there.

My kids have to do at least 3 chores a day. They can choose out of the grab bag which is just a gift bag, decorated, with several chores (of my choosing) which they pull out every day. I change up the slips of paper according to what I need done.

Every morning they all empty the dishwasher and fold their own clothes that I dump on the couch and they have to put them away. Their drawers are not gorgeous, but I don’t feel like that is what really matters in the end.

What matters is how we spend our time together as a family, how much time we have left over for Mom and Dad to play and teach and explore with the kids, and how to help the kids build a good work ethic and strong character of helpfulness, diligence, perseverance and obeying Mom and Dad.

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  1. 3 chores a day is in addition to emptying dishwasher and sorting/putting away their own laundry?

    if we’re just getting started, how many personal care chores and family chores would you suggest per child?

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