Singed Fabric Flower Tutorial

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When I recently wanted to make a floral hair accessory for my daughter, I did a little browsing on Etsy. Since I am cheap frugal, I decided to try to make my own version of a flower I liked. After playing around with the idea, I finally came up with something my daughter liked, so I am sharing how I made it with you today.

Would you like to make one, too? Here are the details.


  • 100% Synthetic Fabric such as 100% Polyester or Rayon. Sources of inexpensive fabric are neckties, scarves, scraps from sewing projects, etc.
  • Scissors
  • Candle
  • Matches
  • Button
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Singed Fabric Flower Templates


1. Print and cut out the templates. There are 7 circles you will cut out to use as patterns to cut the fabric.

2. Trace all 7 of the templates onto your fabric. I used a Sharpie, but you could use a water soluble fabric pen or even a pencil.

3. Cut out all 7 fabric circles.

Warning:  The next step involves the use of a burning candle. Please use caution! I recommend doing this part of the project when your small children, if you have any, are asleep. I would hate for anyone to be hurt or for your home to be damaged by fire. However, if you use common safety sense then you should have no problems with this step.

4. Take each circle, one at a time, and hold it near the flame of a burning candle. Your goal is to seal the edges so they don’t ravel, and to curl the edges toward the center.

This next picture shows you a little better what I am talking about. You want to hold the fabric just close enough so that it curls, but not so close that it catches on fire.

You will go all the way around each circle until they have all curled up nicely.

Here is what your circles should look like after completing step 4.

5. Layer all of the circles on top of each other with the largest circle at the bottom and the smallest circle at the top.

6. Thread your needle with a coordinating color of thread. From the bottom push the needle through all 7 layers of fabric right in the center. Sew the button on and finish with the needle at the bottom again. Tie off the thread and cut it close.

That’s all there is to it. You should now have a lovely singed fabric flower that can be attached to a headband or clip for use as a hair accessory, or sew or glue a brooch pin to the back.

I made a few more flowers so that you could see how different fabrics look using the exact same process. This next flower was made using a chiffon type of fabric. I think the plain fabric might be my favorite.

This flower was made using a floral print silky polyester fabric.

I think I will have to scrounge up some more synthetic fabrics so that I can make more flowers. My daughters and I need some new accessories. 🙂 How about you?

P.S. Don’t forget to print the template page.

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  1. Mama2eight says:

    You are so right! If you don’t want your children to imitate, don’t let them see you do it!

    We had a house fire after Christmas last year. Someone should not have had the lighter. But God is good! Our house did not burn, only things in the room. It could have been much worse!

    I wonder if an empty hot glue gun would melt the edges?

    Thank you for sharing! You do my kinda stuff! I’m looking through your projects. I’m on page 17.


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