Weekly Chore Chart

A Little R & R has a chore chart system that works for her.

“This is a chart system that I designed and have been using for nearly a year now. I divide all my chores over 5 days, so that Ive done everything by Saturday and I have the weekend free. I write down every single thing i have to do for the day so that nothing is forgotten. I also get the joy of crossing all those things off my list – something I love to do. There are extra spaces for those out-of-the-norm things and an extra column for things that need to be done but are not a priority.

The chart can be downloaded as a free “printable” in a Word document – and each woman can design it to her own needs.”

Read about and download the weekly chore chart.

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  1. What is Chg? I can’t help but think it’s completely obvious and I’m going to slap my forehead when someone says it … but I just can’t work it out. Heh.

  2. Hi Terri – I think I explained all those little abbreviations in my blog but I might have missed that one. 🙂 Chg is changing diapers. 🙂

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