Water Bottle Bracelets


Homemade Christmas Gift #88: Water Bottle Bracelets

These water bottle bracelets would make a great gift for a teenager! Below are two tutorials, one for the fabric bracelet and one for the duct tape bracelet. (Who doesn’t love duct tape??)

Supplies (Fabric Bracelet)

  • A water bottle
  • Fabric
  • A hot glue gun

Find a water bottle that has a smooth middle. The larger, 20oz bottles work best. Remove the label and try to rub off as much of the sticky-glue as you can. Don’t worry if you can’t get all of it off; just make sure the water bottle is as smooth and evenly textured as possible.

Cut off the top and bottom of the water bottle. It works best to seal the bottle shut, then stab the bottle at the top and bottom. Then insert scissors into the stab-holes and cut, trying to be as even as possible. Once you’ve removed the top and bottom of the water bottle, trim the edges until you reach your desired bracelet length.

Take the cloth you have picked out and roll it around the water bottle to see how much you will need to cover it. Leave about a half an inch of extra cloth along the top and bottom of the water bottle as well as around a quarter of an inch extra where the two ends meet on the bottle.

Now take one end of the cloth and make a line of hot glue on it. Press this to the water bottle, and push down to even out the glue.

Apply a line of hot glue onto the other end of cloth. Pull the fabric as taut as possible, then quickly bring the loose end around the bottle to overlap the other end. Press down firmly.

Around the extra half inch of cloth along the top and bottom of the bottle, apply a line of glue. Tuck the fabric into the water bottle and press firmly to make it as flat as possible.

Supplies (Duct Tape Bracelet)

  • A water bottle
  • Colorful duct tape
Complete the first two steps for the fabric bracelet.
  • Take a roll of duct tape and tear off a piece, making it slightly longer than the length of the bracelet shape you have cut out of the water bottle.
  • Press the duct tape vertically on the bottle, tucking the extra tape inside it.
  • Repeat step 4 until all of the plastic is covered.

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  1. I love the water bottle and fabric idea!! Clever!!
    And the duct tape ones are fun, too… my daughter LOVES making those. 🙂

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