The Itch to Pitch ~ Week 3

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The prize this week is the book Clutter’s Last Stand: It’s Time To De-junk Your Life! by Don Aslett. I love his books, they will really motivate you to clean up and clear out! In order to enter the giveaway either link up with your Itch to Pitch post or leave a comment and let us know what you pitched last week.

Well, this week was very eventful. We signed the lease on Thursday so the packing began in full force on Friday, with the help of my friend who of course doesn’t have a blog because she is busy sewing things like Cora’s quilt. Anyway, it is my goal to throw out as I pack so that when I move into the new house I am not opening boxes full of junk.

I did find some interesting things this week as I packed and organized. Probably the most interesting item I found was a ziploc bag full of photos and magnets that I had on my fridge… 6 years ago! It was fun looking at the ultrasound pictures of my five year old, but good grief, I have moved this ziploc bag full of photos 5 times! Well, now it will be six, since I couldn’t bear to throw any pictures away.

I don’t have after photos, since everything went into boxes!

Areas I organized and packed this week:

Linen closet – I managed to get rid of a few sheets and blankets that were in really bad shape.

Bookshelves – Almost all our books are packed. We have tons of books, so it took most of the week. I decided to get rid of a few books. I have a really hard time pitching books, but if they are missing half their pages, or they are books no one likes I have decided I need to get rid of them to make room for the new ones!

Tupperware – I had the kids pull everything out and match up bottoms with lids. I ended up with about 15 pieces that didn’t have matches, and they are now out of my house! I also pitched (recycled) all the old yogurt containers I save and usually use for storage. Since we still buy yogurt all the time, there was no need to save (and pack) the old ones.

To the thrift store – This week we took 4 large trash bags, 3 boxes, and a few odds and ends to the thrift store. I was really happy to see the items outta here! Tomorrow a huge box full of toys leaves the house!

Just a few of the items that went to the thrift store this week.

I decided that just because we are moving to a bigger house, it doesn’t mean we need to fill it up! I love open spaces and dislike clutter, so the less I have the happier I am.

I have to say a big thanks to my mother-in-law and my friend for helping me accomplish so much this week. I hope next week is even more productive!

Jolyn asked the following question last week: Do you buy your older kids new shoes or find them in thrift shops, etc? What do you find you pay for tennis shoes in general?

I do by shoes from the thrift store. But, all of my kids needed to wear Stride Rite shoes their first several years of life because they have extremely wide feet. As they get older and their feet narrow it is easier for me to find shoes for them at yard sales and thrift stores. My kids each get one pair of new good quality tennis shoes. They are all very active and I want them to have shoes that fit correctly when they are running, jumping, climbing, etc. These can run anywhere from $20 (outlet sale prices) to $40. When they out grow them they get a new pair. I tend to use thrift stores and yard sales to supplement their wardrobe with sandals or dress shoes. Since they don’t wear them as much I am not concerned with the quality of the shoes.

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  1. Good luck with the move! I agree, it is so hard to weed through our books. Thanks for keeping me motivated. 🙂

  2. Serenity says:

    I never thought of having my kiddos match up my tupperware containers. Great idea! I just unloaded my dishwasher and my tupperware cabinet almost exploded on me. I am off to grab an eight year old boy for the task 🙂 As always thanks for the everyday inspiration 🙂

  3. Between 1991 & 2002, I think I moved at least once each year. Until 1989 I had lived in the same house since I was 5 months old. So, I went from being jealous of kids that got to move to new houses/towns etc. to saying “I don’t ever want to move again!” Honestly, I miss the purging that happens during a move…which why I love your Itch To Pitch meme.

  4. I went through all of my pajamas, slips, panythose, etc and got rid of a whole long drawer full! Then I went through my son’s toybox and got rid of toys that were not being played with. We’re getting ready to go on vacation to TN, and I’m looking forward to returning and beginning to do a MASSIVE chucking of junk and clutter!!

  5. Hello 🙂

    I’m not sure if I’ve ever really commented on your blog, but I do adore it! Good luck with the moving!

    This week I’ve been pitching like crazy! Although part of it is nervous energy as I’ve finally conquered quitting smoking. (Yay!) But this week the biggest project I’ve attempted is cleaning out my girls closet and organizing our living to fit our Sonlight books! I didn’t get rid of any of the books, but I organized quite a bit. The girls’ closet is a different story though! I managed to get rid of multiple, multiple bags of clothes! I donated them to the Appalachian Outreach post in town and have wished them a very happy home among someone else. Your posts are very motivating!

    And, off topic, our journey to Sonlight came in a roundabout route from reading about your choices of homeschool curriculum. The Total Language Plus fascinated me! In the end I chose Sonlight and have been watching for used curriculum sales to find what I need, but the journey to it started with your blog. Thanks so much!

  6. Thanks so much for the inspiration to get to work!

  7. I read your blog and love it..but I’m terrible about commenting. Boy does the “Itch to Pitch” apply to me right now, though! I’m preparing to hold a garage sale in several weeks, and in the process I’m going through every nook and cranny of our house and getting rid of all the stuff we do. not. use.

    In one day last week, I organized my son’s closet and his dressers, plus his under-the-bed storage box. I then cleaned out two closets in our spare room. During my son’s nap, I cleaned out all the cupboards and drawers in my kitchen. That evening, I started the process of sorting scrapbooking and craft supplies. I have freecycled, tossed a few things, and have an ever-growing yard sale pile. Yippee!

  8. Last week I went through the spare room in the basement (which hopefully can now become my craft room) and hauled a bunch of stuff out for a garage sale Saturday. It was not my most successful sale, but I now have a lot fewer knick knacks and small appliances collecting dust and taking up space. A bunch of junk went to the curb where it was quickly appropriated by a couple. And I’m trying desperately to sell our extra couch that is just taking up space…if only I could find a buyer. Oh well!

  9. I came in late to your “itch to pitch” series since we’ve been on vacation, but I did pitch a TON of mail once we got back instead of letting it sit in a pile while I figured out what to do with it. What a relief not to have that task hanging over me.

  10. Your linen closet got me to thinking about our linen closet and I wanted to share with you an idea I’m going to try out with our sheets over the summer: placing a container in each room to house the sheets that go in that room.I’m hoping it will make changing sheets much easier and also make those accident nights go much smoother as I wont have to fumble through the darkness to find a change of sheets I need. I was folding up sheets and place them in the pillow cases they go with, which works really well, we just need to change the hall closet into our book storage and so sheets and blankets need to find new homes.

  11. I spent quite a bit of June decluttering and went through most of our cabinets, hutches, bookcases, closets and just about every drawer in the house! Donated, threw away, sold on eBay… it’s out of here and feels great!

  12. Here are some of the photos.

  13. jasmine says:

    I am in need of clutter control.
    I have missed the first part of this challenge.
    I did pitch a bunch of duplicate baby gear, and gave it to my neighbor who is having her first.


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