Storybook Placemat


Homemade Christmas Gift #10: Storybook Placemat

Take your child’s favorite book and make a placemat from two pages.

Use an X-acto knife to remove the pages and then cover them with contact paper. You could also do this with your child’s artwork.

Look for cheap books at the thrift store, yard sales, or library book sales to make this a super inexpensive gift.

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  1. Love this idea!!

  2. So VERY cute. I will be making these for my kiddos!

  3. Cute idea, and could also be done for adults too. I am thinking sheet music, dictionary pages, text books! Thanks, love Homemade Christmas Ideas!

  4. Cute idea, especially if your books have been a little over-loved. 😉 Plus putting artwork in there would be fun for grandparent gifts too.

  5. Great gift idea 🙂

  6. You could make this for older kids by doing this with an I Spy book. Thank would keep my boys entertained for a bit! Love this idea!

  7. Although it says to use contact paper, those mats look like they were run through a laminating machine, which is much better than contact paper. It still would be cheap to take to a copy shop and have it laminated if you don’t have a machine at home. We have made bookmarks, fun pictures for little ones to play with, as well as laminated dried leaves and flowers. We also laminated paper dolls that were beautiful but made of cheap paper. We live overseas and found cute little books of paper dolls dressed in local costumes. They were too flimsy to give to our nieces, so my kids ran them through the laminator and then cut them out, placing each set in an envelope for each cousin. It’s a fun project for kids to make, too.

  8. This is so great (I’ve just got a new laminator and this would be a great way to use it!)

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