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By contributing writer Jasmine

In the book Large Family Logistics: The Art and Science of Managing the Large Family by Kim Brenneman (read my review here), Kim discusses how to create a Home Management Book. My own home has needed some better management practices, so I have created my home management notebook in order to get better organized and become a better manager of my home.

Kim suggests creating your own notebook cover. I agree with her. You really take ownership of the things you create with your own hands. It is also a way to be more frugal and creative.

When I was thinking about how I would like to create my notebook, I wanted to have a notebook that I could leave out on the counter or side table. I am more likely to use it if it is nearby and accessible. I also wanted it to look pretty and enhance the room, not looking like I just left my things lying around.

Here’s what I came up with…

Quilted Notebook Cover | The Happy Housewife

How to Make a Quilted Notebook Cover

Supplies Needed

  • 1 standard 2 inch binder
  • 2 pieces of fabric cut 26 inches x 13 inches
  • 1 piece of batting cut 26 inches x 13 inches
  • 4 pieces of fabric cut 6 inches x 13 inches
  • 2 pieces of batting cut 6 inches x 13 inches
  • 1/4 yard extra fabric for binding the edges

Note: Seam allowances are 1/4 inch.

I happened to have a couple of quilting squares left from another project I had been working on. I sewed the two together, then trimmed the edges so that the entire piece was the size that I needed. You don’t have to use quilting blocks to make yours though. You can just use one large rectangle cut to the size that you need.

Quilted Notebook Cover (quilt blocks) | The Happy Housewife


1. Quilt the fabric.

Place notebook fabrics (large rectangles) right sides facing out with batting sandwiched in the middle. Quilt as desired. I chose to outline my squares with stitching, but you could even do straight lines running up and down. The goal is to sew the three layers together, making sure the edges are evenly matched up.

Quilted Notebook Cover (step 1) | The Happy Housewife

Do the same thing with each panel. There will be two panels, each with a front and back fabric and batting sandwiched in between.

You will now have 1 large quilted rectangle and 2 smaller quilted rectangles.

Quilted Notebook Cover (step 1b) | The Happy Housewife

2. Bind the side panels.

Bind one long edge of each panel (small rectangles).

If you need help with binding, please see my quilt binding tutorial or watch my quilt binding video.

Quilted Notebook Cover (step 2) | The Happy Housewife

Place panels on large rectangle as shown.

3. Sew pieces together.

Sew panels onto large rectangle around outside edges, creating “pockets” on each end.

Quilted Notebook Cover (step 3) | The Happy Housewife

4. Bind the edges.

Bind around the entire large rectangle.

Quilted Notebook Cover (step 4) | The Happy Housewife

This is a great project for practicing quilting skills without having to make a large quilt.

If you are looking for other creative ways to use this pattern, you could scale the pattern to cover any size of notebook or book. You could also add pockets and handles.

I made Bible covers for my girls, adding handles and a ribbon to tie it closed.

This would also make a great wedding gift. Just cover a notebook to create a recipe binder, a homemaking notebook, or a photo album.

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