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Mitten and Glove Organization

I know winter has been mild for most of the country, but if I learned one thing from living in Maryland, it was that winter isn’t over until you’ve had snow at the end of March!

When we lived up north I used a shoe organizer to hold all our mittens and gloves.


This winter organization method helped me stay sane during the winter months!  You can read more about this winter gear organization method on the original post.

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  1. Love this! We have used this tip for years. We actually use these kinds of organizers all over the house. In the pantry for canned goods, in the laundry room for cleaning products, in kids’ rooms for toys. There are tons of great ways to use over the door shoe organizers!

  2. ugh, I hate all the random gloves floating around! It seems when we need one we can never find what we need. Love this idea!! I’ll be adding one of these organizers to my list.

  3. I love this idea, and I think it will work super on the door at the top of our basement stairs. I was just thinking today that our mitten and hat basket isn’t working all that well, as everyone is always dumping it out on the floor to look for pairs, and it seems to waste a lot of time. Thanks for sharing!

  4. That’s so smart! We have hooks on the back of our closet door, so I’m going to have to think about where else we can use these. Love it!

  5. you know i just see yesterday the shoe organizer used as a spice organizer( nit sure if it was your site or not). i thought that was great but i don’t have anywhere i could hang it that it would work. but this is perfect. i thought winter accessories were going to be the death of me. i can hang this in my coat closet and everyone can put there stuff away as soon as they get in. i love it! now i would just have to train them to put them away! lol!

  6. This is absolutely perfect! We live fairly far South and we don’t get much snow, but we do occasionally get ice and definitely get glove-worthy weather. Something like this keeps it organized when we need it, but out of the way when we don’t!

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