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Makeup Brush Storage

I have a small bathroom. I wanted a place to store my make-up brushes and still have easy access to them.

Using a leftover glass vase and some rocks I was able to put together this make-up brush storage in about 5 minutes.

My make-up brushes are right next to my sink and it is easy to find the right brush when I need it.

I used a short glass vase (about 4 inches tall). If you don’t have a vase use any container that is short and wide.

If you don’t have one, you can usually find them at Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, JoAnn’s, or Amazon. However, if you aren’t in a hurry, I would recommend yard sales. I frequently see vases for less than a dollar.

I used decorative rocks in my vase. If you don’t have rocks you can use marbles or anything with a little weight to it. You want to make sure your brushes stay upright in the vase. Once again these can be purchased at any craft store or Amazon, or reused from an old fish tank. 🙂

Here are a few fun variations I found on Amazon (click on the image to see the rocks on Amazon). You will probably end up using only half of the rocks or marbles so this is a great project to do with a friend and split the cost.






This make-up brush storage helps keep my side of the bathroom counter organized and I always know where my brushes are.  

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