Make Your Own Floral Flip Flops!

I’ve seen quite a few flip flops sold in stores with a floral theme. But, instead of spending $20+ on them, why not make your own?!

To do so, you just need a few basic supplies:

Flip flops, floral embellishments (these flowers were found at Hobby Lobby & come in other colors like pink, purple, blue, and green too), scissors, and glue (I used hot glue. Sometimes this doesn’t stick as well to plastic. If you run into that issue, you can try an epoxy or Gorilla glue–or just put a few hand stitches through).


1. Remove the flower from the stem and take all the plastic pieces off.

2. Once the flower is removed, take off any additional fabric you don’t want. In this case, I removed the largest pieces off the back.

3. Once you’ve taken off any parts you’d like removed, then cut off the rest of the “stem” so it is flush with the fabric.

4. Place glue in the center of the flip flop.

5. Begin gluing on the embellishment, one layer at a time.



In less than 5 minutes, you should have a really cute DIY floral flip flop!

Repeat the process with the other one. Then, voila, fun summer shoes!

Have YOU embellished your flip flops before?

*This post was written by Sara, a contributing writer for the Happy Housewife. Read more from her at Mom Endeavors.

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  1. We did a fun project a couple of years ago at a Birthday Party. We took strips of cloth and ragged them, just tear them into strips. You then tie them on to the flip flops. I am guessing that the project went over well because I saw them on girls at church 2 months later. I might just have to do a decorate the flip flops with my own kids this year. And if you missed the Old Navy Sale, Dollar Tree and Michaels usually have flips flops for just $1 too.

  2. Visiting here from Mom Endeavors on FB! Super cute flip flops! A Couple of Craft Addicts is just wrapping up our Flip Flop Fun Series and will be featuring you on our Fun Find Friday this week!

  3. Linda Dietz says:

    I love all the cute & cool flip flops…& these are especially nice.,,but am I the only person on planet Earth who can’t seem to wear flip flops w/out getting blisters between my toes? Is there a secret? Please share!

  4. This is such a great idea. It would be a fun activity for a tween birthday party too!

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