Kid’s Artwork Solutions

Do you feel guilty when you throw away your children’s drawings? With seven kids, my house is always overflowing with drawings, paintings, and sculptures.  Here are a few simple solutions to keep artwork from taking over your home.

Frame It

We frame some of our children’s favorite artwork. These paintings and drawings add colorful decorations to our walls and the kids love seeing their artwork on display. I buy inexpensive frames at IKEA to keep the cost down.

Take a Picture of It

Take photos of your child’s artwork before you dispose of it. You can combine your photos into a photo collage or make a photo book from the photos of the artwork. One photo album takes up less space than stacks of paintings.

Use it for Wrapping Paper

Small gifts can be wrapped in artwork, especially if your children draw or paint on butcher paper. Friends and family will enjoy getting their gifts wrapped in one-of-a-kind paper.

Mod Podge Furniture

Use mod podge to cover a piece of furniture with your kid’s favorite drawings. An inexpensive coffee table or dresser can be turned into a conversation piece by using it to display artwork.

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  1. I love to mod podge with scrapbook paper. I did letters for my daughter’s rooms and am currently working on modge podging the front of their dresser. It is so easy and cheap 🙂

  2. I agree with taking a picture of artwork. My 4 year-old son drew us a family portrait after his little brother was born. It touched my heart and I took a picture of it to email to my mom 2000 miles away. It hung on the fridge for 6 months until my little one came rollibg into the kitchen in his walker, tore the drawing off the fridge, and ripped to shreds. Babies will be curious babies! Anyway, I’m so glad that I took that photo because if that particular one-of-a-kind drawing had been destroyed I would have been heartbroken. At least I still have a digital copy on the computer!

    I really love the idea of taking pictures of other special pieces and putting them in a photobook. I’m going to pull some together and search for some free codes or discounts at Shutterfly, CVS, Walgreens, or Wal-Mart. Usually at least one of them is running a sale on photobooks.

  3. Love that idea!thx so much:-)


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