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How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

by contributing writer Lana  (like banana)

We have been remodeling our home.  A few years ago, we did a DIY glazed look to our kitchen cabinets without sandpaper.  But, since then we have expanded our kitchen and made our own cabinets.

Our entire kitchen re-model from the beginning to the finished product has been a rewarding process.  We have learned so much and it has been a delight to finally have the completed project.

This is the final step in our Kitchen Remodel!

How to Paint Cabinets

How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets


  • Kitchen Cabinets (Here is how to make your own Kitchen Cabinets.)
  • Paint (We like Olympic One.  It has Paint and Primer in one.  Plus, it doesn’t have a bad smell like others.  We also like using semi-gloss on cabinets – makes it easier to clean.)
    Primer and Paint in ONE
  • Paint Brush, Roller, and Sponge BrushPainting Tools
  • Damp Rag


  1. Take off all your doors and lay them on a flat surface.  Make sure they are clean of any dust or wood putty.  Getting dirt in the paint is like getting crumbs in icing, it is not a pretty sight.
  2. Start with the backside of the door.
    How to paint kitchen cabinets
  3. Using your roller, roll it in the paint.  Make sure you go with the grain and apply to the sanded door.  Again, I say – Go with the grain!Painting Cabinets
    If you don’t go with the grain, it leaves marks.  Wipe any drip marks before they dry.
  4. Using your sponge brush, paint the inside corners and inner trim.Easy way to paint corners on kitchen cabinet
    Wipe any drip marks before they dry.
  5. Allow your door to dry – overnight is best.  Make sure all drip marks are wiped before they dry.
  6. Turn over the door and do the front side by repeating the steps above.
  7. Allow door to dry and then hang.

Hang cabinets

Enjoy your final product!

Kitchen Cabinets Painted with Cookie Crumb

Other words of wisdom and lessons we have learned:

  • Don’t paint in direct sunlight on a hot and windy day.
  • Don’t let your brush become noisy. If it is noisy, then you need more paint.
  • Let your paint dry and take breaks.  When you come back from a break, it will help you gain perspective.
  • Have fun.  The finished project is worth all the sweat, tears and pizza nights.

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  1. Liz WIlkerson says:

    Hi, I just used this same paint for my cabinets and am seeing some minor scraping off of the paint. We sanded,cleaned & primed prior, so I’m just wondering if you happened to experience the same thing?

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