How to Bling an Otterbox

How to Bling an Otterbox | The Happy Housewife

By contributing writer Lana  (like banana)

My daughter has grown up all of a sudden and developed a dislike for pink.
We just finished redecorating her and her sister’s entire room to get rid of any trace of pink.  Thankfully, she still likes glitter.

She has just recently inherited her Mom’s old iPhone and pink Otterbox cover, but there is nothing wrong with it.  So, we decided to try to Bling it with purple glitter.  I love when DIY projects turn out better than we had hoped.  It saved her at least $15.00 for a new one, and hers is pretty unique.  Plus, what preteen doesn’t like BLING?

Supplies Needed

  • Otterbox cover
  • Mod Podge (We used glossy finish.)
  • Sponge brush
  • Glitter
  • File folder or newspaper


1. Wash the otterbox to get rid of any oils or dirt.  Make sure the pieces are dry.

2. Take out the screen protector from the front and the two in the back.  (Ours went right back in but if they don’t some stores sell alternatives such as Zagg.  I have not tried those so I cannot say how good they are.)How to Bling an Otterbox (step 2) | The Happy Housewife

3. Paint the Otterbox with the Mod Podge.  Make sure to coat it well.

How to Bling an Otterbox (step 3) | The Happy Housewife

4. Now the fun part. Cover it with glitter.  If you miss some, don’t worry, you can always go back and redo it later. Let it dry for 15 to 30 minutes.

(I save all the excess glitter and put it back in the bottle.  No sense wasting it.)

How to Bling an Otterbox (step 4) | The Happy Housewife

5. Paint the glitter part with more Mod Podge.  Make sure it is covered well.  This helps seal in the glitter so it won’t come off on your hands. Let dry overnight.

How to Bling an Otterbox (step 5) | The Happy Housewife

Wake up to a beautiful Blinged Otterbox.  And if you are wondering, the glitter doesn’t come off unless it gets wet or is scraped. The Mod Podge acts as a sealer

How to Bling an Otterbox  | The Happy Housewife

Also, if you notice you have missed a spot, just add more Mod Podge and repeat the steps.

How to Bling an Otterbox  | The Happy Housewife

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