Homemade Bubble Bath


Homemade Christmas Gift #34: Homemade Bubble Bath

This gift is so inexpensive to make and any kid will love it!

Laura has the homemade bubble bath recipe on her site. (Really it is so easy, you won’t believe it!)

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  1. …is it bad of me that sometimes, in lieu of “real” bubble bath, I just dump some shampoo right in there? Since this recipe is made with it, well…

    • I do the same thing, Tabitha!

      I get what the blogger is saying about not wanting to soak in chemicals, but how is soaking in shampoo better than bubble bath? What am I missing here?

  2. In the end, it seems like throwing a squirt or two of shampoo into the tub directly is almost the same as what the recipe calls for. It’s all a matter of dissolving into the water…since the recipe’s made with shampoo anyways.

    Every recipe I’ve found so far includes some sort of already-made soap or shampoo.

    Found a great site here: http://thistimethisspace.com/2007/06/12/homemade-bubble-bath-recipes/

    They have recipes to give scents with essential oils, which to me is most of the fun of a bubble bath. I’m generally in there to relax, and while the bubbles are nice, I’d much greatly prefer a nice smell to it while I’m at it!

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