DIY Cake Stand

It seems as though all sorts of cute party decorating items are “all the rage” these days–cake stands, tiered plates, apothecary jars, hurricane lamps, etc. I love these items, but there is often one big problem! The price tag. Well, thanks to one of the crafty moms in my MOPS group, I now can make my own cake stands for less than $3! Now that is a price that I like.

And, not only is the price fantastic, but this might just be the easiest DIY project on the planet. This is all you need:

A candle holder, a plate, and some glue! For this particular stand, the candle stick holder is from the dollar store (& spray painted white) and the plate is a salad plate from the Easter line at Target. Total cost = $2.79

To construct your stand, glue around the rim of the candle holder.

You can add a little circle of glue on the underneath side of the plate for good measure.

Stick the two together and let dry.

Then, voila, an adorable cake stand for next to nothing!


How great would these be for a Mother’s Day luncheon/tea?! Or, even for a Mother’s Day present for grandma from the grandkids with some of her favorite goodies on top?!

In addition to the fantastic price & ease of construction, I love that the possibilities are nearly endless! Customize plates for your household decor or specific holidays; use different sizes/colors of candle holders & plates to create different looks; or stack different sizes to make tiered stands.

So, next time you’re doing some thrifty shopping at the dollar store, thrift stores, or garage sales, be on the look out for plates & candle stick holders to do your DIY cake stands!

*This post was written by Sara, a contributing writer for the Happy Housewife. Read more from her at Mom Endeavors.

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  1. Neat! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yes, I have noticed all these projects, too. I LOVE them!! I can’t wait until the next time I go to Target and the Dollar Store so I can make me some cake stands, too. That is one thing that has been lacking in my kitchen, but like you, I was unwilling to shell out the money for them. Cute stuff!!

  3. Thanks for the tip! I am going to make one of these and give it to my mom for Mother’s Day, along with a flirty apron :).

  4. I love the idea, but cake stands take up a good bit of room to store. I wonder if you could use a circle of velcro to attach the two pieces, then take them apart for storage. That way one candle stick could be used for multiple plates.

    • Sara @ Mom Endeavors says:

      GENIUS! Why didn’t I think of that?! I see no reason why that wouldn’t work and am so doing that! Swap them out for all kinds of different holidays!! 🙂

    • TheHappyHousewife says:

      Seriously, a brilliant idea Linda! The reason I waited so long to get a cake stand was because of storage. I’m sure velcro would work great and it would be fun to switch out plates for the seasons.

  5. So super excited. I am going to pick up items tomorrow for 12 of these to make. The little bug and me are going to make them for the ladies at church next weekend for Mothers Day. I think they will all be so pleased. Love this and All that you do. Thank you for all of the great Ideas.

  6. Sara @ Mom Endeavors says:

    Thanks for all the lovely comments ladies!! 🙂

  7. I made about 8 of these last year, using thrift store finds, to use at a wedding luncheon. I get loads of compliments on them…glad to see the idea is still getting kicked around!! Now, to go find some smaller plates and candlesticks…because I realized today, while getting ready for a baby shower, that all of my cake stands are the same diameter! D’oh!

    Also, you can make non-permanent cake plates for a tower by stacking over-turned tea cups of small bowls with salad plates. It makes a nice presentation that isn’t too “leggy”. That’s what I ended up doing!

  8. What a great idea! I have been eyeing them in catalogs for a long time, and they were always out of my price range. I can’t wait to try this…
    Blessings, Christa

  9. Genius, thanks for sharing!

  10. I went to the dollar store and purchased the supplies to make these but it looks to me like they will not be stable enough to cut a pie on. What has been your experience? I wanted to use them for a pie table at my daughters wedding.

    • what if you used a smaller plate and attached it to the bottom of the candle stick stand? It would make the base larger and not so tipsy.

  11. LOVE THIS! It will be great for holidays and birthdays!!!

  12. I would think that maybe filling the candle holder with something would make the bottom heavier and more sturdy as well.

  13. How are these for cleaning? Can you put them in the dishwasher or would you need to make sure they were hand washed?

  14. I would be afraid the hot glue would release after a while, and probably at an inopportune time. Use J B Weld, it’s waterproof and will last forever. Then you could put it in the dishwasher as long as your plate and candle holder are dishwasher proof. If you are concerned about the plate tipping over, use it for candy, cookies, cupcakes or other pastries. I have seen these made with a matching inverted bowl for a base. Not as high as the candlestick, but more sturdy. Metal candlesticks make a pretty base too, especially if the plate has a silver or gold rim. Look for Christmas plates on clearance after the holidays. Plan ahead for next year. 🙂

  15. Thanks so much for the tutorial!!! I just made my own and can’t wait to use them!

  16. Jennifer says:

    What is the best brand of glue to use for it to be permanent, dwasher safe, and clear?

  17. Great DIY! 🙂 So easy to do, too!

  18. Joye Furches says:

    Awesome! This is such a great idea!!!!! Not to mention a HUGE relief to know I can just run out to dollar tree if I’m short on stands for the reception!!

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