2010 Goals

Resolutions are for the birds. I prefer goals. A goal gives you something to work towards, and something to check off when you achieve it. I prefer to set goals in each area of my life. For me, it makes them seem less daunting and more attainable. It also helps me to prioritize in my own life. Spiritual goals are a higher priority than personal goals, and homemaking goals are more important than blogging goals. By breaking my goals down into categories I focus on what is most important first and go from there.


  • Read through the Bible in 90 Days, starting January 1st.
  • Make a better effort to attend the Mom’s meetings at church.
  • After completing the Bible in 90 Days, read through one book a month. (Recommended by either my husband, pastor, care group leader, or friend)
  • Write in my Bible. This is huge deal for me, as I have had trouble marking in any book.


  • Read one fun book a month.
  • Wii Fit 4 times a week.
  • Remember to take my SuperMom vitamins. (Once again, something I can NEVER remember to do!)
  • Wake up before Cora.
  • Convince Cora to sleep in.
  • Plan our yearly trips in January and budget accordingly.
  • Sew one day a week.


  • Finish formal schooling by 2:30 pm each day.
  • Incorporate more hands on projects with the younger two kids.
  • Preschool with Trouble 3 times a week.
  • Find a better system for record keeping.
  • Attend Apologia Conference.
  • Attend HEAV Conference.


  • Deep clean and organize one room a month in my house.
  • Purchase and use the Motivated Moms’ Planner.
  • Create a home management binder.
  • Update phone contacts and address book and transfer information to the computer.
  • Find a different coupon organization system.
  • Begin a food storage program by stockpiling.



  • Coming Soon

Write your goals pencil, because it is okay and sometimes a good thing to modify and tweak your goals throughout the year. People change and circumstances change, be flexible!

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  1. That is a big list! Good luck with that. Maybe I’ll do mine today on the plane flying home from Mom’s house.
    Well, the best wishes to you and yours

  2. Thank you for sharing your goals. I like that you divided them up into categories. I have been working on a Master To-Do List for 2010 and I think it would be more useful to divide that into sections as well. As always, I enjoy reading your blog.

  3. You guys are so inspiring! I was contemplating some blogging goals for Budgets in honor of your Savvy Blogging site, but now you got me thinking about writing down personal/household goals as well. I, too, dislike the notion of resolutions, but goals are so worthwhile. I’m going to be going somewhere — I might as well be the one holding the compass! (I just made that up:-)

    I am jonesing to read Stanley’s new book, “Stop Acting Rich.” Have you read that one yet?

  4. great list!! I am working on mine now and yours helped me to remember I few! my plan is to try to evaulate my goals each month!

  5. I agree…I love goals rather than resolutions. Last year I joined 101 Goals in 1001 Days and I accomplished over half of them. I will still be working on those this year. I have 1-1/2 years to go!

  6. These are great goals! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Thanks for the inspiration to post goals! I’m going to make my list today & post as well!! 2010 will see us much less in debt and I cannot wait to see what else God has in store for us!

  8. I like the idea of goals. I shall have to start planning them. Hopefully I can get that posted on my blog too. Might help me be accountable with them rather than conveniently forgetting them.

  9. Those are inspiring goals! I might also try to do the Bible in 90 days thing–it’s been so long since I read through it and I know there’s so much I’ve forgotten about it. Is it reading straight through, or is it like chronologically the way it was written?

  10. I love how you broke them down into the categories. I listed mine also from the most important to lowest importance. I believe that if we put our spiritual goals first then everything else will fall into place.

    Wishing the Happy Household a Happy New Year!

  11. My head is spinning just a little from reading that list. (I’m feeling a little overwhelmed as a mom of many right now.) But, I can vouch for the Motivated Mom planner though. I love it!

  12. “take vitamins”…I totally forget to do that, I’m supposed to take iron, too and I never do…this will be one of my goals.

    “wake before Cora..” and “convince Cora to sleep in…” totally made me laugh!!!

    good luck with your goals, I’m still thinking about mine…

  13. I’m going to try and convince my 2 year old to sleep in too, lol! Your list sounds really interesting! Good luck!

    Happy New Year!

  14. Wow. Great goals.
    I write in my bible – much to the horror of my husband. I’ve had my bible since 1990 and it is full of wonderful notations. It is starting to fall apart (good I guess because it means I use it LOL) but I can’t bear to replace it because I don’t want to lose my notes.
    I also have a bible notebook but I love the special notations that I stumble across at different times when reading 🙂

    May God Bless your family in 2010!

  15. Looks like some do-able goals…very measurable.
    You’ll do great!!!

  16. I don’t have a written list yet but have one going in my mind. I have been wanting to put together a home management binder as well. Hope I can get it done soon….life is going to get crazy in less than 2 weeks with another semester of school starting back up. Happy New Year!

  17. I love your goals and quite a few of them are mine as well. Goals do sound better than resolutions! I think both my husband and I are going to read the Bible all year, with the chronological Bible. A friend of mine did last year and is going to start again this year.
    We just have to make time for our lives, besides all the computer blogging~~~and reading other people’s blogs as well. It’s been fun!!! Happy New Year and have fun with your children, cuz they are special and grow up way too fast! 🙂

  18. Have you tried the couponizer? I love it. Well, worth the money. I saved what I spent on it in less than a month. I don’t work for the company or anything. I just love their product. http://www.couponizer.com.

  19. I’m interested to hear about your “love drawer”. 😀 Great list of goals!!

  20. Great idea on breaking your goals down into categories…something that I need to consider for myself! Thanks for sharing and Happy New Year! Looking forward to seeing you soon. 🙂

  21. I love the list of goals that you shared. I am still in the process of setting my goals for this year, but you have definitely inspired me.


  22. these are great goals. i have quite a list too. i hope to get all mine accomplished, good luck to you too!!!

  23. These are great goals! I love how specific they are. 🙂

  24. Great goals! I’ll have to follow your room deep cleaning/organizing posts. I really need to do my house!

    Just discovered your blog. I will be following your posts.
    Mine goals are here: http://psalm37v4.blogspot.com/

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