January Organized in 365: Get the Junk Out

Last year we went through 365 tips to organize and simplify your home one day at a time, which you can see the entire list of ideas here.  With all of these fantastic organization tips to keep your house out of chaos, we decided to highlight some of the best to focus on each month in 2013. 

To start out, we are going to begin with getting the junk out of our house by selling, donating, or trashing.  We can’t begin to organize or keep a clean home with piles of everything everywhere, so let’s focus on taking a few minutes each day to empty our home of junk using the tips below.

Then, join us next month (in February) as we being to tackle specific rooms or areas of our home one by one.


System for Donating Household Items Live Everyday Like You Are Moving Stuff Getting Rid of Stuff Freecycle What You Don't Want Give, Donate, Sell, Toss Hoarders: It Didn't Happen Overnight
  1. System for Donating Household Items
  2. Live Everyday Like You Are Moving
  3. Stuff: Find 5 Things to Toss Right Now
  4. Getting Rid of Stuff
  5. Freecycle What You Don’t Want
  6. Hoarders: It Didn’t Happen Overnight
  7. Give, Donate, Sell, Toss

For more ideas to help you simplify and organize one day at a time, visit the Organized in 365 Archives.

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