How to Make Sponge Water Bombs for Summer Fun

By contributing writer Colleen

It’s almost summer! After the long winter we had, I am so ready to send the kids outside and leave them there for a few months to soak up the fresh air and sunshine. And I’m already planning lots of things they can do to beat boredom when they’re outside and clamoring to come in and play on the computer.

How to Make Sponge Water Bombs for Summer Fun | The Happy Housewife

When I was at the Dollar Tree the other day, I saw a big bin full of multi-pack sponges, and I snatched them up. I’ve seen all sorts of crafts and activities using sponges around the Internet, and I knew that they’d come in handy. And, since my kids love playing war with the neighbors, I figured we’d start with a fun alternative to water balloons–sponge water bombs.

These cool sponge water bombs are colorful, soak up a ton of water, and make for some great water fights. And, they’re super simple to make. When you’re all finished making your water bombs, you’ll want to have a big bucket of water available–and then take cover.

Supplies Needed

  • 3 sponges per water bomb
  • scissors
  • string

How to Make Sponge Water Bombs for Summer Fun | The Happy Housewife


1. Cut each sponge into five even strips lengthwise, and stack the strips on top of each other.

2. Tie tightly in the center with the string, and then tie into a double or triple knot.

3. Fan the strips out so it looks like a tentacle ball, and make some more.

How to Make Sponge Water Bombs for Summer Fun | The Happy Housewife

Once you have enough sponge water bombs to have a water fight, soak them in a big bucket and call the kids over to play.

The absolute best thing about these water bombs is that they’re inexpensive to make and reusable. You won’t find pieces of broken balloons all over your yard, and you’ll always have something on hand to break up those hot summer days.

Are you inspired to give these a try?

What other inexpensive and fun boredom busters do you rely on during the summer to keep your kids active and outside soaking up the sunshine?

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  1. Lawanna says:

    Love this idea. Just found some sponges in the basement and made one. The kid thinks it’s great. All the water doesn’t fall out at the first hit. Now to pick up some more sponges. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Glad you and the kids like the idea, Lawanna. We were playing with ours again today. I filled the water table with the bombs and water and they had a blast! Enjoy your summer.

  3. Rebekah wyatt says:

    Do you think a zip tie would work?

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