Jif Almond & Cashew Butter $200 Giveaway!

Have you tried Jif Almond and Cashew Butters yet? If not, you need to pick up a jar next time you are at the grocery store.

A few weeks ago I made this delicious gluten free chocolate chip cookies cashew cookies. So good!

Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cashew Cookies | The Happy Housewife

If you don’t have a sweet tooth (I think there might be three of you out there) you can spread Jif® Almond & Cashew Butters butters on your favorite snack or even add to a smoothie.

Today I’m giving away an awesome prize pack from Jif® that contains the following:

  • Jif Almond and Cashew Butters

  • $200 Visa/American Express Gift Card

  • Jif notepad

  • Recipe Cards using Jif® Almond & Cashew Butters

I highly recommend whoever wins this giveaway make the Almond Oatmeal Breakfast Bites from the recipe card. They are delicious and a great fast food snack!

To enter this giveaway leave a comment sharing how you would enjoy Jif® Almond or Cashew Butter. Giveaway ends September 12, 2014. 

Giveaway open to U.S. residents only.

This post is a sponsored partnership with Jif®.  All opinions and sticky fingers are my own.  

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Jif Whipped S’mores

You know that moment when you discover an awesome food pairing? That happened for me a few years ago when I was at a party and someone decided to make s’mores with peanut butter cups instead of chocolate bars.

Hello momma!

peanut butter cup s'more

As someone who isn’t always excited to change from routine, I was a bit apprehensive of this new s’more recipe. But one bite convinced me otherwise and my biggest issue now is keeping the most loved peanut butter cups in the house for the nights we have a fire.

With Jif Whips, my problem is solved!

photo (57)

When Jif® sent me some of their new whipped spreads to try I was excited to see the s’mores variety! We like s’mores so much around here I even created a Pinterest board dedicated to the delicious treat. Maybe it is because they remind me of camping, cool fall nights, or just because they are pretty delicious, but I was excited to try out this new flavor from Jif.

Since my girls love peanut butter, what better way to try Jif Whipped S’mores than on a peanut butter cookie. My kids love freshly baked cookies and I thought topping one of their favorite cookies with a fun whipped spread would make it extra special.

Think peanut butter s’mores without the mess.

photo (59)

We piped the Jif Whips on the cookies because my girls are very into decorating right now.

If you don’t have peanut butter cookies in your house, you can always spread Jif Whipped S’mores on graham crackers, use it for dip with cinnamon goldfish, or even pretzels for that salty/ sweet combination.

Sunday, August 10 is National S’more Day (who knew?) so grab some Jif Whipped S’mores and celebrate with a fun snack!

S’more photo credit: James Lee

I’ve partnered with Jif® for this post, all opinions and chocolate fingers are my own. 

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Crock-Pot® Cuisine

It is no secret that my family lived off of cereal and pizza during the deployment. It was quick, easy, and the kids liked it.

Over time, the novelty of cereal and pizza wore off and now I think we would all be happy to never have cereal for dinner again.

After the deployment ended I found out about Crock-Pot® Cuisine. What terrible timing. Had I known about this earlier we would have eaten beef stew more and pizza less.

Here’s how it works. You order your meals through the Crock-Pot® Cuisine website. They currently have seven meals to pick from, but new meals are being added soon. After your order is placed your meals will arrive at your doorstep in a few days.

This is a great service for someone who has just had a baby, or is recovering from a medical procedure. Even if you don’t have time (or are not close enough) to take a meal, you can send them four Crock-Pot®  meals.

photo (3)

The meals arrive frozen and you can put one in the crock pot right away, or store in them in the freezer for later use.

photo (4)

When you are ready to start dinner, take out your meal and prepare according to the directions. This basically means, cut open the bag, toss in the crock pot and start cooking.

photo (37)

Meals take four to eight hours depending on whether you use the low or high setting on your crock pot.

photo (59)

My family loved the beef stew. It served six people, although a few of those were kids. The veggies tasted great and the meat was cooked perfectly.

I wouldn’t hesitate to order these meals for a friend, they tasted great!

If you are interested in trying Crock-Pot® Cuisine you can save 25% off your first order by using the code CPC25BLOGD. This code is only valid until March 31, 2014 so don’t delay!


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Frusion Yogurt: #TryFrusionFree

As many of you know, one of my goals is to be a “Yes Mom.” I’ve started giving talks around my area on how moms can learn to be a yes mom too. One of my “yes mom” tips is to be prepared to say yes.

One of the reasons I use to say no is because I wasn’t prepared to say yes or didn’t have a healthy alternative for my children especially when it came to snacks. My solution, keep healthy snacks in the fridge and in the car so you are able to make the most of the yes mom moments without sacrificing taste or nutrition.

My children love yogurt, fresh fruit and veggies, crackers, and nuts. In order for them to make good choices with their snacks and to not gravitate towards junk food I try to keep those items in stock. My kids will happily choose healthy options when they are available.

One fun snack my children really enjoy is smoothies. Smoothies, however are difficult to take on the road because I don’t usually travel with my blender. We do have small cooler packs that we use when we are spending the day at the park or pool and the new new Frusion C-Charged is a perfect on the go snack.

frusion 3-1


My kids love the creamy yogurt with the chunks of fruit. I feel good knowing that they are getting their daily amount of vitamin C, as well as lots of protein and calcium. It’s also has no high fructose corn syrup which is a huge plus for me. It’s totally portable and the kids can drink it while they are on the go.

frusion 1

My kids think the creamy drink is a treat and don’t even know I’m giving them a healthy snack. The banana berry flavor was a huge hit with my kids and just perfect for a hot and humid day during our Florida vacation.

If you want to give your children a healthy snack (or even breakfast) you can try Frusion C-Charged for free! From now until October 15, 2013 you can mail your receipt and rebate form in for a reimbursement of up to $3.99.

Click here to learn more about the rebate details.

Frusion C-Charged doesn’t have to just be an on-the-go snack. It is perfect for lunch boxes, quick breakfasts or after school snacks. It’s a perfect balance of nutrition and delicious for your kids.

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