A Young Historian’s Introduction to Worldview: Curriculum Review

A Young Historian's Introduction to Worldview: Curriculum Review

by Karyn Hostetter, The Happy Housewife reader

I was given the opportunity to review the curriculum  A Young Historian’s Introduction to Worldview published by Brimwood Press and written by Marcia Harris Brim.  This curriculum is designed for children ages 10-13 or in 5th to 8th grades.

The cost is $35 for the book or $125 for the complete worldview discussion set which is pictured above.   It is a curriculum designed to show children the ideas that our worldview affects the way we think, how we act, and how our cultures are affected by differing world views.

As we started the curriculum, Lesson 1 introduces the definition of a worldview.  The child is asked to look at a picture with the naked eye, then with sunglasses, and finally with 3D glasses .  He is asked to fill out an observation sheet to show how the picture appears using these different glasses.  It is used as an example of how we see things differently and how this affects the beliefs that we have.

Lesson 2 goes on to explain what all worldviews have in common.  The similarities are the questions that we all ask.  The lesson gives some differences of Big Worldview  questions and just good questions to ask yourself.

Lesson 3 then goes on to show different worldviews and what each believes.  An activity with cardboard boxes and how they are wrapped with different paper shows that some beliefs are clear to us and some a little hard to see.

Lesson 4 explains how worldviews have affected history in the past.  Different beliefs drive different behaviors.

This curriculum has many different activities to show how worldviews differ, and what we believe affects how we live.  Each lesson also has a table talk section that families can talk about at the dinner table.

I like the idea of having family conversations to discuss what was learned in each lesson.  I felt this curriculum caused many discussions that we normally would not have in our house.  This curriculum is very easy to follow with clear lesson plans.

You can purchase  A Young Historian’s Introduction to Worldview from the Brimwood Press website.  On the lower left side of the page under “Categories,” click on “Tools for Young Historians” to find the individual book or “Bundle Packages” to find the  Conversations Worldview Kit pictured above.

Karen received a free copy of the curriculum to review, but all opinions are her own.

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