7 Items Penny Pinchers NEVER Spend Money On

Penny pinchers make thoughtful purchases and think out every dollar they spend. The truth is, there are certain items that penny pinchers refuse to spend money on. They can save the money they don’t spend on these items or use it for more important needs. Take a look below at 7 items penny pinchers never spend money on, so you can pinch and save as they do. Here is what you need to know!

Penny pinchers make thoughtful purchases and think out every dollar they spend. And there are certain items that penny pinchers refuse to spend money on.

1. Condiments

Penny pinchers love hanging on to their carryout and restaurant condiments. The small packets work great when tossed into lunches or meals on the go. And they prevent the need for having to buy regular sized bottles. Penny pinchers save ketchup, mayo, and salt packets, knowing they will always come in handy. While they are at it, they hang on to those carryout utensils and napkins too!

2. Reading materials

A penny pincher knows that their library is an excellent source for free reading materials. They also know that Amazon offers hundreds of free eBooks for the taking. These are two wonderful sources for all the reading materials one could want!

3. Music

Just as a penny pincher goes to the library for books, they go there for music as well. Libraries have huge selections of current music free for the borrowing. Penny pinchers also take advantage of free music streaming from stations and apps such as Pandora. By listening to just a few commercials you can get all the free music you want.

4. Housekeeping

A penny pincher would never pay for something they can do themselves. This includes housekeeping and cleaning. Penny pinchers do these household tasks themselves as opposed to hiring someone else to do it. In turn, they save big. They also take care of  laundry, lawn care, and other household jobs themselves.

5. Premade cleaning products

Why pay for store bought cleaning products when vinegar and baking soda clean just about everything? Vinegar makes counter tops and floors sparkling clean, makes glass shine, and can make your sink as clean as ever. Baking soda cleans out disposals, absorbs drain odors, and can scrub away grime. Penny pinchers use these products to clean instead of buying premade products.

6. Paper products

A penny pincher never buys paper products. Instead, they use cloth napkins, tablecloths, and towels. They also use organizational apps instead of pen and paper. Penny pinchers don’t waste money on disposable paper products but instead use cloth whenever possible.

7. Prepackaged snacks

A penny pincher knows that when they buy prepackaged and snack-sized food items, they are paying for convenience. Instead, they buy their favorite snacks in bulk and divide the servings up if need be. There is no point in paying for easier packaging or convenience.

Are you ready to implement the practices of a penny pincher? Consider these 7 items penny pinchers never spend money on and see if they make a difference in your life.

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  1. The condiments bit gave me a good laugh because I’ve definitely seen plenty of people with drawers full of ketchup packets and Taco Bell sauce haha. I like to save money but don’t think I’m at that level yet.

  2. I am in love with apple cider vinegar.You can drink it for so many health benefits, you can add it to bath water to clean your skin better, it disinfects and kills mold, it can be used with baking soda to clear blocked drains, it breaks down so many grimy messes, it helps rinse soap off dishes, it de-funks smelly plastic containers, it makes windows shiny, it cleans your produce AND makes it last longer, it makes a lovely salad dressing when mixed with olive oil, and it can even be used for stopping a sore throat before it progresses!

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