How To Make Your Own Rice Sock

With many children in the house I often wind up playing nurse maid to someone’s broken something or other.  This is simply the way it goes and I’m very happy I’m around to be able to do it.  I often hear of moms talking about how a hug and a Band-Aid fixes every boo boo.
However, Band-Aids are expensive, not to mention the exposure to latex.  So I prefer to use a rice sock and a hug.  Now, you might think that rice socks are simply for the imagined hurts, not so!  We use ours for many a reason, including:

  • growing pains (kids)
  • sore backs (mine)
  • cramps (teens)
  • bed and car seat warming (babies)
  • stiff necks
  • headaches
  • and many more uses!

The fastest way to make a rice sock is to use plain tube socks.  Fill it with plain white rice, not fast cooking.  You will want to put enough rice to heat but not so much that you can’t move the rice around in the sock some.  Part of the benefit of a rice sock is the fact that it can fit your knee one day and your neck the next.  You then tie a knot in the end.

For a money saving tips you can use clean, but older socks or matchless socks.  My personal preference is to buy a bag of really big, grey colored tube socks, as I find the older socks tend to lose small grains of rice through invisible holes.  Grey is nice because it hides the wear and tear to the sock.  Buying the rice in bulk can give you plenty for a rice sock per person in your family with plenty left over for several meals.

If you are handy with sewing, you can also sew the end closed.  Some families have even taken to using various fabrics to make their rice socks.  I’m not handy with a needle and thread so I do the sock version.

To use your rice sock, throw it in your microwave for two minutes.  Since microwaves vary, you can play around with the amount of time it takes to heat it to your liking.  Since rice socks lose heat as time goes on, they are safe to take to bed.  If you don’t have a microwave, simply toss it in the dryer with your clothes.

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  1. I made my own rice bags with wash cloths that I fold in half and sew around, they are so easy and nice to have on hand.

  2. Ooh, I can’t wait to try this…I don’t take to sewing too well, either!

  3. My mom would sometimes use dried corn instead of rice – works well and smells yummy!

  4. I needed something quick one day and made a sock using beans, pinto I think. I use it on my neck alot and at bedtime.

  5. we have magic beans at our house. Simply sew up a little pocket, add a handful of kidney beans or popcorn or i suppose rice. Throw in the freezer. perfect amount of cold for the bumps and bruises of a 4y.o. ice stings too much even with a wash rag but magic beans can go right to the spot. good for cooling off the pressure points on an overheated day too.

  6. I made a small rice pack to keep in the freezer for boo boos as well. Its definitely been used many times! (

  7. I have a store bought rice bag and have used it for years for aches & pains. It works so well and brings so much comfort to overworked muscles. Just used it this morning!

  8. What a great idea! As for the band aids – our rule is you have to be bleeding to get a band aid. My 4 year old is always trying to convince me that she is actually bleeding when she isn’t. It is funny.

  9. I LOVE my rice socks!!! Perfect for sore muscles — or to just keep the chill out in the winter so I don’t have to turn up the heat in our home!

  10. Ha ha! I do this all the time and my husband thinks it’s SO gross. Of course, I’m using his socks most of the time, so that probably doesn’t help his outlook on it. Still one of my favorite take-me-away tricks.

  11. I have never heard of a Rice Sock. Thanks for sharing!

  12. I have been using one for years and it works wonders on aches and pains.

  13. I NEED to make one of these ! I sure hope you link this to this coming TWT. It is a GREAT tightwad tip ! Hmmmm I think I am going to make one this week end. [0= I have been wanting to sew but now I am going to get my sewing machine set up today. [0= I LOVE simple projects. ((happy dance))

    Blessings and ((HUGS)) my SSiC
    In Him<

  14. What a small world. Robin Weiss was my doula 8 1/2 yrs ago!!!


    God bless,


  15. I must be so out of the loop with mommy care. I have twins and am sure I’ll need this in the NEAR future. I’ve never heard of this. This is awesome! Thanks for sharing.

  16. I hurt my back about a year ago while helping my preschool students pick up blocks of all things! I use a heating pad whenever it flares up but always wonder if there are health risks using something electric. (Don’t they say electric blankets are bad for you?) I’m going to try this idea instead! Thanks!

  17. Hey, thanks for the cool idea! My son received a set of mitten shaped ones to put in his pockets during winter, but he never let me borrow them. 🙂

    I had completely forgotten about it. THANKS!

  18. My grandma always had a rice sock handy for hurts 🙂

  19. I was given one of these rice bags in the hospital after I gave birth to Ali. It was awesome and we still use it today. I highly recommend these.

  20. You can also throw in some dried herbs, like chamomile, lemongrass or lavender, and they make the sock smell VERY nice when it’s warmed.

  21. That is a great tip. I will keep that in mind if we find we need more than the current bed-buddy that we use.

  22. Thanks for instructions, this is great.

  23. I saw a buffed up version at the px (at one of the merchant kiosks) the other day..with herbs- and it was about 150 dollars for a whole body kit…
    so I went home and remembered your post and looked it up and made my own….I will add some herbs soon…for a relaxing good time… I have been using it this week, and I have to say…its been a pampering tool for me to feel better in the wintertime, and just feel better all day….
    thanks so much for this post.


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