Why I Spend $9 a Month on Amazon Prime

If you’ve never taken the plunge and tried Amazon Prime the holidays are the BEST time to sign up for a free trial. When you sign up forAmazon Prime you get a free 30 day trial. After the 30 day trial you can cancel your membership and you won’t be charged. 

However, being a frugal shopper, I like to save money and it rubs me the wrong way to spend money on things we don’t really need.

When Amazon Prime was first introduced I was skeptical.

I’m going to pay how much per year for what? 

My brother, who is always first to find out about these kinds of things signed up right away. After a year of watching him order off Amazon and never pay for shipping, while I waited for free shipping deals, trying to get my order value up to get free shipping, or missing out on great deals (for things I needed) while he was able to order them and have it delivered to his house in two days I decided to try it.

I signed up for a Amazon Prime free trial and I was hooked. After I did the math I realized the $99 fee was only $9 a month, less than two trips to Starbucks. Could I justify the $9 a month? Did the savings add up?

It did, and here’s how.

I absolutely love Amazon Prime. Not only do I receive free shipping on almost every item I purchase at Amazon, I also have free music, movies, and Kindle books! It's totally worth the membership price.

Amazon Prime is FREE for 30 days.

Yes, this is a marketing tactic from Amazon, however you can use Amazon Prime for 30 days then cancel and be charged nothing at all, ever. So for the next 30 days you can enjoy all the Amazon Prime Day deals, free shipping, holiday playlists, free books on Kindle and movies for free.

You must cancel your membership at the 30 day mark if you try it and decide it isn’t for you.

This is how I started my membership and realized about 15 days in that I loved Prime and would be keeping my $99 yearly membership.

You can sign up for your trial membership here

Amazon Prime gives you Free Shipping on thousands of items every day.

I have six kids at home. It isn’t easy to load them up and take them on errands with me. Many of the items I purchase are available on Amazon for a competitive price.

If I can shop on Amazon instead of loading up the kids and taking two hours out of our day to shop it is worth it just for that.

Also, if something is only available online, I usually purchase it from Amazon because I know I get free shipping and the price is better (which it usually is).

I do most my Christmas shopping on Amazon.

For the last fifteen years we’ve lived away from our family and have not spent Christmas with them. This means mailing gifts every single year. With Amazon Prime I ALWAYS have free shipping, never have to wait in line at the post office (seriously that’s a nightmare at Christmas) and the gifts always arrived in two days!

Amazon carries so many products it is almost impossible not to find a gift for a loved one on the site.

Amazon Prime gives you FREE Kindle books through the lending library.

I love to read, and we love to go to the library. Sometimes the books I want to read are not available at my library and I’ve waited, weeks and months for books to come in. When you have Amazon Prime you are able to “borrow” books for 30 days to read on your Kindle.

This is an awesome way to read without spending money, worrying about library fines, or lost library books. They have over 500,000 titles available in the lending library so there’s probably a few books available you have on your list.

Amazon Prime gives you unlimited photo storage.

This is a new feature for Amazon Prime and probably the one I’m most excited about after free shipping. Since I pay $30 a year to a photo storage company and another $10 a month to Dropbox to store photos this feature pays for itself every year.

Cloud Drive offers secure online storage, automatic photo backup, and lets you access your photos anywhere: on your phone, computer, tablet, or any Fire device.

After losing 40,000 and three years with of photos this summer when my son dropped my computer (some where backed up, some weren’t). I’ve been uploading photos to the cloud. I don’t want to lose any more photos and when you take as many as I do you need unlimited photo storage!

Amazon Prime gives you thousands of free videos and television shows.

I don’t use this one often because I’m not much of a tv/ movie watcher, but it’s definitely a great savings.

You can instantly stream Prime Instant Video titles from your computer’s web browser, Fire phone, Fire TV, Fire Tablets, iOS devices, and hundreds of other Internet-connected TVs, Blu-ray players, set-top-boxes, and gaming consoles.

They have lots of kid’s shows available for free including Thomas, Veggie Tales, Angelina Ballerina, as well as lots of holiday movies.

Amazon Prime gives you free streaming music.

We’ve been paying $9 a month for Spotify for the past year. Now Amazon Prime gives you free streaming music. They have over a million titles including holiday music and playlists (yay! Love me some Christmas music!)

This is a new benefit for Prime members that I’m excited to try out. I’d love to cancel my Spotify account and save!

Amazon Prime gives you early access to Lightening Deals.

I love Lightning Deals around Christmas time and on Prime Day because the prices are really amazing. A Prime membership gives you access to these deals 30 minutes early, so if it is something you really want to buy it will be available early and you’ll be able to get it before it sells out.

Six Month Free Trial for Students!

If you have a child with a .edu email address they are eligible for a free six month Amazon Prime Student membership. The benefits are the same for a student membership but if you decide to continue with the program it is only $50 for the year instead of $99.

Sign up for the student membership here

For my family Amazon Prime adds up!

Amazon Prime yearly membership $139 or $10.99 a month.

Things I don’t need because I have an Amazon Prime membership:

  • Dropbox $10 a month
  • Spotify $10 a month
  • Netflix $8 a month
  • Photo hosting $30 a year

Total savings each year: $366 

If you don’t have an Amazon Prime membership this is the BEST time of year to start your free trial! If you don’t love it, cancel before your 30 days are up and you pay nothing.

I think it is worth the $9 a month that a membership costs because I use Prime almost weekly. I’ve purchased fixtures, fans, lightbulb, paint, even wallpaper scrapers from Amazon in the past year and I’ve never had to worry about waiting for an item to arrive or paying for shipping!

Do you have Amazon Prime? Do you think it is worth $99 a year? 

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10 Essential Oil Stocking Stuffers for Under $20

It seems like all my friends are using essential oils these days. And since I’m always looking for fun, cute, and affordable Christmas gift ideas, I compiled a list of some essential oil accessories I’ve been thinking of buying for my friends this year.

All the gifts are under $20 (most of them are under $10), so they are easy on the budget and the essential oil user in your life will love them!

A list of our ten favorite essential oil stocking stuffers under $20. They are easy on the budget and the essential oil user in your life will love them!

We’ve compiled ten of our favorite essential oils gifts and they all are under $20! These gifts are perfect for stockings, secret Santa presents, under the tree, and more.

Aromatherapy Necklace with Leaf Charm

Essential Oil Stocking Stuffers Under $20 - Aromatherapy Necklace with Leaf Charm from The Oil Collection

You can’t go wrong giving this beautiful diffuser necklace as a gift! You can diffuse your oils all day long when you wear diffuser jewelry. Just add a drop of oil to the pad and place in the locket. Your oils will be nearby at all times.

Essential Oil Travel Bag

Essential Oil Stocking Stuffers Under $20 - Essential Oil Travel Bag

With this essential oil travel bag you can take up to 10 oils with you in your purse!  The individual mesh pockets for each bottle means the oils are not rolling around or banging into each other. This bag will keep essential oils safe also make it easy to identify the oil bottles.

Essential Oil Car Diffuser

Essential Oil Stocking Stuffers Under $20 - Essential Oil Car Diffuser

Diffuse in your car with this aromatherapy car diffuser that plugs right into your car charger. This one also includes a usb port so you can charge your electronics and diffuse your oils at the same time.

Diffuser Bracelet Set

Essential Oil Stocking Stuffers Under $20 - Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelets

Diffuse on the go with this braided diffuser bracelet set. Place a drop of oil inside the bracelet and you can take your oils with you no matter where you go. This casual braided style is great for teens and adults. We like to layer them with other bracelets for a fun look!

Stainless Steel Drinking Straws

Essential Oil Stocking Stuffers Under $20 - Stainless Steel Drinking Straws

These stainless steel drinking straws are perfect for drinking water with a few drops of your favorite essential oil. These hypoallergenic straws won’t react with your oils and are reusable!

Glass Roll-on Bottles with Stainless Roller Balls

Essential Oil Stocking Stuffers Under $20 - Roll-On Bottles with Stainless Steel Rolling Balls

These glass roll-on bottles are perfect for use with essential oils. Use the roll-on bottle to apply the perfect amount of product each time. The Amber glass provides protection from potentially harmful light and the convenient size makes it perfect for travel.

Aromatherapy Jewelry Refill Pads

Essential Oil Stocking Stuffers Under $20 - Aromatherapy Jewelry Refill Pads

If you already have diffuser jewelry these refill pads are the perfect stocking stuffer. Includes 25 pads for use in diffuser necklaces.

Essential Oils Keychain

Essential Oil Stocking Stuffers Under $20 - Essential Oils Keychain

With this TSA approved keychain you can take your oils anywhere! Includes bottles and lids.

Essential Oils Roller Ball Cap Opener

Essential Oil Stocking Stuffers Under $20 - Essential Oils Universal Key

Avoid using teeth, knives, fingernails, or other unwieldy tools to remove roller bottle or reducer caps. These universal keys work with all essential oil bottles and are great for replacing orifice and roller bottle caps without damage.

Stainless Steel Diffuser Wrap Bracelet 

Essential Oil Stocking Stuffers Under $20 - Aromatherapy Diffuser Bracelet (be sure to get the coupon)

This diffuser wrap bracelet is slightly over our $20 budget, but it’s so beautiful I had to include it! Diffuse your favorite essential oils all day long in this hypoallergenic bracelet with double wrap leather band. Comes in rose gold or stainless finish and a variety of bands. Save 25% (and get the price down to $20) on this bracelet with the code SPARKLE.

Thanks The Oil Collection!

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Why I Never Pay Full Price Online

This post is in partnership with Splender. All opinions are my own.

As you know I love shopping online. My online shopping obsession began when we lived in Cuba and we didn’t have anywhere to shop on the base. It was right about that time that most retailers really started investing in their online stores and it was great to have options when we were living overseas.

We moved from Cuba to West Virginia and we lived over an hour from the closest Target, Walmart, or clothing store (gasp!). My friend and I would spend hours using dial up internet, shopping for our kids at OldNavy.com and LandsEnd.com. It probably wouldn’t have taken hours if we had faster internet, but you take what you can get in the middle of nowhere.

My online shopping continued as our family continued to grow and we moved back to civilization. It was the IKEA trip of 2004 that had me swearing off in-store shopping for the rest of my life.

When I first started shopping online there weren’t many coupons or deals. Sometimes I would search online for a coupon, but many times the coupons I would find were expired or were “one time use” so they didn’t work for me.

Thankfully all that has changed drastically in the past ten years and if you are a savvy shopper you will never again pay full price for the rest of your life.

Here are three ways I save when shopping online.

Shop Ahead

Back when we lived in the arctic circle (aka Maryland for this Florida gal) I would do most of my winter clothes shopping in March. By then all the major stores had discounted their winter gear because they wanted to make room for their spring and summer inventory.

Currently I’m shopping for patio furniture, swimwear and shorts. Just last week I was able to stock up on goggles for under $3 a pair. (If your kids swim you know goggles are a hot commodity!)

Get Cash Back

Getting cash back is probably the easiest way to save when you shop online. Last summer I heard about a cash back site called Splender.com. We’ve talked about cashback shopping sites in the past, but in case you aren’t familiar with how they work, I’ll walk you through it.

Go to Splender.com and sign up for a free account (this takes under 5 minutes). Once you have an account search Splender for coupons and deals for your favorite sites.

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 12.05.06 PM

I love Old Navy for my kids’ clothes, so let’s start there. Right now, when I shop through Splender I can maximize my savings by using the 20% off sale merchandise coupon plus an additional 3% cash back. All I have to do is click on the “Shop Now” button to start saving.

I can shop on OldNavy.com and use the code ENJOY to save immediately and then next month I’ll receive my cash back from Splender.

What I like about Splender is that unlike other cash back programs you only need $10 in your account to get your cashback. Also, they pay every month which is really fast.

Use Coupons

There are so many ways to get discounts and coupons when you shop online. Since I like getting cash back I first look to see if Splender has any coupons or discounts on their site. Since they have partnered with over 800 stores they usually do, but if not, a quick google search will almost always bring up a coupon.

If I can’t find any coupon or discount on Splender, I go directly to the website and see if they have any discounts for loyal customers. Almost all retailers offer a discount when you share your email for the first time. I ALWAYS do this for additional savings.

Remember to also check for free shipping. Lately I’ve been shopping for uniform shorts. Since almost every children’s apparel store carries them, I’m comparing cash back percentages between stores (Splender usually has the highest), coupons, and free shipping to decide where I’m purchasing the uniforms. I’ve been able to get uniform shorts for under $8 a piece (including shipping) when I am strategic about it. That sure beats the $17 price at the uniform shop!

If you are hesitant about giving your information to another website, Splender has been a trusted partner in the cashback space for ten years (which is about a million in internet years). Also, you can request for payment via paypal so all they need is your paypal email address.

Finally, you can actually MAKE money when you shop Splender.

When you refer a friend to Splender you get $10 in cash. Not only do you earn $10 for every friend you refer, your friend receives an extra $5 after their first purchase of $50. So not only can they save using a coupon and cash back, they will get $5 after their first purchase.

If you are like me and don’t like to take five kids shopping regularly, I highly recommend shopping online more often.

I’m able to compare prices and maximize my savings from the comfort of my home.

If you haven’t tried Splender yet, you should sign up for your free account. You can start saving without even trying!

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How to Help Your Teen Financially Prepare for College

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A recent survey found that 48% of parents expect their children to pay for some or all of their college. Many young adults are now graduating with some amount of student loan debt. It is possible to get a college degree without having to spend the next twenty years paying it off?

How to help your teen financially prepare for college so they don't graduate with staggering student loan debt.

Forecast college costs  

You can’t be prepared for the expense of college if you don’t know how much it costs. Look online for an interactive calculator that will help estimate the cost of tuition and room and board. Don’t forget to factor in books and living expenses (aka four years of pizza).

Compare several schools to help figure out what works best with your budget.

Dual enroll or take AP classes in high school

I know many teens who graduate high school with a year or two of college credits under their belt. This can be a great way to get a head start in college and save money.

Commute to a local college or university 

Not only will you save with lower in-state tuition, your teen can save money by living at home.   I did this and was able to save thousands of dollars in room and board.

If your child has their heart set on going away to college, consider having them go to a local school the first year or two and then transferring to their dream school.

Apply for grants, scholarships and work study programs

This is something your teenager should do while they are still in high school. Every school offers grants, aid and scholarships for students. Start researching early what your school of choice has available because the sooner you apply the better.

When I was in college I was paid to take notes in class. These notes where used for students who had disabilities and were unable to take notes in class.  I was paid by the hour and this helped cover the cost of my tuition for several semesters. 

Save on textbooks 

Years ago you had to buy all your textbooks at the school bookstore and if you were lucky there was a used copy available. Not anymore. Today you can rent textbooks, buy them online, or even share with another student.

With the price of textbooks rivaling tuition for some courses, shopping around and finding the best deal is a simple way to cut college costs.

Shop for a student loan

Not all student loans are created equal. For many families, the cost of college is not something they can afford to pay for upfront. If your teen does need to take out a loan, do some research to make sure you are getting the best option that fits their needs.

Discover Student Loans offers helpful advice for students and parents, including student loan and tips on paying for school.

Take advantage of student discounts

If your child lives in a college town many restaurants and stores offer discounts for students.

Don’t just take advantage of local discounts, many online retailers offer great student discounts as well, including Apple and Adobe. All your teen needs for the discount is their student ID or college email address.

Delay college for a year

One of the most cost effective ways to get a degree is to finish it in four years. A student who switches majors multiple times or changes schools halfway through a degree program will end up paying more for their education.

Allowing your teen to wait a year and work (also saving up more money) while they figure out exactly what they want to do is a viable option for many families. Not every 18 year-old knows exactly what they want to be “when they grow up.”

Waiting a year can be a great way for your teen to earn extra money, get some real life experience, and help them decide on their educational goals before they start spending money.

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