7 Ways to Save for Christmas Next Year

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7 Ways to Save for Christmas Next Year…Now

1. Dedicate Savings ~ Start by dedicating a specific place to put your Christmas savings. Whether it’s a savings account at the bank, an envelope in your home safe or even a cookie jar.

2. Make A Budget Cut ~ Review your family expenses and find something to cut out. Cut out cable or reduce your cell phone minutes. If you reduce a monthly expense by $20, put that automatically into savings and by next Christmas, you’ll have over $200.

3. Start Buying Now ~ The day after Christmas is the best time to start filling your gift closet. There are many items significantly marked down or on clearance. Buying items on clearance and spreading your purchases out, will help reduce going into debt during the holidays.

4. Start Earning Rewards ~ Sign up for a reward program like Swagbucks and earn points that you can put towards gift cards. Swagbucks allows you to search the web like you normally would, all while earning points. Once you’ve accumulated a set amount of points you can redeem them for merchandise or gift cards.

If you use a credit card, make sure you have a card that does not cost you anything and that you are earning rewards on every purchase. We have a cash back card and at the end of each year we get several hundred dollars credited to our account.

5. Start Selling ~ Pick 2 days next year to have a garage sale. Use these days to get rid of clutter around your house. Commit to putting money earned into the Christmas savings account.

6. Clip Coupons ~ Start taking advantage of items that are free after sales and coupons. Candles, batteries and hair accessories can make great gift basket items for teachers or co-workers. Take the time to use sales and coupons for your grocery shopping and commit to adding every dollar you save, to your Christmas savings.

7. Give Something Up ~ This is a great project to do as a family. Sit down and have each member commit to giving something up. Maybe it’s Mom’s coffee purchase on the way to the office or lunch out with co-workers. The kids might choose to cut pizza nights back to once a month instead of every Friday. It could be as simple as ordering water to drink when you eat out.

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  1. Kelly Hess says:

    We start saving in January. This year $75 a month automatically went into a Smarty Pig account. We had over $750 saved for Christmas by November

  2. Katena Dyser says:

    We have already set a budget of 100 a kid. So our budget is set for next year. We also buy thought-out the year as well and especially after Christmas clearance is the best.

  3. I can attest to how fun it is to shop for Christmas with cash that you have saved all year. You are joyful with zero guilt. If you strictly spend only that cash then you automatically control your budget and stop when the money stops. It has revolutionized our Christmases and definitely has changed how we feel financially in January! 😉

  4. I have another way to save money to help cover Christmas expenses, and it doesn’t take much effort. I keep a small metal can in the middle compartment of my car. I put all my change into this can—out of sight, out of mind. Once a month I make a trip to the Coin Star machine at a local grocery store. With the money voucher I receive for my coins, I purchase gift cards that the grocery store has on a display rack and put these away for birthdays or Christmas. Already making plans for next Christmas, as I generally shop the same stores every year.

  5. Cheryl, I love your tip! I always have a set budget, prebuy thoughtful presents when on sale year round and save for birthdays and Christmas. But your tip is a new fabulous tip I have never heard before since I have set stores I always shop at.

  6. I am saving for Christmas this year two ways: 1) I’m using the 52-week savings challenge to put away a little money each week. I’m going to save in reverse, so rather than saving $1, $2, $3, etc…, I’m putting away $52, $51, $50, etc… I had some money leftover from this year’s Christmas shopping, so I’m using that to make my first few eek’s contributions; 2) I’m going to buy 1 $50 gift card wih every paycheck starting in January, so I have something to shop with when it’s time for Christmas shopping in the fall. Using these two methods, I’ll have over $2000 available by the end of October. Anything leftover will be used to start the following year’s Christmas fund.

  7. I have my bank automatically put money each week in a Christmas Club account. I started out putting $20 per week in the account.. I had $1000 at the end of the year (it starts in October).. I did that for a couple of years then increased it to $40/week = $2000 (plus interest)… I did that a year or two and now doing $60/week which will= $3000+ at the end of the year… I do not use that much for Christmas so the extra can be saved, used for a big expense, or vacation. I usually get the money direct deposit in my checking account in October. This year I did have to buy a new hot water heater $650 and we are going on a cruise in April so used $1000 to pay on it… You can do any amount you want though and it is done automatically so you don’t really miss the money.

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