50 Simple Ways to Save $5

Have you thought about the power of saving? What if you found ways to save $5 a day, for the next month. That’s $150. What if you did that for a year? That adds up to $1,825? What if found ways to save $5 a day for the next $20 years? You’d have an extra $36,000!

50 ways to save 5 dollars

It might be difficult to find $5 savings every day for the next 20 years, but even saving $5 a week adds up over time! Most of the time it isn’t the big purchases that hurt us, it is the little expenditures that add up to big debt over years and years. The coffee at Starbucks, the impulse purchase at the grocery store, the drive-thru dinner.

Being intentional with your spending can add up to big savings. Here are 50 simple ways to save $5! Do them all and you’ll have a nice little bump in your savings!

There are so many little ways to find savings here are some of my favorite easy ways to save!


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  1. Had to laugh as I saw the “eat more beans.” My daughter & I have a standing joke about cooking beans. She has given up after trying 2-3 batches in her crock pot…& they wouldn’t get done. I decided to try a batch today. Soaked them for 10 hrs overnight, put them in the crockpot & they cooked most of the day & those little “boogers” still aren’t done. What gives?
    BTW, didn’t add salt.

  2. Unfortunately if I gave up unlimited texting my bill would skyrocket! When you have two non-stop texting teens, unlimited IS saving money 😉

  3. I’m not sure, but I’ve read that if you put salt in the water you’re beans will not soften. Season afterward.

  4. I’ve been using the 45 dollar straight talk plan mentioned for a while, it IS unlimited texting and data for my smart phone.

  5. Carol R. Swanson says:

    I have a bag of lentils. It says they don’t need to soak. I believe you cook them similarly to rice. Maybe its the variety of beans you are using.

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