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Virtual Anatomy Study Resources at The Happy Housewife

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By contributing writer Marci

Mention studying anatomy to many people and the thoughts of dissected frogs and formaldehyde make them shiver and want to run. That’s a shame. The study of anatomy is fascinating and doesn’t have to be gross.

Thanks to new virtual anatomy resources, we can turn our computers and tablets into science labs and explore the world of anatomy and physiology without getting our hands dirty. Here are some of my favorite virtual tools for studying anatomy. Remember to pin this post to use later with your students.

Anatomy Apps

My Incredible Body App.  This app contains stunning 3D images taking students on a journey through the human body and its systems. It is available on iTunes and Google Play.

Virtual Anatomy Study Resources at The Happy Housewife

Virtual Frog Dissection App. This is a great alternative to actual frog dissections. This app contains 3D images, information about the frog organs, and comparisons of human and frog organs. The app works on iPads, desktops, laptops, netbooks, and interactive whiteboards.

Virtual Anatomy Study Resources at The Happy Housewife

Online Interactive Resources

Cow Eye Dissection. This site contains step by step images and video of a real cow eye being dissected.

Virtual Knee Replacement Surgery. Take on the role of surgeon in this online, animated, interactive knee replacement surgery. You can also take part in a virtual hip replacement.

Virtual Anatomy Study Resources at The Happy Housewife

Virtual Human BodyThis online interactive is very comprehensive in its exploration of the human body and its structure. This is also available as a mobile app.

3D brain. This is a really cool interactive 3D model of the brain. It gives details about the function and structure of each part.


How the body works videos from Kids HealthThis is a great set of videos for younger students. Animated characters lead kids through various parts of the body explaining the parts and how they work together.

Virtual Anatomy Study Resources at The Happy Housewife

NOVA Science How The Brain WorksThis is an hour long video hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson that explores recent brain research.

Have you used real or virtual dissections in your homeschool? Do you use any other virtual tools to study anatomy? 

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