Summer Reading Programs: Encourage Your Reluctant Reader

I’m convinced some kids are born with a love of books while others need a bit more encouragement. An easy and free way to encourage your child to read is by participating in a summer reading program. It seems like every summer another company creates their own program so it should be easy to find one that fits your family’s needs.

I’ve compiled a list of some of the more popular summer reading programs or you can create your own. Most if not all of these programs are open to Home Educators.

Borders Double Dog Dare

Borders is giving a free book to anyone under twelve who reads ten books this summer. Those who complete the program can pick from a list of free books.

Pizza Hut Book It

While this program isn’t a summer reading program, enrollment is now open and closes in June. The program runs from October to March and is a great way to encourage kids to get reading. Kids get a free pizza from Pizza Hut every month they reach their reading goals.

Scholastic Summer Challenge

Kids can log their weekly reading minutes and earn digital prizes. They can also participate in setting a new world record for summer reading.

Barnes and Noble Summer Reading Program

Kids need to read eight books and record them in their reading journal. They can turn their journals in for a free book (chose from preselected titles) from Barnes and Noble.

TD Bank Summer Reading Program

If you live in the NorthEast you might want to participate in TD Bank’s program. Children need to read 10 books, write them down on a form, then turn them into their local TD Bank and receive $10 in their savings account.

Local Library

Most libraries host a summer reading program for card holders. Each program varies, but the kids usually track their progress and receive a prize at the end of the summer.

Have you used a summer reading program to encourage your reluctant reader? I’d love to hear if it worked!

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  1. Usborne Books also caters to the reluctant readers. With small snippets of information in cartoon format, word bubbles, puzzles, hidden pictures, and flaps it can draw in any child!

  2. We participated in the summer reading program at our local library last summer. The kids loved it. Every 10 books we read together, they got a little toy (little cheap ones you find in gift bags, but they loved them anyway), and they were entered to win a really nice toy. They didn’t win, but they had a lot of fun. We love books around here. 🙂

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