Printable Toddler Sorting Activity: Animal Classification

A guest post by Viviana Florea

This is a fun and educational activity for toddlers and preschoolers who are learning about animals! There are 16 animal pieces that the child sorts into the correct animal group: fish, mammals, insects or birds. This activity builds early vocabulary, fine motor skills, logic and observation skills.

After printing and cutting, laminate all the parts and use Velcro to attach the pieces. You will have an activity your child can do over and over again!

Animal Sorting
Animal Sorting
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Viviana Florea, the founder of, is a former art teacher and graphic designer turned full-time mom. With 2 kids under 3, she finds creative ways to incorporate early learning activities into their day. She specializes in printable activities for toddlers such as matching, sorting, puzzles and games, as well as arts & crafts. Follow her journey as she shares with you her ideas and resources!
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  1. hello , so useful and great printables ! thank’s so much for sharing

  2. Nice printable, thanks! We just completed a unit on animal classification. I share all our activities here:

  3. Hello Viviana Florea , so useful and great printables ! thank’s so much for sharing

  4. My grandsons’ will really love this.
    from one Martha to another thanks.

  5. This is a great resource! Thanks so much!

  6. Thanks! My students will love it!
    Greetings form Poland 🙂

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