31 Days of Read-Alouds: Over in the Meadow

Over in the Meadow is a beautifully illustrated book about all the animals who live in the meadow. On each page we find another mother animal and her children. The children increase as you go along in the book and each group of baby animals are instructed to do something. Owls wink, frogs swim, beavers build, etc.

When my boys were little I loved books like these because I had them act out the parts to help get all the wiggles out during story time.

over in the meadow book

This book is great to read before you go on a nature walk or a park. One fun activity would be to make an animal check off sheet so your child can check off any animals he/ she sees while exploring outside.

Activities for Over in the Meadow



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  1. Thanks for sharing my Woodland Masks. This sounds like an amazing book.

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