High School Credit Planner

A few years ago my friend Linda shared with me the high school credit template she used with her son. I didn’t realize how valuable this form was until my own daughter was halfway through eleventh grade and I panicked thinking she was missing a credit or two. After quick look at the form I realized she was on track.

While preparing for the upcoming school year I created my own high school credit planner for my son. This form allows you to create a plan for your child’s high school years and ensures they have enough credits to graduate. I’ve posted two versions of the high school credit planner. One is a pdf file that cannot be modified and the other is a word doc that you can modify.

To download your homeschool high school credit planner just right click and save. You will then be able to open the document and print or edit.

High School Credit Tracker (pdf)

High School Credit Tracker (word doc)

The form is easy to use. My form meets the graduation requirements of the state of Florida, but you can adjust it for your state. In the left column I’ve listed the required credits needed in each subject to graduate. Each year I fill in the curriculum for the subject and the number of credits earned. I total the credits for each year at the bottom to make sure we are on track to graduate. You can plan out all four years or take it year by year (like us).

Either way it will help you stay on track with high school planning and ensure your child graduates on time.

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  1. This is great! Thanks.

  2. I love this. Although, the pdf does not download, and the doc. file does not open correctly, It gave me an idea of where I should begin for my highschooler. Thanks.

    • TheHappyHousewife says:

      You might want to try again by right clicking on the links and downloading them. I’ve asked around and other people seem to be able to download them without problems.

  3. thanks for the templates! while we aren’t quite to high school yet, my mind is already quite occupied with the thinking, praying and planning.

  4. I love (and appreciate) these forms! While it is a bit early for us, I downloaded and saved to my hard drive. I know this will prevent any anxiety attacks on my part 🙂

  5. This is fantastic! Thanks!

  6. Thanks for posting this. I have a high schooler and this is a great BIG help. I appreciate it. Take care and God bless!!

  7. Thank you for sharing the template! This is our first year of high school.

  8. How do you find out what your state requires? We are in the process of pulling our 16 yo son out of public school and need to figure out how to homeschool him until he can graduate.

    • TheHappyHousewife says:

      Just google “your state high school graduation requirements.” It might even be on his high school transcript.

  9. exactly what i needed. thank you!

  10. I’d suggest letting your high schooler see this and help with planning it out too. I had to make something like this for college, in order to get all my credits in time for graduation. I had to try to balance hard classes with easy classes to make sure that I could keep up with all my classes. Seeing something like this in high school would’ve made it easier! 🙂

  11. This looks very similar to the form I use. My oldest often likes to look it over to see his progress. I think it makes him feel accomplished to see how much he has already finished.

  12. I’m in WA and we don’t have to follow the PS requirements so I plan on working off the local college requirements, her career focus and then fill in the gaps. We just have to have 11 subjects covered…

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