The Happy Birthday, Month

Do you have a family member with a birthday coming up? Make their birthday extra special with The Happy Birthday, Month. Dawn shares how she planned a birthday month for her husband earlier this year. Remember you don’t have to spend a lot of money on The Happy Birthday Month, it’s the thought that counts!

Birthdays are a really big deal around here. Our boys’ birthdays are eight days apart in December. We take their respective birthdays off from school, decorate the house and allow the birthday boy to choose the meals and day’s activities.

However, my poor husband has had really stinky birthdays the last few years. He hates being the center of attention and prefers spending his birthday with close friends just hanging out. I so messed this up in the first several years of our marriage (even throwing him a surprise party one year!)

The last few years I felt like I have “under-done” it. That coupled with circumstances that prevented plans from happening have made his birthdays less than ideal the last several years.

This year I wanted to be sure his birthday didn’t get messed up. I had an idea (only a few days before June began,) to make June his Happy Birthday Month!

I started preparing For Happy Birthday Month by making a list of little ways we could show appreciation for him. I got our boys involved and they helped come up with some of ideas. We planned something a little special every day throughout the month and once a week did something a little bit bigger.

We made some cards one the computer and I printed them out. I had a blast hiding the gifts in various places throughout the house so he could find them. I wrapped them in birthday paper and taped the Happy Birthday Month card to the outside of the package.

The week leading up to his birthday, the Happy Birthday Month gifts were a little nicer. On his actual birthday, we invited some friends over for a cookout and had birthday cake. His actual birthday present that day was a hammock chair.

His birthday falls at the end of the month, but I continued with small gifts after his actual birthday as well making it a full month of special days.

So what DID I do every day?

1. special dinner with dessert
2. fiction novel
3. flip flops
4. ice cold Perrier™ (something he loves but we don’t splurge on often)
5. golf towel with our kids handprints on it
6. three dozen snickerdoodles (his favorite cookies)
7. wash his truck inside and out
8. Chinese food veg out night
9. neck roll pillow
10. magazine
11. reusable coffee mug
12. tee shirts/shorts
13. collage of places we’ve lived
14. Rice Krispy Treats ®
15. key chain
16. small tool set for his truck
17. milk duds
18. FATHER’S DAY disc golf stuff
19. gift basket of local novelties
20. homemade sock monkey (yes, there is a story!)
21. cleaned up and rearranged his office. Added new couch – purchased at the thrift store for a steal!
22. sun visor of favorite college team
23. diplomas framed for his office
24. new set of journals
25. BIRTHDAY! hammock chair
26. CD
27. non-fiction book from one of his fave authors
28. tee shirt of favorite college team
29. favorite box of candy
30. brownies

My husband is currently in seminary in school getting his Master’s of Divinity in Military Chaplaincy. He is on track to graduate December 2012 after which he will pursue the chaplaincy program with the US Navy. I realize there are going to be holidays and birthdays that he is not going to be around for. Happy Birthday, Month will be a neat way to make him feel special when he misses out on special days while he is gone. We’ll send care packages and gifts but this allows for more creative resources when he returns!

Next time I do this I will really plan ahead. Making sure that I had a little treat for each day became a challenge towards the middle of the month. Then there is the budget issue. I created homemade items (like the food and sock monkey) and sprinkled them throughout the month while purchasing little things to fill in the rest of the days. The cost on most days was very inexpensive – around $5 each.

Take these ideas and run with them. Customize what you do and how you do it for YOUR special guy.

Dawn Chandler lives on a family farm in a small-doesn’t-even-begin-to-describe-it town in Georgia. She blogs at tractor and tire swings about self-sufficiency, real food cooking and homeschooling her two boys. A lover of photography and cooking, she looks forward to her new nomadic life as a Chaplain’s wife!

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  1. Oh My! I really like this idea! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Very nice idea. My dh’s birthday gets forgotten too.

  3. I always have stinky birthdays too and have for the last 23 years. We call it the Birthday Curse. This year, my husband decided to give me a birthday week and it was FABULOUS! I am wondering if I should suggest a whole month because I like presents. 😉

  4. Great idea! Especially for your husband… Once you have kids spouses bdays tend to get overlooked! 🙂

  5. My DH’s birthday gets overshadowed by the fact his youngest daughter (my only child by blood) shares a birthday with him. 8-13-80 and 8-13-08.. Pretty neat though, if you ask me! 🙂 He’s NEVER been into having a blowout birthday bash for himself and he claims he doesn’t want anyone to make a big deal out of him most of the time. Last year, he spent his birthday being a pallbearer for my grandmother’s funeral… what a bummer. Birthday months might seem really neat… except there are 7 of us in the house and only one income. Even spending $5/day for a month adds up to an extra $150. Super neat idea though!

  6. wendy aka frugalhomeschooler says:

    I love this! I have not been doing as well as remembering my dh’s birthday as I should. This will help.

  7. My husband does not like a big deal made out of his birthday either but hates it if we just blow by it without anything. I love your ideas.

    Best of luck to your husband too. My neighbor is the Chaplin of the Marine Corps. It is a hard job and she travels tons but it is a great calling.

  8. Brittany says:

    Love this idea! Dawn, welcome to the Chaplain Corps. There is a great group of Chaps wives to meet out there. My Chaplain hubby has taken me around the world! Its great fun!

  9. We do birthday week but this looks awesome! I will have to start planning now!

  10. I did 25 days of Christmas once, just like this. It was lots of fun!

  11. I love the idea of a birthday month! Creative idea…thanks so much for sharing! :0)

  12. Fun idea!
    Friends did a slight variation of this for someone’s big 50 birhtday…they arranged for different friends to select one of 50 days for “50 Days of Gifts” leading up to the 50th birthday. They even added complexity by suggesting that gifts would match with the numbered day – kid’s handprint card on day 10…10 fingers, a dozen doughnuts on day 12, a post card from an out of town friend on day 29 (the price of a post card stamp), 42 fortune cookies on day 42, etc. There’s no end to the creativity!

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