Beauty Products on a Budget

By contributing writer Laura

Beauty products are by no means a necessity, but they are items that most women purchase. Cosmetics can help you feel better about yourself and provide some enhancement of your outward beauty. After all, most of us don’t want to be the “frugal frumpy mom” who is such a tightwad that she neglects her outward appearance.

However, I have friends who don’t wear makeup or wear very little, whether due to finances or personal conviction regarding modesty. Of course, I believe inward beauty trumps any attempt at outward beauty, but it doesn’t hurt to take care of yourself and try to look your best.

Beauty Products on a Budget | The Happy Housewife

Since most of us ladies are purchasing some kind of beauty products, and all those different types of products can add up to a big chunk of change, I wanted to share tips for beauty products on a budget. Here are ways that you can get more bang for your buck with beauty products.

Simplify Your Beauty Routine

One simple way to cut costs is to simplify your beauty regimen. Less can be more, and you can often achieve the same look with less products, if you focus on the most important ones. I suggest you eliminate products you don’t need or rarely use and find ways to cut out products that may be serving similar functions.

Find products that are multi-purpose, which will save you money. For example, you can purchase a compact with blush and toner combined, instead of buying separate blush and toner. Consider purchasing a cosmetic that combines foundation and powder; I have personally done this for years. Finding products which can serve more than one function or do the job of two or more products, can help you cut down on the amount of products you buy, which will in turn save you money.

Stick to a set of colors and shades that are tried and true on you, ie. that you have worn in the past and work with your skin tone and pallet, to avoid spending money on something you wear once and then decide you don’t like.

Simplifying your product selection from designer name brands to more affordable solutions is another great way to save. For example, substitute your pricey moisturizer for a tried-and-true inexpensive option recommended by dermatologists, like Cetaphil. Look for practical products that work instead of focusing on a certain brand that you are accustomed to using.

Use Up Every Last Bit

Some bottle, container. and tube designs make it difficult to get all the product out. According to a Consumer Reports study, you can miss out on up to 25% of the product if you discard the bottle before it’s really empty. I like to turn bottles and containers upside down so that most of the contents of the container comes to the dispenser. Once I’ve squeezed out all I can that way, I get out my heavy-duty scissors to cut the container in half, when possible, and retrieve even more product that is stuck on the inner walls and corners of the tube or container.

Reuse What You Can

Another great way to save money on makeup is to reuse your cosmetic applicators and beauty tools. Once you use up your product, you could still make good use of that empty container or applicator by washing and reusing with another cosmetic. Or perhaps you have a lipstick that breaks or melts in the car on a hot day (been there!) then you can scoop out your product into an empty makeup container or compact and use with a little lip brush; this is a great alternative to tossing the messy, broken tube and wasting that lipstick.

Trade What You Don’t Need

If you find yourself with free samples you don’t need or want, see if you can trade with a friend. Or find a forum or site like which allows you to swap sample beauty products. If you have extra beauty products laying around that you’ve collected from bonus gift bags or free sample sites, then you can trade those unwanted products for items you’ll actually use. This is a great way to save money by not letting those products go to waste in your closet.

Make Your Own

You can save a lot of money by going the DIY route. Make your own chapsticklotion bar, moisturizer, face masks, body scrubs, and other homemade body care products. I also really like Alea’s DIY Facial masks and cleansers made from natural ingredients. A benefit of making your own products is that you can control the ingredients and can eliminate unnecessary additives or other controversial items found in makeup mass produced and sold on the market today.

Shop at Discount & Dollar Stores

Discount stores like Ulta and Sally are a great place to find name brand cosmetics on discount. Also, you may not realize that the dollar store can be a great place to score inexpensive personal care products and tools. Stop by your local dollar store to check out their selection and look for inexpensive beauty care items like cotton balls, q-tips, nail files, and nail polish.

Use these tips to save more money on cosmetics so you can save a pretty penny while looking pretty! Please be sure to share your own cost-effective beauty tips below in the comments too!

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