Veritas Press History: Curriculum Review

This year we switched from Story of the World to Veritas History for my elementary kids. I switched mainly because I wanted a biblical based history and while we have used and loved Mystery of History in the past, I couldn’t resist all the wonderful supplemental books used in the Veritas history curriculum.

Other than missing the awesome CD recordings from Story of the World, I like Veritas much better. My kids love the flash cards and I have been able to use this program with my five to eleven year old with some minor adjustments.

Flash cards are the key to the Veritas History curriculum, without them you cannot teach the lesson. The flash cards have an illustration on the front and a short lesson summary on the back. On the back of the card is also your “key.” The key tells you which supplemental readings are used in that lesson.

Here’s what our typical weekly lesson looks like using the Veritas history program.

Monday: Read flash card summary, talk about the art on the front of the flash card, read from one resource.

Tuesday: Review summary from flash cards, one activity from the lesson book.

Wednesday: Read from another supplemental resource, finish activity (if necessary).

Thursday: Activity and/or review.

Friday: Finish up any work, oldest child takes the quiz while younger children go over the quiz orally.

I highly recommend buying the CD version of the activity book if you are using this for more than one child. It makes printing off the materials so easy. Instead of having to make copies of each activity I put in the CD and print what we need for the day.

The only problem I had with ordering this curriculum is that it was hard to determine what supplements were needed and which ones you could do without. I searched on the web but was unable to find a comprehensive list of these materials, based on importance.

If you are considering using Veritas History (2nd grade Ancient History) here is a list of supplemental reading materials in order of frequency. I’ve starred the books that Veritas deems “important” to the series. (The Children’s Illustrated Bible and the Greenleaf Guides while referenced frequently are not as important as other supplemental books)

Used in more than 10 lessons

Used in 5-10 lessons

Used in 1-4 lessons

So far I’m very happy with Veritas Press Ancient History and have found that it can be easily adapted to teach kids on different levels. My kids look forward to their daily history lesson and so far seem to be retaining what we have learned.

*2013 UPDATE*: We are still happily using Veritas History and continue to enjoy each day’s history lesson.  Also, one of my lovely readers sent me a link that shows the recommended supplemental reading books with their frequency of use and importance in obtaining!  It has it for all the grades – perfect!  Thank you, Elizabeth!

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  1. We have used Veritas Press history now for 9 years. I have used the parent directed, VP scholars lessons, self-paced, and online for history. They are all wonderful and extremely well done. Just wanted to voice a second, that this is a great curriculum and extremely flexible.

  2. I also loved Veritas History Cards when my kids were younger. The lesson on the back is also good to teach summary and outlining skills. And the art is beautiful–always a clincher for me!

  3. I also enjoy the reading with the Veritas Press History program. I especially like that there are many books with different reading levels. My children and I REALLY REALly like the self paced online Veritas Press History.

  4. Hi friend! I don’t know if you found this on their site yet, but they do have a list of resources by priority and frequency on their site: – I utilize their catalog and online information heavily in my planning. Great stuff! Glad your family is enjoying it. 🙂

  5. Jennifer says:

    Hi! I’ve researched history curriculums and have just decided on Veritas Press. I was SO thankful to be able to pick up the OT & Ancient Egypt book and cards at a curriculum sale.

    I appreciate that you wrote this review. Did you use the audio CD with the songs?

    I know that you don’t know me, but I also have a HUGE favor to ask….the set I bought is missing 2 cards. Is there any way you’d be willing to scan and help me complete the timeline for my 2 kiddos (daughter starting grade 2 next year)?


  6. Hello,

    Does anyone happen to have a chronological list of these cards? I need a list from beginning to end, so that I can pair the cards with SOTW. Thank you in advance for any advice or help that you can offer.


  7. Are the supplemenal books necessary and/or crucial? Would you recommend getting all the “used in 10 lessons”? How important is it to get “used in 5-10 lessons” books? Thank you!

  8. I once enjoyed Veritas Press curriculum and the program opportunities offered to children in classical education. HOWEVER, my recent enrollment in a LIVE online class has made me rethink Veritas Press! I would NEVER recommend this school to my friends again! I cannot even get a response from ANYONE within the Veritas Press program regarding the multiple issues of NOT being able to communicate with my daughter’s instructor nor access material needed for the class! It is now Two weeks since enrollment and from day one have made contact and have received nothing in return for what we purchased! NEVER, EVER will I send money this way again!

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