Tapestry of Grace: Curriculum Review

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Can you believe it’s the final day of homeschool review month? I’m really thankful to be homeschooling in an era where we have so many choices for our kids. No matter what type of learner you are raising there is a curriculum out there for your child.

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tapestry of grace

I’ve always wanted to use Tapestry of Grace. Many of my friends have used it over the years and I’ve never met anyone who didn’t love it. I’ve stayed away from it over the years because I was intimidated by the teacher prep. I think that aspect of the curriculum has gotten better over the years and from what I’ve seen and heard it is an excellent core curriculum.

For those of you who are intimidated by unit studies in general, don’t be. The years we used the Weaver curriculum were some of my favorite homeschooling years. We never did all the assignments, and I don’t think we even finished all the lessons, but my kids learned so much. My older two children, now 16 and 18, still can recall projects and lessons from over ten years ago.

So if you are looking for a multilevel curriculum read this review of Tapestry of Grace.

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  1. No question about it — this is a great curriculum for the kids to learn. I was in a co-op using this curriculum for 3 years. The kids had a great time and learned so much. But it is very teacher intensive and when I had a child with some health issues, it became too much for me. I suggest doing this in a co-op and making sure you’re all enjoying it!

  2. This is my first year homeschooling my 6 yr old. She already attended K in public school, so she was already reading simple words and doing simple number question. Having that to go off of and a universal connection I chose Tapestry of Grace.
    Dove in head first. Made the mistake of not starting in chronological order. Doing my own studies as well, seeing as how I am extremely interested int he information I was never taught.
    One thing I did not like right off the bat is the Literature. God’s Song and some of the other books had only a few words and very repetitive pages. I would not have paid for them if I would have know what it was I was paying for. Next was some missing key points. When Joseph went to Egypt he married Hatsheput and this was not mentioned, Neither that Hatsheput was a child when Moses was found in the basket This is very important in my mind for the understanding of just how the Higher Power works. Missing some information in my mind.
    Then there is the cost. I find it is over priced. In order for this program to work you NEED the extras. The Writing Guides. Map Guides, The Quizes(in my case). Just ends up being very overpriced.
    Maybe I am simply new to this homeschooling thing and had high expectation after reading the reviews.

    I have realized though something very important about myself. I am not Christian, After coming across the books left out of the Bible Canaan. Book of Thomas(I love this one), Gospels of Mary Magdeline.. ECT…. Christianity is very demeaning towards women in general. What about Lilith also? I see the values Jesus holds and the importance of his message. I am also interested in his life after reincarnation as well. With all respect in this light of the matter a very valuable and essential being to the value of our sins.
    I am on week 10 now and Was rather disturbed with the judgement towards Hinduism and Buddhism. Very beautiful religions. With their own versions of Jesus. Buddha is just as valuable. They both hold very valuable information, motivation, living guidelines. Tapestry gives no detailed information about these major religions, simply leaves it as oh children we need to pray for them.
    I would say after this I am most interested in Gnostic views when it comes to religion. For I see beauty in all of them and the main message is LOVE.

    Now I have this Tapestry of Grace, and am already seeking out a more suiting option for my family. So if your are a hardcore Bible Canaan Christian This is the one for you. It is very great, with lots of projects and great scheduling options

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